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The Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphones impress

The Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphones impress

January 28, 2016

In a perfect world, we’d all be using wireless headphones. Unfortunately, as true audiophiles can attest, most of the wireless headphones currently on the market have two major problems: range and battery life. Bluetooth audio technology is slowly improving, however, if you’re willing to spend the money.


Based in New York City, Master & Dynamic produces high-end headphones and sound tools. As Fortune once noted, they’re the “anti-Beats.” One look at the retro-cool MW60 wireless headphones and you know this is true.

The Facts

Company: Master & Dynamic
Product: MW60 Wireless Headphones
Price: $549
Compatibility: Works with any Bluetooth audio device
Colors: black leather/gunmetal and brown leather/silver metal
Date: Jan. 28, 2016

Stylish and Mostly Functional

The MW60 is available in either black leather with gunmetal or brown leather with silver metal. The two combinations make these among the most beautiful headphones on the market. The leather is posh and buttery while the metal is tough, yet stylish. Also impressive: the detachable lambskin ear pads and rugged cowhide on the headband exteriors.


The metal controls on the MW60 look equally impressive. However, they aren’t as practical some might like. Both the toggle switch (on/off/Bluetooth activation) on the left side and volume controls on the right perform as expected. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to find when you’re listening to the headphones, especially if you have large fingers.

The weight of the headphones might also be an issue for some. The MW60 weighs 345 grams. Bowers & Wilkins’ equally impressive P5 comes in at 213g. This difference is noticeable, but not in the way one might expect.


Some headphones hurt after wearing them for an extended period of time, because of the weight or how the cups are designed. You’re not going to get tired wearing the MW60 because of its added heft, and its cups are very comfortable. The extra weight could be just enough, however, to cause them to fall if you like to move your head around when listening to music. In other words, they aren’t the most secure headphones on the market for the jammers out there.

The Sound

Ultimately, the sound is the most important component when trying to decide which headphones to buy. On this point, the MW60 scores major kudos. The highs and mid tones are crisp, making for a warm and rich sound while the bass isn’t overpowering like some other headphones on the market. I consider this last point to be a positive; bass-heads may not.


So how’s the range? You can wander up to 50 feet from your computer or mobile device before the sound from the MW60 begins to deteriorate. That includes moving up and down to different floors and horizontally. This functionality extends to the MW60’s noise-isolating microphone, which provides superior clarity. Yes, it’s that good. You can thank the device’s dual-antenna on the left ear cup for this.

What about the battery? Master and Dynamic promises 16 hours between charges. This pledge was confirmed in my two tests, as I was able to go 17 hours and 16 hours, respectively. That should be more than enough for most users.

Well Worth the Price

The MW60 wireless headphones are beautiful and provide excellent sound balance. Though $549 is pricey, it’s money well spent. Once you own a pair of these, you probably won’t be shopping again for many years to come. You can purchase the MW60 through the Master & Dynamic website.

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