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You have a Jack lets you decide when messages can be opened

You have a Jack lets you decide when messages can be opened

Digital Communicator
January 19, 2016

You know the anticipation of waiting to open holiday gifts? You see them tagged with your name and wonder what is inside. It can be very exciting, right? Well, a new app plays off of that feeling of eagerness by letting you send and receive text messages that cannot be read until a certain time. You have a Jack lets you choose the date and time for your messages to be opened.

You have a Jack How the app works

You have a Jack lets you create what are actually called Jacks which are text messages with images, videos, or just words. Pick your contact, set the date and time it can be opened, and that’s it. Your recipient will receive the message, but will not be able to open its contents until it’s time. And, the same goes for Jacks that your friends send to you.

You have a Jack Interesting concept

Aside from making your friends wait with anticipation to read your message, You have a Jack could be useful for planning ahead as well. Create a fun birthday message for your mom that cannot be opened until that day comes or send a romantic poem to your new love that they will see right before your next date. The idea behind You have a Jack is unique and if you like the thought, check it out. Keep in mind that your recipients will have to install the app as well.

You have a Jack is available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases. In other recent news, take a look at 7 great health and fitness accessories for your iPhone or iPad or Your budgeting is easier and better with the help of monthly.

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