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You are the deadly evil in Sybil: Castle of Death

You are the deadly evil in Sybil: Castle of Death

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February 15, 2016

When a game of tower defense meets dark magic you get Sybil: Castle of Death. This horror-themed adventure puts you as a wicked castle owner where you must kill all enemies who enter. Honeymooners, hunters, and others exploring your home must die. So, place deathly traps and summon dangerous monsters before they reach your ritual room.

Sybil: Castle of Death Being evil

As humans enter your castle in waves, you will set traps like the Gear of Death, Killer Pendulum, or Death by Water. You will also summon monsters like Medusa, Wendigo, and the Headless Horseman. Place your traps and monsters in the castle rooms and watch the innocent humans enter to meet their doom.

Here is a preview of Sybil: Castle of Death in action. Just click here if you cannot see the video:

Earn and upgrade

As you successfully kill your visitors, you will collect coins, blood drops, and skulls. Use these to unlock more deadly traps and paralyzing magic or upgrade the horrid monsters and your mighty castle. The games has 20 levels, 33 types of enemies, 10 traps, five types of magic, and six monsters.

Sybil: Castle of Death Scary good

Sybil: Castle of Death may have a dark and morbid theme, but for horror fans who also enjoy tower defense, it is a good game. Be careful where you place your amulets as the game begins because the castle visitors will do their best to break them. And, make sure that you use the most fatal traps and vile monsters you can afford to make it through each wave.

Sybil: Castle of Death is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is available for $2.99 on the App Store with no in-app purchases. In other game news, take a look at Can you help Chuck find his way through a Bubble Jungle? or Watch the first 6 minutes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne.

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