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Hide fun messages for your friends to discover with WallaMe

Hide fun messages for your friends to discover with WallaMe

Digital Communicator
February 8, 2016

For a neat way to send messages to friends and loved ones, WallaMe lets you hide text and photos for others to discover. Leave a message on a wall, or even a table or object, and when your friends are in that same spot, they will see what you left there for them.

WallaMe Creating your messages

Take a photo with the app of a wall and then write a cute message, add a cool photo, include a funny sticker, or draw a nifty sketch. You can then share it with all WallaMe users or just select the contacts you would like to see it. Your creation will be automatically saved with your location in your profile section.

WallaMe Picking up the messages

If you shared your message with the community, then anyone who arrives in that location can see it. If you just shared it with a friend or two, then only they can see your message. They will see a note from the app that there is a wall to be discovered near their location. Then they just tap to duplicate the shot and see your message.

WallaMe Unique way to communicate

WallaMe is a different way to share messages with friends and family and you could even make a game of it. You can view all the walls created and shared on a map, so that if you visit those locations you can check them out. You can also see a feed of the walls created and like or comment on those that interest you.

WallaMe is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free on the App Store without in-app purchases. In other news, take a look at Apple Pay now supported by more than 30 new financial institutions in the United States or Get ready for some fun horse racing action in Turbo Trot.

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