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Stride & Prejudice is an endless runner with a literary twist

Stride & Prejudice is an endless runner with a literary twist

Pocket Gaming
February 15, 2016

For a totally unique way to read Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” comes an endless, platform running game. In Stride & Prejudice you will run across the text from the novel while jumping over large gaps. Continue running as Lizzy Bennet while reading this classic.

Stride & Prejudice Stride & Prejudice modes

In Marathon mode, you will continue running while the app lets you jump with simple taps whenever there is a big gap between the text-filled platforms. Keep running to complete the chapters because if you fall, you must begin again. You can also choose to read the entire book where you left off in Reader mode. This is perfect if your character falls and you would just like to keep on reading.

Stride & Prejudice Game settings

There are a few different settings to customize your experience in Stride & Prejudice. You can select the color from black, white, or sepia. You can also control the scroll speed and turn the game sounds and acceleration off and on.

Stride & Prejudice Distinctive concept

Stride & Prejudice brings an unusual but pleasurable concept to reading. At first I thought I would be too distracted by the running aspect to really read the text. But, that is not the case at all. The character of Lizzy Bennet just continues on her merry way, with simple taps to jump, while you enjoy the story.

Stride & Prejudice is designed for iPhone and iPad. Normally $1.99, it is currently available for free without in-app purchases on the App Store. In other news, take a look at Infuse 4 is here for high-performance multi-format video playback or Apple acknowledges iOS device-bricking date bug.

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