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When you're driving the wrong way, you have to Look Out!

When you're driving the wrong way, you have to Look Out!

Pocket Gaming
February 19, 2016

Have you ever dreamed of driving the wrong way in a traffic rush? Maybe you think it would be cool to dodge oncoming traffic, and see how far you can make it before you crash and burn. If so, a new title on the App Store is right up your alley, so to speak. Look Out! – Traffic Rush has blazed onto the scene to help you live out that fantasy.

A tiny forklift against SUVs and limousines

You start out the game driving a forklift, rushing against oncoming traffic. It’s a dangerous path to take, but tons of fun. The game’s pixel-based graphics give the title a real retro feel, adding one more layer of fun to the mix. You have to cruise traffic lanes, heading the wrong way, and trying to avoid oncoming traffic.


Choose from a variety of different vehicles

As you drive along, you can earn coins and car parts. You use these in the garage, where you can beef up your vehicles’ specs or buy new ones. If you’re short on patience to collect enough coins for a certain car or truck, you can always buy it using in-app purchases.


If they’re smaller than you, just ram them

The real fun comes in when you get a heavier vehicle. Once that happens, a whole new realm of fun opens up, since you can ram more cars and collect their parts. If the oncoming traffic is your size or smaller, just smash through them instead of trying to dodge them.


Get moving, but Look Out!

Look Out! is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 6 or later. The game is a free download on the App Store, using both advertisements and in-app purchases.

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