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Block ads in all apps beyond just Safari

Most ad blockers are designed for Safari, and use the iOS 9 specific extension. These apps go a step farther to promise ad blocking in other apps beyond Safari. Whether it's apps, games, or other browsers, these apps claim to block all ads. Your mileage may vary though.

TouchBlocker - Ad Blocker for Apps & Safari
Adblock Green - ad blocker for safari and apps
NoAds - block ads on Wi-Fi networks in apps and browsers plus content blocker
App Ad Blocker - Block Ads in Apps
TouchBlocker - Ad Blocker for Apps & Safari

TouchBlocker - Ad Blocker for Apps & Safari


Enjoy ad-free browsing with TouchBlocker, the free ad blocker that removes ads as well as mobile apps.

Download TouchBlocker now for the following free benefits:

- Ad-free browsing
- Anti user tracking
- Faster page loads
- Reduced data consumption
- Extended battery life

Unwanted and unsolicited ads are everywhere and are annoying. They not only waste users’ time as users have to close the ads to continue to see the content they intend to view, they also take up browsers’ processing power and slow down the performance. Mobile ads, especially those auto-play rich or video ads, also consume users’ mobile data thus waste users’ money. Some ads might also contain phishing messages, viruses or malware and put users’ online security in danger.

TouchBlocker Ad Blocker eliminates ads in Safari browser and other mobile apps. Touchblocker saves your time, money and keep your online activity private and untracked. Just as its name indicates, Touchblocker is easy to use – just one touch to activate and you’ll enjoy an ad-free world.

TouchBlocker is completely free. Install now and start blocking unwanted ads.

Adblock Green - ad blocker for safari and apps

Adblock Green - ad blocker for safari and apps

Sha Li

This is the only adblock app you need on iOS devices, it is simple to use, powerful tool to block banner ads, interstitial ads and video ads.
It works with not only Safari browser, but also all other apps; not only on WI-FI network, but also cellular network. Get rid of 99% ads, protect your privacy, and save your data usage.
We want to make the internet green again. Adbye.

#Adblock requires to set a fake vpn to block ads, no traffic will be routed to any vpn server.
You can check this by check the ip of you iPhone on google.

* Adblock Green can block many ad networks like admob, vungle, and so on.
* Adblock Green can block banners, interstitial ads and video ads.
* Adblock Green can block tracking to protect your privacy.
* Adblock Green can has specific ad block rules for German, Italy, Russian, Japan, Korean and so on.

Review from our users:
"Best Adblock ever! I didn't see annoying ads in my games!!!!"
"Good one, it even blocks some YouTube ads."
"No ads in Safari, thumb up."