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Why type your calendar events? Just draw with JotTheDate

Why type your calendar events? Just draw with JotTheDate

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February 15, 2016

Whether it’s a scribble, a sketch, or a smiley, this new calendar app lets you add your events by drawing them. JotTheDate is a complete calendar app that allows you add appointments with reminders, notes, travel time, and more. So, you can be creative and sketch your way to your next event.

JotTheDateSketch your event

When you add an appointment to the calendar, you can choose your color and brush size. Then just draw or write your event with your finger. Sketch a heart for your anniversary dinner, a necktie for your business meeting, or a book for your college class. Can’t draw? Jot down your pet’s name for their vet appointment, the name of the club where you are meeting your friends, or the name of the park for your kid’s play date.

Appointment features

After you draw or write your event, you can give it a name if you like for viewing in other calendar apps. You can also add the basics you need like the location and start and end times. You can have it repeat, invite others, and set up two different alerts. Your events can also be All Day, contain notes and a URL, and be added to a specific calendar if you have more than one.

JotTheDateViewing made easy

JotTheDate has year, month, week, and day displays and you can select your preferred view. You can also sync to iCloud and choose which calendars you would like to display along with a default for adding new events. The app is very easy to use and can make adding appointments, meetings, and occasions fun.

JotTheDate is available for free with a limited amount of sketches. But, with an in-app purchase you can receive an unlimited amount with subscription options starting at $0.99 per month. The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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JotTheDate - freehand Calendar.
JotTheDate - freehand Calendar.

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