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Take your kids on an amazing journey to Weirdwood Manor

Take your kids on an amazing journey to Weirdwood Manor

Pocket Gaming
February 9, 2016

For children ages 6 to 12, Weirdwood Manor brings a unique and charming book-reading, game-playing experience. With wonderful 3-D visuals, hidden objects and fun puzzles, plus an engaging story, your kids will enjoy this magical adventure.

Weirdwood ManorWeirdwood Manor story

This story follows three children with special talents for which they have yet to master. They each win a trip to Weirdwood Manor, the home of an unusual inventor and writer named Arthur Weirdwood. Full of mystery and surprises, this tale takes kids on a spectacular journey.

Weirdwood ManorReading and playing

The app currently has four books available, beginning with Book 1 called Dangerous Drawings. In this story, Oliver heads to Weirdwood Manor and meets some interesting characters. He is an orphan who loves to draw and is anxious to meet Mr. Weirdwood. You will also meet a little fairy-like friend called a Findling who will help guide your child to hidden items, mini games, and other discoveries throughout the book.

Weirdwood ManorStunning, enchanting, and enjoyable

Weirdwood Manor brings a terrific interactive experience to children. They can read the book or have it read to them and enjoy puzzles along the way for a truly fun adventure. The story behind Weirdwood Manor is a likeable one as are the characters. The visuals are amazing, the app is easy to maneuver, and the music and sounds are delightful.

Weirdwood Manor is designed for iPad and available with Books 1 and 2 for $3.99 on the App Store. In-app purchases are available for the additional books, also at $3.99 each. In other new apps this week, take a look at Fortify your cities, explore and engage in Planar Conquest or Get Away and unwind to peaceful nature sounds.

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