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The Best Apps for Snack Recipes

Are you a snacker? I know I am. Instead of grabbing for a bag a chips when you feel your tummy grumbling, download these apps for some great snack ideas. Whether you're into sweets, savory or healthy, these apps contain a ton of snack recipes for every taste.

Healthy snack ideas
Snack Recipes for You!
Snacks Recipes - Tamil
100 Low Calories Diet Snack Recipes
Snack Recipes
Snack Recipes for You!

Snack Recipes for You!

Dmytro Mashchenko

We offer to you a lot of snack recipes: baked snack recipes, snack recipes with meat, snack recipes with fish, sweet snack recipes and other snack recipes.

All snack recipes are presented with simple and detailed instructions and photo.

You can choose your liked recipes and keep in your favorites.

You also can use a shopping list. Just add the desired product directly from the recipe to the shopping list.

In this application you can share your own delicious recipes and you can leave feedback about other recipes!

The application does not require the Internet and your favorite recipes will always be with you, even when you have not Internet connection!

All snack recipes are divided into the categories for easy use.

All recipes are presented with photos for quickly selection.
You can find a recipe for your mood! There is simple searching in the app by the name or by the ingredients. Easy recipes using ingredients you already have in the kitchen. The majority of recipes we offer can be both prepared and cooked in 20 minutes or less, from start to finish.

We offer to you a lot recipes of:

• Delicious recipes of snacks for every day: recipes of meat snacks, recipes of snacks with seafood, recipes of muffins, recipes of sandwiches, recipes of cheese and potato sticks, cake recipes, cottage cheese recipes, portioned snacks, tartlet recipes, quick snack recipes, etc.;

• Tasty recipes of snacks with poultry: recipes of tartlets with chicken, chicken roll recipes, recipes of chicken nuggets, poultry julienne recipes, etc.;

• A lot of roll recipes: recipes of cucumber rolls, roll with cheese recipes, recipes of rolls with zucchini, recipes of pita rolls, recipes of cold rolls, baked roll recipes, etc.;

• Delicious recipes of appetizers with cheese: pepper with cheese stuffing recipes, recipes of cheese balls, tomato and cheese recipes, cheese snack recipes, recipes of cheese plates, cottage cheese, etc.;

• Yummy recipes of fish snacks: recipes of homemade fish sticks, recipes of rolls with fish, recipes of fish tartlets, recipes of fish casseroles, etc.;

• Simple and delicious recipes of hot sandwiches;
• Recipe of pickled mushrooms;
• Recipes of home chips;
• Recipes of snacks for breakfast;
• Recipes of quick snacks, and much more!

Cook with pleasure!

Snacks Recipes - Tamil

Snacks Recipes - Tamil


Fellow cooks and the snacks lover around the world! We have delightful collection of snacks recipes.
We all love crunching some goodies in-between the regular meals.

Snack Recipes for people of all ages are handpicked and listed simply in this app you can find a healthy snack to kick start your wonderful evening with these entire snacks item.

An innovative app which will show your recipes coordinating to your mood, taste, season, preparation time and kind of ingredients that you have in your fridge.

All the recipes in this app are explained in Tamil and in easy understandable manner.

You can save a lot of time and effort and find that perfect recipes you have been looking for.

No more buying expensive cookbook or writing down ingredients before you start cooking with this recipes app you has all in one place.

> Bajji

> Samosa

> Pagoda

> Murukku

> Cutlet

> Vadai

> Chips

> Thattai

> Sundal

> puffs

And lots of more. These snacks items have some sub categories.

Features of this app:

> Recipes by category.

> Recipes are detailed in Tamil.

> Tempting and tasty recipes for making snacks.

> Clear and best so you can view and make it clearly.

> Quick and easy recipes.

> Bookmark your favourite snacks.

With this snack recipe Tamil app you could surely improve your snack diary with new snack cooking ideas.

Download now and make a difference in your snacks and enjoy.

100 Low Calories Diet Snack Recipes

100 Low Calories Diet Snack Recipes

Wan Fong Lam

100 Low Calories Diet Snack Recipes

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100 Low Calories Diet Snack Recipes is an application containing 100 recipes of low calorie snacks that can be made easily at home. For each recipe included in this App, the following is included:

- A nice photo showing the product (snacks)
- Calorie estimates per serving
- Details ingredient list
- Step-by-step cooking instructions

The application is optimized for iPad/iPad2/The New iPad/iPad mini, iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6+/6S/6S+/7/7+ & iPod Touch.



This application has the following features:

* User-friendly views with THUMBNAIL preview of each item
* All Category View to preview all types of recipes in alphabetical order
* Ability to BOOKMARK selected recipes for easier reference
* Add a CUSTOM NOTE to any recipe
* iCloud synchronized Bookmarks and Custom Notes
* EMAIL any items to yourself & friends
* A recipe name SEARCH engine
* Enter a RANDOM entry when shaking the device
* OFFLINE browsing


This application is brought to you by Fobotech LLC.

Snack Recipes

Snack Recipes


When you’re counting calories or being careful about nutrition, every bite counts including snacks between meals. Unfortunately it’s very easy for these grab-and-go nibbles to be unhealthy and unsatisfying. With a little planning and preparation you can come up with healthy snack recipes to fuel you and your family throughout the day. Sugary and starchy snacks will only give you a sugar rush, leaving you hungry an hour later. Healthy snack recipes, on the other hand, include “real food” that’s more satisfying and nutritious.

Healthy, well-balanced meals require planning, and snacks are no different. Potato chips and chocolate bars are convenient but they have no place in a healthy snack, except perhaps as an occasional treat. Stock your fridge with ingredients for quick and healthy snacks. Once a week, prepare healthy snack recipes and store them in attractive containers in the fridge or have them conveniently close to your keyboard. Whenever you feel like munching on something, there will always be a nutritious and delicious snack that you can get your hands on.

Healthy snack recipes are easier to make if you stock up on healthy ingredients. Make sure you always have fresh fruits around the house. In addition to fruits, here are some favorite snacks to have on hand: nuts and seeds, carrots, celery, tomatoes, yogurt, whole wheat crackers, granola, muesli, hummus, dried fruit, and beef jerky.

A healthy snack is as important as a full meal. Try to include some protein, carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables in your snack. A healthy snack is also a great opportunity to encourage your kids to eat nutritious foods. Set a good example. Munch on sliced apples with peanut butter, carrot and celery sticks, or a banana and it won’t be long before your kids will be eating healthier snacks too.

Healthy Snack Recipes: Quick and Simple

Kids (and grownups) love dips. A bag of carrot and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers will disappear like magic if you have a bowl of delicious dip to go with them. Try the low-fat Cottage Cheese Dip recipe below for a healthy snack:
? 2 cups low-fat cottage cheese

? 1 tablespoon dried dill

? 1 teaspoon garlic salt

? 1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper

? 1/3 cup low-fat ranch salad dressing

Blend together all ingredients until smooth. Serve with celery and carrot sticks or whole wheat crackers.

Want a healthy snack recipe that’s really easy? Make a simple trail mix by combining equal amounts of raisins, nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, peanuts, etc.), dried fruits, and toasted sunflower seeds. Store the trail mix in a large plastic container. For variety, you can toss in some chocolate chips or dried banana chips.