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Today’s apps gone free: Star Horizon, Yoga with Janet Stone, Sago Mini Babies and more

Today’s apps gone free: Star Horizon, Yoga with Janet Stone, Sago Mini Babies and more

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January 30, 2016

Pilot an advanced spaceship, discover the joy of yoga, and care for Sago Mini Babies with today’s collection of apps and games.

All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers.


Yoga with Janet Stone ($4.99 → Free, 28.8 MB): Discover the joy of Vinyasa yoga with this health and fitness app. Yoga with Janet Stone has routines for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

Janet Stone will personally guide you through over 100 flows, so you’ll never feel lost even if you haven’t performed yoga before. The app includes over three hours of video, five hours of instructional audio, more than two hours of music, 13 five-minute meditations, six programs that change daily, and the ability to track and share your results.

Yoga with Janet Stone is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4-star rating with a total of 119 ratings.


Star Horizon ($3.99 → Free, 501.5 MB): Pilot an advanced spaceship and save the galaxy in Star Horizon. Fans of arcade space shooters like Star Fox will surely enjoy this one.

Star Horizon truly has it all. The visuals will be the first thing to draw you in, as they’re a great way to show off what your iDevice is capable of. But the gameplay is what Star Horizon is all about. It’s not only a fantastic arcade space shooter, it’s also a fun ride. You’ll get to blast your enemies to bits while making important decisions along the way. The AI embedded in your ship only allows you five seconds to make up your mind, so you’ll have to stay on your toes.

Star Horizon is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4-star rating with a total of 146 ratings.

Static Motion ($0.99 → Free, 7.3 MB): Get ready for an all-out tapping frenzy in Static Motion. This mesmerizing arcade game is for fans of fast-paced gameplay.

Various enemy targets will enter the screen from all angles. You must tap on them to collect their energy and keep yours from running out. Precision is key as an errant tap will cause you to lose energy even faster. The game includes two modes, 77 levels, four speed settings, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

Static Motion is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4-star rating with a total of 117 ratings.

Sago Mini Babies ($2.99 → Free, 59.4 MB): Your children can care for Sago Mini Babies with this entertainment app. It’s a fun for soon-to-be older siblings and baby-loving toddlers.

Sago Mini Babies is oozing with cuteness. Your chid can choose any one of the four Sago Mini Babies. They can then care for their baby by feeding them, playing dress-up, changing diapers, and generally entertaining them. The interactions are intended to promote empathy and caring, and the open-ended nature ensures your child can enjoy it all at their own pace.

Sago Mini Babies is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 31 ratings.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga ($2.99 → Free, 58.8 MB): The sequel to one of the most popular games of all time, Candy Crush Saga. It extends the traditional match-three concept from classics like Bejeweled with new combinations to make cool levels. It’s for people who like match-three puzzle games or were addicted to the original Candy Crush Saga.

Are you ready to spread the jelly? Continue your Candy Crush addiction as Jenny and take on the Jelly Queen by taking turns switching the candies against your jiggling foe. Every successful match spreads more jelly, and all you need to do is spread the most to win. The game includes more than 100 levels, two new modes, boosters, and the ability to compete against your friends via leaderboards.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is available for free today only (01/30). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 8580 ratings.

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If you are a developer who would like to get your app included in our “Apps Gone Free” daily lists, here’s our basic set of rules:

  • It must have at least a three-star average rating at the time it goes free.
  • The app must not have been free numerous times (3+) over the last six months.
  • The free version of your app must not include ads.

To submit an app, simply send a request to [email protected] with the subject “Apps Gone Free.” Please include the name of the app, a link to it in the App Store, when and for how long you intend to offer the app for free, and anything else you would like to share. We will take it from there.

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