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Spin your favorite songs with ease and style in Serato Pyro

Spin your favorite songs with ease and style in Serato Pyro

February 11, 2016

Setting up a playlist in Apple Music is a bit cumbersome, since the app is still overwhelming for many users. If you still purchase songs, though, or have a Spotify Premium account, a new update on the App Store makes creating and editing playlists as easy as tapping and swiping. Serato Pyro – Your music, seamlessly mixed provides you with a great new way to enjoy your favorite songs on your iPhone or iPad.

Create your playlist

Serato Pyro features a clean, warm interface that encourages you to “Start a fire,” or create a playlist. A simple tap is all it takes, and your downloaded music or Spotify Premium catalog shows up for you to select from. Choose as few or as many songs as you like, and then start enjoying the music.

Serato Pyro 1

Change up your playlist

While you’re listening, you can easily make changes to your “Fire.” If you want to delete a tune, just swipe it to the left. Want to bump a song up higher in the playlist? Swipe it to the right. The intuitive controls make it easy to enjoy your music, and the app uses algorithms to change from track to track without bad crossfades. The only downfall is there is no rewind button, but tapping on the equalizer display will change positions in the song that’s currently playing.

Serato Pyro 3

Intelligent suggestions that add to your playlist

Along the way while you’re listening to your playlist, Serato Pyro finds more songs that might mesh well with what you’re enjoying. You can easily add these suggestions to your playlist, or just let the “Fire” keep burning even after you’ve reached the last song. Serato Pyro will automatically play those suggestions when it reaches the end of your playlist, keeping the music going for as long as you want.

Serato Pyro 2

Get a fire burning

Serato Pyro is available for free on the App Store, and is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. There’s even an Apple Watch companion, and the app doesn’t include ads or in-app purchases.

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Serato Pyro - Your music, seamlessly mixed.
Serato Pyro - Your music, seamlessly mixed.

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