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Today’s Apps Gone Free: Shift, Core, Sero and More

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Shift, Core, Sero and More

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August 31, 2016

Write the way you want, defend your base while seeking out the enemy, and help Sero reach its goal with today’s collection of apps and games.

All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers.


Core: Seekers of Light ($0.99 → Free, 143.0 MB): Attack enemies while defending your own base in Core: Seekers of Light. It’s for fans of real-time strategy.

Core is a minimalistic castle defense game. Surrounding your base are a collection of nodes which not only act as your defenses but also as unit deployment mechanisms. Drag a path from the nodes towards your enemy’s base to attack. As the path lights up, you’ll discover a variety of other nodes that you can use to your advantage. Your units can also act as a secondary line of defense. Just keep an eye on your energy levels, because if they’re low you’ll be left defenseless for a short time.

Core: Seekers of Light is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 5 ratings.

Digit Shelves ($0.99 → Free, 21.1 MB): Fill the spaces without going over the target numbers in Digit Shelves. Casual puzzle game fans will enjoy the quick gameplay.

Digit Shelves presents you with five different numbers: 10, 20, 100, 500, and 1,000. Each number has spaces to fill with more numbers. At the bottom of the screen you’ll be presented with a random number, and you must place it in a space with a drag and drop. The idea is to fill the spaces with numbers in order to create the largest possible numbers without going over.

Digit Shelves is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 28 ratings.

Sero ($0.99 → Free, 53.2 MB): Collect the spinning triangles and reach the goal in Sero. It’s for fans of puzzle games.

Sero is a little ball that launches from a tube with a tap. But before ever doing so, you must manipulate the puzzle pieces in order to not only guide Sero safely to the goal but also collecting all of the triangles along the way. The triangles must be collected in a specific order, and you’ll immediately know when something is amiss by paying close attention to the lights on the goal. The game includes 60 levels in all.

Sero is available for free for a limited time. It has a 5-star rating with a total of 8 ratings.

Gardenscapes – New Acres ($1.99 → Free, 135.5 MB): Restore a garden to its former glory in Gardenscapes. It’s our sponsored game today, so please download it and give it a try in order to support AppsGoneFree. Fans of matching games will enjoy this colorful treat.

Leave the city behind and rebuild your uncle’s once great garden by matching colorful fruits, flowers, seeds, and herbs. Swipe to swap tiles and create matches of three or more. Larger matches will create special power-ups that’ll help you achieve your goals before running out of moves. If you’re successful, your reward will be new items to decorate your garden. The game includes hundreds of levels, a fun cast of characters, and the ability to become neighbors with your Facebook friends.

Gardenscapes – New Acres is available for free today only (08/31). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 1446 ratings.

Shift Editor & Quick Lookup ($1.99 → Free, 14.3 MB): Write the way you want with Shift. It’s for writers who frequently reference sources.

Shift is more than your everyday text editor. Sure, it has full Markdown support, allowing you to format text however you see fit. But what makes it stand out is its ability to reference Wikipedia, Google, and any other website with ease. Shift’s built-in browser automatically displays text in your custom color scheme and chosen font while also removing all of the clutter. Shift also includes Dropbox support, the ability to create presets, and MathJax support.

Shift Editor & Quick Lookup is available for free for a limited time. It has a 5-star rating with a total of 5 ratings.

Who Was? Adventure ($0.99 → Free, 289.7 MB): Find out how well you know your historical figures and pop icons with Who Was? Adventure. It’s for trivia fans everywhere.

Who Was? Adventure has a rather unique mechanic for a trivia game. The heads of famous figures will drop down into the screen. It’s up to you to tap on the person described at the bottom as quickly as possible. Each correct selection will remove the head from the screen, freeing up valuable space. If you guess incorrectly, the head you tapped on will remain and more and more will fill the screen. Power-ups and other objects will also populate the screen. The game includes 85 levels, an arcade mode, and more than 4,500 questions.

Who Was? Adventure is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 31 ratings.

That concludes today’s issue of Apps Gone Free. If you like staying on top of these daily deals, don’t forget to check out our free AppsGoneFree app. It provides all the deals each day, and even an archive of past deals that are still active.


If you are a developer who would like to get your app included in our “Apps Gone Free” daily lists, here’s our basic set of rules:

  • It must have at least a three-star average rating at the time it goes free.
  • The app must not have been free numerous times (3+) over the last six months.
  • The free version of your app must not include ads.

To submit an app, simply send a request to [email protected] with the subject “Apps Gone Free.” Please include the name of the app, a link to it in the App Store, when and for how long you intend to offer the app for free, and anything else you would like to share. We will take it from there.

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