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The line is the limit in Stick Robo Hero, a new robot roller

The line is the limit in Stick Robo Hero, a new robot roller

Pocket Gaming
January 26, 2016

Get ready to roll your robot in this new game with a simple concept that tests your perception. In Stick Robo Hero your goal is to score as high as you can by rolling your robot from one platform to the next. To do this, you must stretch your stick so that when it falls, the platforms are connected and your robot lands safely.

Stick Robo Hero gameplay

As you see your cute robot sitting on top of the platform, you must judge the distance to the next platform. Then, hold down your finger to stretch your stick upwards and release when you believe the stick is the correct size. When it falls, you better hope that it is not too long, not too short, but just right to reach the next platform.

Stick Robo HeroSee how far you can stretch your score

You receive a point for each successful roll to the next platform. And, it does get a little tricky. Each gap between the platforms is different every time. So, watch out for those that are really close together. If your stick is too short, your robot will fall to his demise. Adversely, if your stick is too long, it will roll right off the other side of the platform.

Stick Robo HeroEnjoyable game

Stick Robo Hero is a fun adventure that is addictive in its own way. If you are like me, you will likely get better at judging the sizes of the gaps and sticks as you progress. And, just trying to outdo your own score is when it becomes hard to put this game down.

Stick Robo Hero is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is compatible with iPod touch. The game is ad-supported with an in-app purchase to remove them for $1.99. For more new games, check out Guide water with wind to restore nature in Baum or In Exploding Kittens, the only way to win is to not blow up.

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