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What’s Jumping? It better be you in this lively new challenge

What’s Jumping? It better be you in this lively new challenge

Pocket Gaming
February 25, 2016

While sitting on a conveyor built, obstacles keep coming your way. You need to jump at just the right time to avoid being bonked by a box or smashed by a spike. This is What’s Jumping and it’s a new arcade challenge that will definitely keep you hopping.

What’s Jumping Jump out of the way

With a simple tap your character will jump and with a double-tap it will jump higher. As boxes and spikes start heading your way, be prepared to hop over them. You can bounce off of the top of a box if you are really careful, but be cautious not to get squished by it. Here is a preview of What’s Jumping and just click here if you cannot see the video:

Game details

You earn coins as you successfully jump over the obstacles. You can then exchange them for other characters. With 62 in all, you can jump as a sheep, monkey, watermelon, or even a fork, each of which are squarely shaped. Each time you start a new game, the environment changes. So, one time it will be bright and sunny and another time it will be dark and rainy.

What’s Jumping Challenging and tricky

What’s Jumping is not an easy game. While it may fool you with its lively theme, colorful graphics, and fun sounds, the challenge is real. Objects come at you from different sides of the screen and in all sizes. So, be prepared to tap at the right time.

What’s Jumping is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is a free game available on the App Store with in-app purchases to remove the ads or for additional coins. For more new games, take a look at Investigate a secret society in Angels of Deception: Part I or Time to sharpen your blade as The Walking Dead: Michonne arrives on iOS.

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What's Jumping
What's Jumping

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