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PenSe makes your Apple Pencil more functional and better protected

PenSe makes your Apple Pencil more functional and better protected

February 2, 2016

The $100 Apple Pencil is one of the best new tech products to arrive in the past year. Unfortunately, the accessory comes with some design flaws that make protecting it challenging, at best. You can’t attach the Apple Pencil to an iPad Pro for easy transport, for example. And charging the Pencil by docking it directly into the tablet’s Lighting port is problematic, at best.


To help you better protect your sketching tool, the folks over at Appostasy have introduced a multifunctional Apple Pencil case, PenSe. Made of anodized aluminum, the case is abrasion resistant and easy to grip. At the same time, it’s been designed to preserve the look and feel of the Apple product.

Better still, with 14 neodymium magnets, PenSe allows you to attach Pencil to any magnetized surface on your iPad Pro, Apple Smart Cover, or Smart Keyboard. The PenSe also provides a cap and adapter storage solution. Also included: an onboard adapter that makes charging on the go much safer.


Finally, the PenSe can be used with an optional fountain pen insert and universal stylus for those times you aren’t using your tablet.

Take a look:

Appostasy is using Kickstarter to help fund PenSe. Between now and Feb. 25, it hopes to raise $32,000. Your reward for a donation of $39 or more is a PenSe in your choice of silver, space gray, gold, pink, red, blue, or purple.

The PenSe definitely addresses some of the concerns I have about my Apple Pencil. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more projects like this arrive in the coming months.

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