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Simply swipe to start rocking with ARIIA

Simply swipe to start rocking with ARIIA

February 29, 2016

Whether you are on a fun road trip, a leisurely walk, or working at your desk, listening to your favorite tunes should be simple. ARIIA is a lightweight music player that lets you listen, shuffle, or move to the next track with quick and easy taps. So, you can keep your eyes on the road or your mind on your work.

ARIIA Basic features

ARIIA has one screen with large buttons for you to play, pause, or move to a different track. Swipe up or down to adjust the volume. Swipe left or right with two fingers to pull up basic settings. You can adjust the interface style or apply ambient mode. And, you can turn on the shuffle option.

Quick and simple

This is a music player without fancy settings or a complicated interface. It is perfect for when you want to listen to music without the worry of distractions. When you are in the car, in the middle of a workout, or just sitting at your desk, this easy-to-control app means you can keep your focus without spending time on your music.

ARIIA ARIIA is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available on the App Store for free without in-app purchases. In other news, take a look at 7 great car mounts for your iPhone 6s/6 or iPhone 6s/6 Plus or Apple’s new 4-inch handset will now reportedly be called the ‘iPhone SE’.

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ARIIA - your music on the road
ARIIA - your music on the road

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