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The wild platformer Circa Infinity will make your head spin

The wild platformer Circa Infinity will make your head spin

Pocket Gaming
January 28, 2016

Released today, Jan. 28, is a circular platform game that you have to see to believe. Circa Infinity will have your head spinning, your eyes crossing, and your blood pumping. If this isn’t enough to make you curious, I am not sure what is.

Circa Infinity What in the world is it?

Simply put, Circa Infinity is a totally unique circular platform game. You will experience 50 mind-bending levels and five crazy boss fights. With hours of gameplay at your fingertips, each part of every level is fresh and different. Here is a preview of Circa Infinity and just click here if you cannot see the video:

How exactly do you play?

Without giving too much away, since part of the game is actually figuring it out, I will give you some basics. You will control your little stick-type figure with three buttons; one to run right, one to run left, and one to jump. You need to watch out for the chunky monster-like characters which will send you back a notch if you hit one.

Circa Infinity Are you up to it?

Circa Infinity is one of those games that really gets your heart pounding. From the excellent, fast-paced music to the spinning, changing platforms, this is an energetic platformer that brings great design and a fantastic challenge.

Circa Infinity is designed for iPhone and iPad and is available for $2.99 on the App Store. In other game news, take a look at Polyblast now brings you retro arcade action and more or The updated Mr Jump dares you to master the teleporters.

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