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Test yourself to follow the Cube Rule, a fast match challenge

Test yourself to follow the Cube Rule, a fast match challenge

Pocket Gaming
February 8, 2016

How good is your hand-eye coordination? A new game from PlayFlame called Cube Rule will test that and then some. The end goal is simple, move the correct colored cubes to their portals. The journey, however, is where it gets challenging.

Cube Rule Playing Cube Rule

As the cubes begin to fall, you must tap the correct side of the screen to move the cube the right way. For example, green cubes go into green portals and black cubes go into black portals. It sure sounds simple and your mission is a clear one. But, those cubes drop fast and you must get them all sorted before they pile up and reach the top.

It gets intense

Cube Rule has two modes, Normal and Insane, and both are challenging. Normal mode does move a tad bit slower, but it still gets pretty rough when more colored portals start getting added. So, it is easy to say that the better you do, the tougher it gets. There is also Game Center support with a leaderboard and achievements.

Cube Rule Just follow the rule

Cube Rule is fast and fun for a quick game fix. The funky music and futuristic sound effects are as energetic as the game itself. So, for a quick-moving, intense test of your coordination, Cube Rule is one to check out.

Cube Rule is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is available for free on the App Store with an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $1.99. For more new games, take a peek at How many lives can you save when All is Lost? or Fortify your cities, explore and engage in Planar Conquest.

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