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Put a spin on GIFs and videos with Piku Piku live filters

Put a spin on GIFs and videos with Piku Piku live filters

January 21, 2016

Everyone loves sharing neat video clips and silly GIFs with friends and family. And, most times it can be just as fun to make them as it is to watch them. Piku Piku is new app that lets you apply cool filters right up front so that your videos and GIFs are ready to be shared right away.

Piku PikuPiku Piku features

There are plenty of live filters to choose from in Piku Piku from under water to alien to Swiss cheese. So, just pick your filter and then take your shot, it’s that easy. You can use both your front and rear facing cameras, create a few-second, repeating video or GIF, use flash when needed, and set the self-timer for three, five, or 10 seconds. The app also supports 3D Touch and has a Notification Center widget for quick access.

Piku PikuSaving and sharing

Your creations are automatically saved to your photo library and you can also share them right away via text, email, or your favorite social media site. Piku Piku does not contain any settings to worry about or instructions that you need to read. So, you can just open the app, apply your filter, and create that awesome, funny, or unique video or GIF in seconds.

Piku PikuFast and easy

Piku Piku is perfect for creating a short clip or GIF that you can share in a hurry. It is so easy that anyone can use it and the many filter options give you a lot of leeway for creating something really nifty. Browsing through those filters is done with simple swipes so that you can see what your creation will look like immediately. So, if you are ready to have a little fun with your videos and GIFs, take a look at Piku Piku.

Piku Piku is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchase options to unlock additional filters starting at $1.99. In other news, Spotify acquires messaging app startups Soundwave and Cord Project and Adobe now lets you make your Voice heard on your iPhone.

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