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Amazing combat and graphics coming soon in Heroes of Skyrealm

Amazing combat and graphics coming soon in Heroes of Skyrealm

Pocket Gaming
February 11, 2016

There’s no shortage of action role-playing games on iOS these days, but an upcoming title seems like it might stand well apart from the crowd. Independent development studio Mechanist Games will be releasing Heroes of Skyrealm sometime in the middle of 2016 for iOS devices.

Heroic action role-playing in an unforgettable world

This 3-D character-focused RPG will see you take the role of the leader of a rebellious band of heroes. You’ll command a city in the sky, a vast and upgradeable airship that is your home between battles. The game will be character-driven, with a strong cast of more than 30 playable characters, each illuminating a different corner of the land of Skyrealm.


A wide range of combat options

Heroes of Skyrealm’s key to success lies in its combat engine and options. The game touts responsive controls and a smart companion AI, allowing you to lead your three-person team of heroes into battle with compelling ease. The game will feature a lengthy single-player campaign, along with a wide range of player-versus-player modes, including several that allow for user-generated content.


Gorgeous graphics and excellent animations

The bright and vibrant world of Skyrealm will come alive with combat and other animations that illuminate the characters’ personalities. There will also be unlockable comic vignettes, allowing players to delve even deeper into the world. The graphics look amazing, and the combat appears fast and furious. I’m looking forward to this game hitting the App Store.


See the beauty for yourself in the trailer below, or click this link if it fails to load.

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