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Blaze through waves of evil creatures in Fire Fu

Blaze through waves of evil creatures in Fire Fu

Pocket Gaming
February 25, 2016

For a fiery, new arcade challenge full of frantic gameplay and crazy creatures comes Fire Fu. Unlock powerful potions, release sizzling attacks, and achieve blazing bonuses as you take out waves of devilish enemies.

Fire Fu We be burnin’

As hordes of vicious creatures continue to fly, walk, and drop in, take them out with your flames. Just draw through them as long as your fire is burning and you will score. You have limited time to score big, so keep an eye on your fire meter, be on the lookout for bonuses that add time, and watch out for bombs that will decrease your score.

It’s gettin’ hot in here

Fire Fu has hot in-game achievements and leaderboards. Keep scoring as high as you can to earn Flombays which can be exchanged for potions like the Wave Blazer, Fists of Fury, or Dragon Flame. When the round is over, burn through bonuses for extra points.

Fire FuI’m burnin’ for you

Fire Fu is fast, fun, and of course, fiery. You can immerse yourself in the frenzied gameplay with awesome visuals and explosive sounds. For a new arcade game that tests you to move quickly and challenges you to score big, Fire Fu is a blistering good time.

Fire Fu is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is available on the App Store for $1.99 without the worry of ads. For more new games, check out It’s time for some barrelling downhill action in Faily Brakes or Shoot your way through the sky in search of honey in Zummbee.

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