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PlusUs will change the way you charge your iOS devices

PlusUs will change the way you charge your iOS devices

February 10, 2016

PlusUs sent me two new kinds of Apple Certified lighting to USB cables to review, and they are not your average charging cords. The Lifestar cable is a fashion-forward charging cable that resists fraying and tangling. The Lifelink cable is so tiny that it can fit in your wallet; it’s perfect for your on-the-go charging needs.

The Facts

Company: PlusUs
Product: Lifestar
Price: $30.95 to $32.95
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod
Colors: Denim Blues, Cross Turquoise, Snake Bite, Ruby Sunset, Moonlight Silver, Fuzzy Mocha, Vintage Tan

Product: Lifelink
Price: $29.95
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod
Colors: Gray
Date: Feb. 10, 2016


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.01.21 AM

If you want a traditional Apple-style charging cord with more visual appeal and less tangling and fraying, check out the Lifestar. It comes in seven attractive colors, patterns, and textures to appeal to different tastes. It also comes in two sizes: 10 inches and the traditional 3.3 feet. I tested out the braided leather Cross Turquoise 3.3-foot cord. It works exactly like my Apple cord, only it feels a lot sturdier. Apple’s plastic cords often fray near the plug after a few months of use; I haven’t used the Lifestar that long but it didn’t fray and seems unlikely to do so. Not that I have a lot of issues with cord tangling, but the thickness and stiffness of the Lifestar makes tangling a non-issue for anyone. It is heavier than Apple’s cord, which might be a slight negative for traveling, but I think its benefits outweigh that minor fault.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.00.01 AM

If you want something so tiny that you can toss it into your wallet, check out the Lifelink. It’s about the size of a horizontally folded credit card. The two halves come together and lock like puzzle pieces for storage. Of course, since it is so small, you do need to charge your iOS device close to the outlet, since you wouldn’t want your device to dangle from the outlet. You can use a power strip, an outlet over a counter, a car charger, or use the USB port on your computer. I had no problems with the Lifelink; it works great despite its diminutive size.

Bottom Line

If you need to replace your lightning to USB cable, consider these Apple certified alternatives. The Lifestar comes in seven appealing, fashionable colors and textures: Denim Blues, Cross Turquoise, Snake Bite, Ruby Sunset, Moonlight Silver, Fuzzy Mocha, Vintage Tan. Each color comes in two sizes: 10 inches for $30.95 or 3.3 feet for $32.95 on Amazon. The Lifelink is tiny and flat and can easily fit in your wallet. It’s $29.95 on Amazon. All items can also be purchased directly on the PlusUs website. Neither cord comes with a charging block, so you would either need to provide your own or charge from your computer.


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