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Say ‘so long’ to the shutter button with the Selfie Stick app

Say ‘so long’ to the shutter button with the Selfie Stick app

January 5, 2016

Selfies are everywhere. They are on Facebook, Instagram, and in text messages. Some even use selfie sticks to capture more people or surroundings in their shots. A new app called Selfie Stick is a tool that lets you take a selfie without hitting any buttons, providing a hands-free way to get that awesome photo.

How it works

With the app, you can use a tripod or selfie stick if you like, but it is not necessary. Just open Selfie Stick, prop up your device against an object, stand back, and say “cheese.” When you tilt your head, you will hear a pinging sound which means your face is in the frame and the three-second timer will start. Your selfie is then captured without the need to reach for any buttons.

Selfie StickOther features

Selfie stick can be used with both your front and rear facing cameras, allowing you to get higher quality images if you choose. There is also a viewfinder flash which lets you take terrific shots in low light. When you have that perfect photo, you can easily share it on your favorite social media site or just send it right from within the app.

Selfie StickOverall thoughts

Selfie Stick works very well for close-up shots. You tilt your head and can see the capturing of your face in the frame as well as the timer countdown with a progress circle. I was a little disappointed at how well the head-tilting trigger worked when a bit further away from my phone, however. I moved just a few feet from my phone and had to keep tilting my head back and forth for it to trigger. So, for a true selfie stick type of experience the trigger could be improved, but the app has definite potential and as mentioned, works great close up.

Give it a shot for yourself and see what you think. Selfie Stick is designed for both iPhone and iPad and available for free on the App Store. As noted there, it will only be free for a limited time.

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