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Board Games With Frenetic Pacing

Board games are most well known for a more methodical turn based approach. Action board games offer more of a frenetic real time challenge with constantly moving pieces. Think how Hungry Hungry Hippos differs from Monopoly, and you have a good idea of the fun action board games can deliver. There are many different themes and styles with the main consistency revolving around constant action on the board.

unFed unDead!
Hungry Hungry Hippos

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Up To 4 Players On One Device



Pong mixed with pinball

When you mix pong and pinball, you get Multiponk. All it takes is one finger to control your paddle. Give your ball smooth effects and thwart the traps to win the game. Multiponk features solo mode, where you try to beat the computer, as well as a multiplayer mode that supports up to four players at once.

Marble Mixer for iPad
Marble Mixer for iPad

Marble Mixer for iPad


Game Description:

Game Description:
Bring the party home with Marble Mixer, a modern twist on the classic game of marbles!

Have a blast playing with marbles all over again in this terrific 1-4 player game for the entire family. With Marble Mixer, the strategy, skill and fun come to life in three fantastic new ways:
I. Space Mania: Shoot for points while removing your...

unFed unDead!
unFed unDead!

unFed unDead!

logan sease

unFed unDead

unFed unDead! takes the simple game concepts found in 'Hungry Hungry Hippos™' to a whole new level, by adding new depth to the gameplay and bloody fun ZOMBIES!


unFed unDead! is a fast paced arcade style game. You control 4 zombies at each side of the screen. Click and drag backwards towards the edge of the screen at...

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Multiplayer partygame - for 1-4 players
King of Opera - Multiplayer Party Game!

Can you reign supreme as King of the Opera?

King of Opera - Multiplayer Party Game!

King of Opera - Multiplayer Party Game!

Tuokio Inc.

The opera is on, but the tenors all want to steal the spotlight. You and up to three other players each control a singer, trying to nudge and bump each other off the stage. When the fat lady drops into the action, though, who can steal the spotlight back and...

Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hasbro, Inc.

The Hungry Hungry Hippos are on the move… to the Tiki Pond where you will race to chomp up mangos and bananas! The app brings the frenzied, marble-chomping game to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The faster you make your Hippo move, the more fruits they can chomp. Who...

King of Thrones - The War of Fire and Ice
King of Thrones - The War of Fire and Ice
King of Thrones - The War of Fire and Ice

King of Thrones - The War of Fire and Ice

Quoc Dang

Attention to all warriors! ‘King of Thrones - The War of Fire and Ice’ is the new battlefield that you must try on. This is multiplayer game that you can play with many friends at the same time on the same device either mobile phone or tablet. There is nothing...

Hungry Dinosaurs
Hungry Dinosaurs
Hungry Dinosaurs

Hungry Dinosaurs

Adam Smith

The dinosaurs are hungry in Hungry Dinosaurs! Hungry Dinosaurs is a throw back to the board games you played as a childlike Hungry Hungry Hippos! Eat as many eggs as you can, but beware... If 10 eggs get onto the board it is game over!

The rules are simple! The nest...

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Could be good for special cases

Sumo Fighter - A Revolutional Street Combat Multiplayer Game HD

Sumo Fighter - A Revolutional Street Combat Multiplayer Game HD

Dang Thanh Xuan

This game is very heavy – Please allow it a minute to load on the first time

Galaxies are turbulent. The state sent officials scrambling martial hegemony at all costs. Come join the fight to end this era of chaos!!!

Do you want to become a kung fu hero?
Do you want to become hegemonic martial?
Do you want to challenge other players to be matched kung fu and sumo pushing skills?

Again, based on the success of the game ‘King Of Sumo Wrestler: Japan Sport Sumo Fighter Combat Game’, survival fight is hotter than ever. The landslide game will cause you to be amazed and amused.
You will be transformed into a martial hero in the famous in Kim Dung’s novel: “Đông Tà, Tây Độc, Nam Đế, Bắc Cái”. This game can be played up to 4 players per session. This indeed will become an arena zero tolerance for any players. Please release all abilities and win the battle!

Feature Highlights:
- Incredibly easy to play! Incredibly additive for all ages!
- Beautiful and vivid images
- Extreme Sound Effects
- 4 people can play at once.

How to play:
- Control your hero by single button to try to get as many kung fu books and power food as you can
- Lower opponents by pushing off the floor
- Each time the game is fixed to 2 minutes
- Play with the computer or other players on the same interface.
- Up to 4 people to play in one session just like King of Opera Famous game

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Crazy MultiPong

Crazy MultiPong

ALIENS Corporation

Place your iDevice on the table and start competing in Crazy MultiPong. Now!

Are your kids getting bored in the restaurant?
Is your party going to flop?
Are your co-workers out of ideas how to spend another day at work?

You have found the perfect solution!

So, did you hear about the pong game?
This game is not an ordinary pong. It is happening in space with a round arena.
Thanks to that the ball is more crazy than ever!

This game will test your reflex and observation skills.
Put on your space suit!

At the beginning of this mini game you can choose one of the eight avatars to play with.
You can also choose how many times each mini game will be played.

Each player has three lives and their own individual color.

The players need to keep track of the ball and protect their gate with a paddle. You control the paddle from your panel.

Different power-ups show up in the middle of the game field.

If the ball hits your paddle, it turns to your color. At that time it will collect that power-ups for you.

Some power-ups have a negative effect and some positive.

The power-ups:


• Fog - covers up almost the whole game field, blocking the view for the players.
• Lights down – Turn off all the lights in the game field, disturbing the players and making everything less visible.
• Flash – Turns the lights in the game area on and off, disturbing the players.
• Paddle Freeze – Stops your paddle from moving for 5 seconds.
• Paddle Reverse – Changes the panel’s buttons, in which way left changes to right and right to left.
• Speed up – Speeds up the ball


• Wall – Creates a wall behind the paddle not enabling the ball to go in.
• Speed down – Slows down the ball.

If the ball falls into your gate, you lose one life.

The player with the most lives left wins.

At the end of the round, each player receives the amount of gained points.
Depending on the amount of points you`ve earned, you get the right place.

The player who got the 1st place receives - 5 coins, 2nd place - 4 coins, 3rd place - 2 coins, 4th place - 1 coin.

After the end of the round, scores you’ve got, appear on the Leaderboard.

In the first column appears the number of coins you’ve gained this round, and in the second column,
there is the number of coins you’ve earned in the previous rounds.

You can play by up to 4 players or with AI. You can play for just 1 minute or all evening.
The game is quick and funny and you can finish it any time and announce the winner.

It is the perfect entertainment for everybody from 4 years of age and up.

We have composed unique, matching music and we have recorded it using real instruments from all over the world.

Start the game, turn the disk on the main screen and listen to the magical soundtrack.

You can find this and other really cool minigames in the game called Friends and Family Party Games or try our unique mix with Tower Defense strategy game called Versus.

We are the aliens and we create games we would like to play ourselves.

Play Crazy Multipong on iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina, iPad mini 2, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Crazy Multipong is playable on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

Requires iOS 6.1.x or later.

King Of Sumo PRO - Japan Sport Sumo Fighter Combat Game

King Of Sumo PRO - Japan Sport Sumo Fighter Combat Game

Dang Thanh Xuan

***** Back by popular demand with NO Ad this time *****
Do you like Sumo Fight – a famous tradition of Japan?
Do you want to become a sumo warrior?
Are you looking for a multiple player for you and your friends or family members like King of Opera?

You are at the right place. With this newest game, “King Of Sumo Wrestler: Japan Sport Sumo Fighter Combat Multiplayer Game”, you can play with many friends at a same time a same device either mobile phone or tablet. There is nothing more exciting than playing game with real players, and it is!
You will be a Sumo fighter and you have to eliminate other 3 and collect as much food and drink in 2 minutes to be the winner. And that’s all about in this game, but it’s not easy. As you can’t predict what the opponents do in every match, you have to prepare your mind to face it. So so addictive! Please don’t waste your time to read this description anymore, INSTALL THE GAME NOW!!!

- Easy to play for everyone and suitable for all ages
- Super fun game with cute sumo
- Beautiful graphic
- Cool music and sound effect
- So addictive with up to 3 fighting scenes
- Multipleplayer up to 4 players
- Tons of other good games linked

How to play
- Control a great looking sumo wrestler
- Knock other sumo off the elevated ring.
- 3 different environments to do battle.
- Fight against your friends or the computer
- Up to 4 players on the same device
- Collect as many chicken drumsticks and green tea drink bottles to add more point
- After each 2 mins round, the winner with the highest score will be announced.

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Super Cool App Team

*NOTE - some phones will take a bit longer to load initially. So please wait for 1 min for the game to load. Thank you*