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Chill out or get grooving, Mood Listener has you covered

Chill out or get grooving, Mood Listener has you covered

February 11, 2016

How do you pick out the music you are going to listen to? Whether you are heading out for a leisurely walk or a rocking night on the town, you shouldn’t have to spend time picking tunes to match your activity or mood. A new app called Mood Listener is here to select the music for you.

Mood Listener music

The app has several curated playlists to match your mood. Are you stressed out? Listen to the tunes in That’s Chill. Are you ready to boogie? Groove to the beats in the Dance playlist. Are you and your honey having a special night (wink)? Turn on the Let’s Get Busy songs. Whatever mood you are in, there is a playlist for it.

Mood ListenerArtists and tracks

Mood Listener provides songs from artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Chicago to new musicians so that you can discover something fresh. Once you choose a playlist, you can check out the entire track list and jump to a favorite. You can also tap to like a song and have it pop into the Your Likes playlist so the song is always at your fingertips. Note that saving songs requires you to log in using Facebook.

Mood ListenerFor something different

When you cannot decide which music to listen to or are just tired of your own playlists, Mood Listener is a good option. Why not check out some tunes according to your mood? The songs in the app are provided by Soundcloud and the curated playlists are updated weekly.

Mood Listener is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases. In related news, you can Spin your favorite songs with ease and style in Serato Pyro or Stream all your favorite music videos with Vevo on Apple TV.

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