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Put your hand on the table, it’s time for Five Finger Fury

Put your hand on the table, it’s time for Five Finger Fury

Pocket Gaming
February 26, 2016

Step right up to a game you have probably seen in movies or on television. Your pal puts their hand on the table and spreads their fingers apart. Then either they or someone else stabs in between the fingers with a knife, jabbing the table, and trying hard not to miss. Five Finger Fury is the name of the game and it is now on iOS.

Five Finger Fury Whose hand are you using?

You will start off by using the hand of Two Toes Jim, a pirate aboard his mighty ship. Do well, earn coins, and then unlock the hands of The Wolf, The Pharaoh, and Hungry Mike the zombie. There are nine different hands in all.

How do you play?

When the round begins, you start by tapping the screen when the knife is in the highlighted area between your victim’s, I mean, your friend’s fingers. Those spaces are not very wide, so be careful to jab the table and not a pinky finger. If you stab a finger, the round is over.

Is there more?

Five Finger Fury has over 100 rounds that get increasingly more difficult. You will start of slow, but then the speed gets faster as you go, just like you have seen in that television show. There is a Game Center leaderboard so you can compare yourself to the other stabbers and jabbers.

Five Finger Fury Can you do it?

Five Finger Fury is just simple fun and something unique to try. It has colorful cartoon-style graphics and depending on whose hand you are using; you will hear them talk or grunt, as the case may be. So, for a new type of challenge with a bit of silliness mixed in, check it out.

Five Finger Fury is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchase options to remove the ads or unlock all of the hands for $1.99. For more new games, take a look at How tall can you make your Stack? or Love You To Bits is an endearing point-and-click puzzle adventure.

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