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Whatever you do, Don’t Let Me Drop!

Whatever you do, Don’t Let Me Drop!

Pocket Gaming
January 19, 2016

For a new arcade game that will keep your fingers moving fast, Don’t Let Me Drop! will challenge you. The idea is simple. Bounce the Roundie heroes back up to the sky before they plummet to their demise.

Playing Don’t Let Me Drop!

You begin with one lonely Roundie falling fast. Just tap the bar near the bottom to create a small platform. Your Roundie will bounce off of it, back up high, and your platform will disappear. Then, do it again but this time the Roundie is no longer lonely as more keep coming. Your goal is to keep them all from dropping, actually, to keep any of them from dropping.

Don’t Let Me Drop! Scoring and coins

You get a point for each Roundie you save from screaming as he falls. And, you also earn coins for being successful. With your coins you can grab different characters like high-bouncing ninjas. Climb the leaderboard, watch short video ads for more coins, or just get ready to juggle those Roundies to keep them in the air.

Don’t Let Me Drop! Fun, quick game fix

Don’t Let Me Drop! is definitely not one of those games that takes you hours to play, unless of course, you are determined to beat your previous score. This makes it perfect for when you have a few extra minutes. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes challenging as more Roundies keep joining. They scream pretty loud when you let them drop, so do your best to keep them bouncing. How many Roundies can you save?

Don’t Let Me Drop! is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases for coins, characters, and removing the ads. For more new games, check out In Exploding Kittens, the only way to win is to not blow up or Conquer a unique 3-D fantasy world in Lords of Discord.

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