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FluidStance Level keeps you moving while you work

FluidStance Level keeps you moving while you work

February 1, 2016

I am always working to improve my fitness, and I bought an Apple Watch to help me on this quest. One of the watch’s key features is the Activity app. By reminding users to stand for at least a minute every hour for 12 hours, the Apple Watch discourages a sedentary lifestyle. As anyone with an Apple Watch can tell you, though, “Stand” is a bit of a misnomer, because simply standing up will not fill that ring. You must move around in order to satisfy the hourly requirement. I use a standing desk, which is actually a cardboard box placed on a regular desk, but I get that reminder even while standing. It’s great to disengage from the computer and go get a drink of water once in a while, but sometimes the hourly reminder is a disruption to my work flow. When I heard about the FluidStance Level, I wondered if this could be the answer.


The Facts

Company: FluidStance
Product: Level
Price: $289 to $489
Colors: Light or Dark Maple, Bamboo
Date: Feb. 1, 2016


Crafted from metal and wood, the Level would make an attractive addition to any office decor. The instructions urge caution when stepping onto the Level. I am no athlete, but I had no trouble getting on, off, and moving around on it. I never felt in danger of falling. I did, however, feel some motion sickness, but this was probably due to having a cold. When I tried it again the following week, I was fine.

It’s as comfortable to stand on as any wood floor. When used on carpet, if you don’t move, the Level doesn’t either. On a hard floor, the Level moves around a lot more easily.


If you prefer a softer surface to stand on, you can purchase a separate UPmat, which they also sent me to try out. It does add a softness, as well as a grippier surface in case your shoes lack treads. You can use it on its own if you don’t want to use the Level.


I used the Level for 49 minutes without moving my feet at all. My Stand goal, which requires movement, was satisfied for the hour very quickly. Additionally, I saw some progress on my daily Move goal. In well under an hour, I burned 14 active calories while working at my desk.

Bottom Line

The FluidStance Level is not a treadmill desk and it’s not going to deliver that kind of benefit. However, if you can buy or make a standing desk, it’s a fun way to add movement to your workday without the distraction of an hourly walking break. Your Stand ring and your Move ring will progress as you work, and you can take your walking breaks when it’s convenient for you. The Level comes in several woods and finishes ranging in price from $289 to $489.

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