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Clean up your Pinterest boards with PinCheck

Clean up your Pinterest boards with PinCheck

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February 10, 2016

Have you ever pinned a really cool photo to one of your Pinterest boards only to find out that the attached link is broken? It can be frustrating when you want to go back for that recipe, product, or reference and you can’t. To help you quickly see which of your pins have broken links, you can now use PinCheck.

PinCheck Checking your links

After downloading PinCheck, simply log in with your Pinterest account details. The app will then pop your boards onto one screen for you. You can see also how many pins each board contains. Then just select a board and skim through your pins. You will see either an okay sign for a good link or a broken heart for a bad one.

When you spot a bad link

If one of your pins contains that sad, broken heart, just select it. If you have the Pinterest app installed, you will be taken directly to the pin there and if not, you will be directed to Pinterest on Safari. You can then make the choice to delete the pin, remove the link, or do nothing at all. It’s up to you, but at least you know the link no longer works.

PinCheck Helpful and easy

PinCheck provides a simple way for you to quickly spot broken links for your pins. While the app does not appear to detect redirects if a website owner removes a page and directs all visitors to different one instead, PinCheck is still very useful. Just glance through for broken links and take action to clean up your boards.

PinCheck is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available for free without ads or in-app purchases on the App Store. In other news, Twitter is just mimicking Facebook with its timeline algorithm and find out How to add multiple Instagram accounts on your iPhone.

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