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Get healthier with the Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale

Get healthier with the Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale

February 29, 2016

There are many apps out there that allow you to manually track your weight, but with this Bluetooth-enabled scale and the accompanying app, you can track it automatically. In addition to your weight, this scale and app will record your body fat rate, body water, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, and visceral fat.

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The Facts

Company: 1byone
Product: Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale
Price: $59.99
Compatibility: any iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices
Colors: white
Date: Feb. 29, 2016


The Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale from 1byone is a high-tech scale that will help you monitor your weight and more. It’s also a nice-looking scale that will go with any bathroom decor. Made of thick, white tempered glass, the scale supports up to 440 pounds though I did not test its limits. It takes 4 AA batteries, which are included. You could just use it as a scale without utilizing its Bluetooth-enabled features, but I don’t know why you would. I have mine set up for a single user, but the system supports up to ten different users, so the whole family can track their information on a single scale.

First, you’ll want to download the app, iWellness. The app will walk you through setting up the Bluetooth connection with the scale. Once completed, you enter personal information such as gender, age, height, and activity level into the app. The scale will take it from there. Step on the scale with bare feet for the best accuracy. Be sure the app is open when you do so, or else the Bluetooth connection won’t work. In a few seconds, you’ll be given the option to save or discard your weight and other information. When you save this over time, you’ll be able to view your weight and BMI in list or graph form. Tap on any given day for more detailed information, such as body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, and more. You can also access charts which show you if you fit into a healthy range of these parameters or if you need to make some improvements.


I understand weight, and I know that BMI is a simple calculation based on weight and height: your weight divided by your height squared. But I have no idea how the scale is calculating your other health information. They claim it is an “advanced algorithm” but I guess we just have to take it on faith that there is some accuracy to it. No one is pulling out fat calipers or any other measurement device. Regardless of whether you use that information or not, this is a great scale and an easy way to track your weight and BMI.


I tested this out for a week, and I did have one day where the Bluetooth had trouble connecting. I don’t know if it was my iPhone’s issue or the scale’s, but a couple of times opening and closing the connection got it working again.

Bottom Line

Seeing your weight tracked and graphed is a great motivator to make healthier choices every day. The Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale from 1byone is a slick tool for making this happen effortlessly. It’s available on Amazon for $59.99; the accompanying app iWellness is a free app on the App Store.

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