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WatchNotes for Apple Watch gives you a face that says it all

WatchNotes for Apple Watch gives you a face that says it all

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January 27, 2016

Wouldn’t it be awesome to add a note to your Apple Watch face on the fly? Or, have a note pop up at a certain time every day? This is what WatchNotes does for you. It lets you create notes to add to your Watch face as a complication and allows you to set up scheduled notes too.

Setting up your notes

You can easily add a note directly to your Apple Watch face by opening the app there. Just dictate your note and it will pop up as a complication on your Watch face. You can also type in notes on the iPhone app and set up a schedule if you like. You can have notes display once, each day, or every week and choose the time for all, which is super convenient. You can also view notes scheduled in the future with Time Travel. Just remember to set up WatchNotes as a complication for the face you are using.

WatchNotes So many uses

There are so many ways that WatchNotes can be useful. Maybe you need a passcode to get into the office every morning, but can never remember it. Set up a note for the time you arrive at the office each day so you can just glance down for that code. Maybe you have an important client meeting at lunch and are bad with names. Create a note with your client’s name to show up on your Watch face at lunchtime. Even small reminders to pick up something from the store or make a phone call make this app really handy.

WatchNotes Great addition to the Watch

WatchNotes is easy to use and the note scheduling is truly a standout feature. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to tap your complication to refresh it. So, if you forget to do that then you could miss a note you set up for a certain time. This isn’t ideal and it would be nice to see it refresh automatically when you raise your wrist, however, overall the app is a terrific one to have for your Apple Watch.

WatchNotes is available for iPhone and Apple Watch for just $0.99 on the App Store. The description on the App Store notes that this is an “early bird discount,” so you will want to grab it now before the price goes up.

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WatchNotes - Display notes on watch face
WatchNotes - Display notes on watch face
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