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Become 360-degree Spinnable with this new way to socialize

Become 360-degree Spinnable with this new way to socialize

Digital Communicator
February 3, 2016

With all of the social media sites and apps out there, how many of them let you share and view 360-degree photos and videos? For a new way to experience events, locations, and interaction with others comes Spinnable.

SpinnableGet spinning

To add your Spins to the app, you can use your device camera and just take your shot in Pano mode. Then upload to Spinnable, add a description, and your image is automatically shared with the community.

Get immersed

Viewing Spins from the community makes you feel like you are right there with them. Just tap to view one and then either move your device to see the whole picture or use your finger to move around the photo or video.

Get connected

As with most social media apps, connecting with others on Spinnable is simple. You can like and comment on people’s Spins and easily follow other users to keep up with their posts.

SpinnableGet in on the action

Spinnable has a wonderful concept and is very easy to use. As you browse through the Spins from the community you will see some amazing photos and videos from around the world. The ones I have seen so far of landscapes and cities are gorgeous. So, for a new way to experience what others see, take a look at Spinnable. Future plans for the app include live and two-way streaming.

Spinnable is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and available for free on the App Store. In other news this week, check out Get smart Twitter filtering with Pickador or You’ll no longer be in the dark with ProCamera’s new low-light photography mode.

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