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Play Hangman, tell stories and more with HangArt

Play Hangman, tell stories and more with HangArt

Pocket Gaming
February 12, 2016

For a fun game of Hangman, drawing neat pictures, telling cool stories, and learning words and letters, HangArt has it all. This game for elementary school aged kids is a great way to learn while having a terrific time.

Where the fun begins


The Hangman word-guessing game has shorter words for younger children in Kindergarten and longer words for those in third grade and above. Each game comes with a hint animation as letters are guessed correctly. Once they guess the right word, they can follow the prompts to draw each letter in that word.

HangArt Word Gallery

This section contains nouns, adjective, and verbs and each word is clickable so your child can see an animated drawing of it. They can then draw their own picture of that same word. They can use different colors and brush sizes and then save their masterpiece when they are done.

HangArt Story Studio

Here your little one can rearrange the various words provided to create a story. They can also add audio for each word, save their story, and then play it from beginning to end. This is a wonderful feature for bringing out their creativity and letting their imagination take over.

HangArtOther cool stuff

You can set up additional profiles for your children so that they can each play according to their age and save their own items. There is also a Letter Practice area for your kids to write their letters in both upper and lower case. There are achievement badges for children to earn and a dashboard for grownups to check out what awesome activities their kids have done within the app.

HangArt is designed for iPhone and iPad and available for just $1.99 on the App Store. For more apps for kids, take a look at Agi Bagi Meadow Flyer takes tiny tots to a magical land or Take your kids on an amazing journey to Weirdwood Manor.

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HangArt: Play Hangman, Draw Pictures, Tell Stories
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