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Tired eyes? Let FlexBright dim your screen automatically

Tired eyes? Let FlexBright dim your screen automatically

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January 26, 2016

How much do you stare at your iPhone or iPad throughout the day and into the evening? Do you lay in bed at night checking game scores, reading the news, or flipping through emails? A bright screen in a dim setting can cause eye strain and new app called FlexBright can help reduce eye fatigue by changing your screen automatically by the time of day.

FlexBrightFlexBright features

The app will monitor the blue light on your device that can cause eye strain and notify you if it detects high exposure. You can set the daytime and nighttime brightness yourself based on specific times. Or, let the app change the brightness for you based on sunrise and sunset for your location. You can also change the current brightness, check out a 24-hour record for your device, and use 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

FlexBrightSimple and handy

The setup for FlexBright is very easy and with options for custom or automatic settings, it is flexible too. The app also has a convenient widget for your Notification Center. So, at a glance you can see your daytime and nighttime brightness settings along with the EyeStrain Calculator. If you are constantly adjusting the brightness on your phone from day to night or notice that eye fatigue is a problem, then take a look at FlexBright.

FlexBrightIs this app a surprise?

While FlexBright is certainly a useful app, it is a bit surprising that Apple is allowing it. The folks over at f.lux attempted to bring its popular Mac application to iOS late last year and were shut down pretty quickly. Plus, Apple is introducing its own Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3. Don’t be surprised if Apple were to pull FlexBright from the App Store.

FlexBright is designed for iPhone and iPad and compatible with iPod touch. It is available for $1.99 on the App Store with no in-app purchases or ads. In other news this week, see: Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard for iOS will feature a special one-handed mode, Paper by FiftyThree updated with smart text formatting and share extension, and Apple seeds iOS 9.3 beta 2 to registered developers.

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