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Fly Through Endless Side Scrolling Worlds

The 2D side scrolling endless games come in many forms including fliers. These games take to the skies, and are all about hovering/flying in a 2D side scrolling set up. You need to maneuver past obstacles and through collectibles either in the sky, through caverns, under the sea, in space, and more. The games control similarly as you try to maintain flight through the middle of the screen, as compared to running or flapping.

Cave Flyer!
Agent Airborne Boom - Jetpack Hero Avoids Laser and Save the World

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Vehicle Pick-Ups
Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick Studios

Endless running and jetpacking

Join Barry Steakfries as he breaks in to a secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers. After lift-off, avoid enemy attacks trying to keep you from taking the jetpacks. You'll have to evade missiles, lasers, and electrical fields. If you get out alive, you'll go right back in to get another jetpack.



Laser Dog

Pilot an escape pod through danger filled caves.

Alone amps up the speed for an intense journey as you try to weave through rocky caves filled with falling debris, comets, and more. The game amps up the difficulty as you go, and lets you restart in tougher sequences.

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Limited resources
Pengy Has a Dream

Draw pathways on the screen to help Pengy fly.

Pengy Has a Dream

Pengy Has a Dream


Pengy Has a Dream is an infinite flyer where your goal is to help a small penguin achieve his big dream of flying with the help of ice slicks. See how far you can go and unlock cute clothes and accessories to fly in style.

Cave Flyer!
Cave Flyer!
Cave Flyer!

Cave Flyer!

Andrew Seid

You're trapped at the bottom of a crystal cave...
And the only way out is up!

Strap on some wings and head for the surface, but beware of the dangers above!

Fly through crystal formations, and dodge from left to right as fiendish monsters attempt to block your path.

Compete with fellow flyers through...

Small Fry
Small Fry
Small Fry

Small Fry


The chase is on! Swim for your life as the tiny fish Finley "Small Fry" Fryer in this thrilling and action packed ocean adventure.

Swim, jump and even float though space to escape from all the perils of the seven seas. Avoid blazing fast swordfish, electric jellyfish, ink squirting octopuses,...

Fly Guy
Fly Guy
Fly Guy

Fly Guy

Jay Elaraj

The ultimate cave flyer! Smash walls, grab power-ups, and collect coins while whizzing through action-packed caves.

- Easy to learn, one-touch game play
- Speed bursts, shrinking powers, super rockets, bubble shields, and more
- Unlock characters and upgrade powerups.
- Smash mystery boxes, collect and activate special powers.
- 48 achievement challenges.
- Global leaderboards...

Endless Doves
Endless Doves
Endless Doves

Endless Doves


Endless Doves – Collect Doves, Don't Crash!

He dreams of flying... Who is he? Why does he crash? How does he fly? That doesn't matter! What does matter is obsessive bird collecting!

Collect those birds and beat the scores of friends and people you don't even know! Brag on the usual social...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Fixie Surfer endless runner, racing games for kids

Fixie Surfer endless runner, racing games for kids

DevGame OU

The train is broken! Explore this endless runner and collect enough gold to fix it!
Ready for a cool flight? Grab a fixieboard and go!
Flying will pay off - you’ll be able to fix the train with the collected coins and diamonds.

- Fly through the train and be afraid of obstacles!
- Set high cores every day and compete with friends!
- Grab coins and boosts on the go to make your flight more exciting!
- Fix breakages and upgrade your flight!
- There are 6 Fixies you can fly for: Nolik, Simka, Fire, Verda, Digit or Toola. Each has unique superpowers!
- Crack the vaults to earn secret loot and prizes!

The game is interesting for all ages and mostly for kids! There is an easy level even for the smallest ones so they will learn how to fly a fixieboard and how to use bonuses. What’s for experienced players, there are complex maps and unexpected turns!

The Fixies are ready, fixieboards are steady, what about you?
Ready, steady, go!

Floaties: Endless Adventure

Floaties: Endless Adventure

Anodius, a. s.

Meet the FLOATIES, a group of 4 differently-colored characters that must be helped to stay alive in their endless floating adventure.

Tap your way to a record-setting number of floats with over 40 different characters ranging from from clumsy chicken to ferocious dinosaurs while dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles. With an endless gameplay, Floaties will keep you hooked as you travel 8+ different worlds filled with specific obstacles. All you have to do is tap to keep the characters floating, but the easy controls are balanced by an almost impossible gameplay. Dare to take this challenge?

Main Features:
- Endless Floating Gameplay. Control up to 4 “floaties” at the same time each with its own color by simply tapping to help them float. Each floatie is immune to the same color obstacles but is destroyed instantly by obstacles with other colors. Your main goal is to have a fleet of all colors and to try surviving the longest. Easy to play, but impossible to survive for long!

- 8+ Adventurous Worlds. Help your floaties survive through the ancient world of Egypt, the sci-fi landscape of the Moon, the unlawful Wild Wild West, the dangerous Jurassic Park and more. Each of the 8 playable worlds feature its own particularities depicted in eye-catching 3D graphics so get ready to dodge out-of-orbit satellites on the Moon, T-Rex bones in Jurassic Park and hundreds others!

- Dozens of Characters. From flying drones, chicken, rockets to E.T., Cleopatra or even Jack the pirate you can unlock more than 40 different fun characters. Collect coins throughout the game and use those to spin the wheel of fortune to get a new random character or unlock your favorite one. Gain experience with each character and level them up to 5 stars!

- Powerups and abilities. Aside coins you can collect special objects that help you gain powerups for a limited time (i.e. collect 4 potion bottles to double your coin collection for 15 seconds). With your new abilities you’ll survive longer and score higher.

- Solve Quests. Each world has a theoretically endless flying/floating gameplay, although in reality you die A LOT, but offers side quests too. Can you collect 7 items of the same color? Or have one of RGBY floatie destroyed a couple of times? The more quests you solve, the tougher that level gets. You start at Easy, advance to Medium and become a master when you reach the Hard level of difficulty.

- Achievements & Leaderboard. Connect via Game Center to unlock more achievements and access the social or global leaderboards if your score is high enough. You’ll also be able to analyze the statistics for each world, such as how many items you’ve collected, how many quests you’ve completed, what was the best score and MUCH MORE!

- Multiplayer Challenges. Provoke up to 4 of your friends to a game of keeping floating characters alive! You can play the game in multiplayer mode and this gives 4 users the chance to play Floaties on the same device. Who can be the best? Only practice will tell!

Aside surviving all sorts of entrapments that destroy Floaties of a different color (i.e. than the obstacle color) you must collect coins, power-ups and character resurrection items. Play often and you will be able to get free coins too by pulling the handle of a slot machine. The same game will unlock a random character for 100 coins.

Each world you play in features awesome 3D graphics and well designed characters that create a great gaming experience especially accompanied by an entertaining soundtrack and sounds.

THANK YOU for downloading, playing and rating our game! It means a lot to us.

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Tunnel Games : Diving Bird

Tunnel Games : Diving Bird


Tunnel games is a simple, yet addictive, one tap, endless escape been eaten with amazing music and a mind-blowing game play. Swim through tiny narrow rock in search of new home but deep in the heart of tunnel belt double snakes is ready to feast on intruders.Tap to change your height, avoid double head snakes, scorpions, upper and lower cave, survive to get the highest score. Different game characters will varies in difficulty levels, will enrich your gaming experience.

Game features:
- Awesome music
- Nine different levels of difficulty
- Score 50 points to unlock next character.
- Private scoreboard for each character to deter cheats.

Are you ready to become tunnel addict? Me too!