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Put your family’s activities and reminders on The Fridge

Put your family’s activities and reminders on The Fridge

Getting Stuff Done
January 5, 2016

These are busy times with parents working, kids in school, doctor’s appointments, soccer practice, and the list goes on. Keeping track is tough and many people post notes on the refrigerator so that everyone in the house can be reminded. A tool called The Fridge App uses this concept, but allows you to have those items with you on your mobile device wherever you go.

The FridgeWhat can you add?

With an intuitive interface, adding notes is quick and easy. But the app allows for even more like photos to be attached which is great for invitations and events. You can also use your emojis when creating notes to make them really stand out. Use The Fridge for appointments, chores, gift lists, and even menus. Whatever you would normally put on your refrigerator can be easily added to the app.

The FridgeWhat else can do you do?

Each note you add to The Fridge can have a reminder with a due date and time along with an option to make it repeat. This is perfect for recurring classes, chores, and activities you take part in regularly. You can view items by schedule, which also includes major holidays already there for your viewing. You can check the recently added notes or just go to the notice board which is like the main screen.

The FridgeTake down the magnets

Clean up your messy refrigerator by taking down all of those notes and reminders. Be notified of when Billy has his trumpet lessons, Sally has her ballet class, and what you need from the grocery store, all rolled into one handy tool with The Fridge.

The Fridge App is available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In other news, Honeywell introduces a new Lyric thermostat with Apple HomeKit support or Your Apple TV’s Siri can now search PBS and PBS Kids.

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