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Create a tower that reaches the stars in Boxy Build

Create a tower that reaches the stars in Boxy Build

Pocket Gaming
February 10, 2016

Boxy Build is a challenging new game where you must control the falling blocks and use them to create a tower. As the blocks keep being thrown into the scene, you must grab and drag them to build your tower. If any of them fall down past your platform, the game is over.

Build an awesome tower

The blocks fly into the sky and begin to fall immediately. So, you must tap and drag them to the platform. Pile the blocks on top of each other to reach the mark, earn coins, and continue to score. You can move blocks that have already been placed, which is great for creating a stronger base for your tower. But, you do not have a lot of time to mess around because blocks keep popping in.

Boxy Build Bad blocks and good bubbles

Be sure to watch out for nasty blocks in Boxy Build that can destroy your tower, like bombs. You have tools called bubbles which will eliminate the bad blocks when you double-tap them, however, there is a limited amount to save you so use them carefully. There are also some odd-shaped objects falling that can really through off your tower, like triangles.

Boxy BuildOverall thoughts

Boxy Build is a fun arcade game with funky music to keep you moving. It can be hard to stabilize your tower when blocks keep showing up, so when you have a few seconds try to straighten them out for a better chance. Remember, you also earn coins as your tower continues to reach the marks, which will come in handy to buy more bubbles if you run out.

Boxy Build is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on the App Store without pop-up ads. For more game news, check out Tiny Thief developers’ Love You to Bits is finally coming soon to iOS or Size matters not as you battle to unlock Yoda in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

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