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How many lives can you save when All is Lost?

How many lives can you save when All is Lost?

Pocket Gaming
February 8, 2016

In a futuristic world, All is Lost puts you in a challenging position to save lives. The space station crews spread across the universe need your help. Rescue them from the doom that awaits them in this cosmic, endless running adventure.

All is Lost Run to survive

In All is Lost, you must save the crew members by helping them escape the dangers around them. Follow the screen prompts to jump, roll, and interact with doors and objects. Your character continues to run rapidly while you control their movements as well as the environment. Take a look at All is Lost and just click here if you cannot see the video:

Be on alert

Check the stats of the crew members that you need to save with their location and remaining escape attempts. You will save one crew member after another and must complete missions for running certain distances and rescuing a number of people. Keep your eyes peeled for the actions you need to perform to continue running on a safe path.

All is Lost How many will you save?

All is Lost has terrific sounds and attractive graphics. Gameplay can be a bit challenging at first because you are swiping up, down, right, and left all very quickly and with both hands. So, the quicker you can get the hang of the controls, the better. If you are in the market for a new endless runner, All is Lost is worth checking out.

All is Lost is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on the App Store with an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $0.99. For more new games, take a look at Plant those bombs and blow away your foes in Ninja Boy Adventures and Get ready for some fun horse racing action in Turbo Trot.

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