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Apps for Cooking Utilities

These apps are your innovative kitchen aids. They have timers, convertors, thermometers, and so much more.

Range cooking thermometer
Escali SmartConnect
Cookulator - LITE
Range cooking thermometer

Range cooking thermometer


Cook better with less effort. The Range grilling/kitchen thermometer gives you: precise temperature readings; live temperatures and remote alerts to iOS devices anywhere; Rangefinder temperature guides for meat, candy and beer; and recipe graphs for repeatable results.

Use Range with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as a leave-in oven thermometer, and get alerts on your other iOS device so you don't have to hover around the kitchen. Kitchen scientists—graph and save temperature data to experiment with your recipe. Or, use Range as an instant-read thermometer and get audio alerts to nudge you when your candy has hit the hard ball stage.

• Real-time temperature readings. Check the temperature over the Internet from any iOS device.
• Set rising or falling temperature alerts with a swipe of a finger.
• Remote alerts to all your iOS devices when your dish is done.
• USDA and gourmet presets for meat and candy make it even easier to cook a perfect dish.
• Minimal interaction. You want to cook, not futz with your phone. One-handed operation, 3D Touch presets from the home screen and monitoring temperatures on your lock screen makes you more efficient.

Graph view in landscape.
• Save your graph as a PDF, or CSV data to open as a spreadsheet.
• Rangefinders show you important temperature ranges for meat, sugar stages, and homebrewing. Stay on top of things with audio or remote alerts as you pass through important temperature bands. And because every chef has her preferences, you can create your own Rangefinders.

Requires the Range (wired) or Range Dial (Bluetooth) smart thermometers, made of food-safe silicone and stainless steel, and designed for the oven or grill.

Escali SmartConnect

Escali SmartConnect


Escali SmartConnect™ helps you create a food journal, analyze nutrition information, as well as track your weight, BMI and body composition. Use the Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale and Body Scale to send wireless measurements to mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Update your UP by Jawbone™ profile or Apple Health with body weight and food journal entries created in Escali SmartConnect™.


Select foods you are eating from the complete USDA food database, and add them to your food journal for future analysis. Nutritional information based on your food journal is calculated and viewable in graph or list format.


Measure and track your consumption of 35+ nutrients:

Calories & Calories from Fat

Total Fat & Saturated Fat

Trans Fat & Cholesterol

Sodium & Total Carbohydrates

Sugars & Dietary Fiber

Proteins & Vitamin A

Vitamin C & Calcium

Iron & Choline, total

Folate, total & Folic, total

Niacin & Pantothenic acid

Riboflavin & Thiamin

Vitamin E & Vitamin D

Vitamin B-6 & Vitamin B-12

Vitamin K & Copper, Cu

Fluoride, F & Magnesium, Mg

Manganese, Mn & Phosphorus, P

Potassium, K & Selenium, Se

Zinc, Zn & Caffeine

Omega-3 Fatty Acid (DHA) & Omega-3 Fatty Acid (EPA)



Measuring by weight with a scale is widely recognized by professional chefs as the best way to measure your ingredients, but most recipes call for measurements in cups and tablespoons. Use your Escali SmartConnect Kitchen Scale to measure in cups and tablespoons as you pour, or use manual entry mode to convert units on demand.


Easily convert between U.S. and Metric units.


Send wireless measurements from the Escali SmartConnect Body scale to the app automatically, or manually enter weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass % and bone density measurements. BMI will automatically be calculated based on your weight and height.


Use a simple Bluetooth® connection to sync the Escali SmartConnect™ mobile app to the Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale and Body Scale.


Manually enter any measurement if you do not have a SmartConnect™ scale.


Automatically send body weight measurements and food journal entries to your UP by Jawbone™ profile.


Automatically send body weight measurements and food journal entries to Apple Health to share with other applications enabled for HealthKit.

Cookulator - LITE

Cookulator - LITE

Petra Dueck

Cookulator Unit Converter is for super simple, one step cooking unit conversion. Just enter the amount next to one of the measurements listed, touch done, and the amount is converted to all the other measurements listed.

* Convert from one measuring unit to another (e.g. cups to tablespoons).
* Convert from one country’s measures to another. (e.g. UK to US).

- Convert to/from 5 common units: cups, ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, and milliliters.
- Convert to/from measurement variances in 4 different countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
- One-step conversion: Convert one measure to all other measures on one screen with one click.

Utensil-based Measure Conversion:
Most of the world measures their cooking ingredients by weight using the metric system but the English Speaking world prefers to measure by volume using cooking utensils and pre-metric measures. These can vary greatly from country to country. Cookulator is a tool for the English-speaking world’s cooks to use in converting recipes to and from four of the most common variances of utensil-based measures.