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Apps to Deliver Fuel to Your Car

Save time and avoid the stress of waiting at gas stations. Use these apps to get filled up while your car is parked at work during the day, or at home. It's a fast, easy, and convenient way fuel up.

Zebra Fuel



Gasable is the easiest way to get your gas cylinder delivered to your doorstep in few clicks.
Ask for your gas cylinder and distributors will reach you and serve you with pleasure.

Gasable connects every house with gas cylinders distributors. Through our 24 hour-service, users can register with few steps and ask for gas cylinders to be delivered at their preferred time.

We are a team of dynamic, hard-working and experienced youth. We aim to contribute to the development of our society by employing the power of technology to make life easier.

Nobody is perfect, but we believe that perfection can be pursued. Feel free to contact us for any suggestions, comments or simply step by to have a cup of coffee. [email protected] 9200005469 (Saudi Arabia) 00962790362629 (international). Please visit our website for more information

غازابل هو أسهل طريقة لتصل أسطوانة الغاز الخاصة بك الى بيتك بخطوات بسيطة. أطلب أسطوانة الغاز الآن وسيقوم موزعي الغاز بالوصول اليك وتقديم أفضل الخدمات اليك.

يربط غازابل كل بيت في الأردن بموزعي أسطوانات الغاز. من خلال خدماتنا المتوفرة على مدار اليوم، بإمكان أي مستخدم التسجيل في البرنامج بخطوات بسيطة وطلب أسطوانة الغاز واختيار الوقت المناسب للتوصيل.

نحن فريق من الشباب الحيوي والجاد، نهدف من خلال خبراتنا في المساهمة في تنمية مجتمعنا من خلال توظيف قوة التكنولوجيا لجعل الحياة أكثر سهولة.

ليس هناك أحد كامل، ولكننا نعتقد أن السعي وراء الكمال ممكن. لا تتردد في الاتصال بنا لإبداء أي اقتراحات أو تعليقات أو ببساطة قابلنا لنتناول فنجان من القهوة معا. [email protected]
9200005469 (السعودية) 00962790362629 (البلدان الاخرى).



GN Fueling Co

Gas delivered directly to your car, while you do something else.

How It Works: It's Easy

1. Select the vehicle – Identify the car that needs fuel.
2. Set its location - Pinpoint the exact car location on the map.
3. Select a time window - Pick the delivery window that works best for you.
4. Unlock or Open your Gas Tank Door – This gives us access to fill your vehicle.
5. You are notified as your order is fulfilled.
6. A receipt is emailed when your order is complete.

All GasNinjas adhere to local, state and federal regulations to ensure the safe transport of fuel. Drivers undergo extensive training, thorough background checks, drug testing, have Commercial Drivers License, TSA clearance, and HAZMAT certification. Becoming a Gas Ninja is a professional transformation.

All the fuel we pump is fresh. Your car’s engine performs better with cleaner gas that’s pumped from tanks emptied frequently and inspected multiple times a day.

Our prices are simple – the average of the stations within your zip code.

Customer Service
Under 24 hour response time, guaranteed.

What customers are saying:

“The Best!!!! I never want to go to a gas station again!! - Love it! Easiest app to use!” - Patricia

This app has been such a relief ... Such a genius idea. - MJDB

"Best idea ever. I can't give this up, fueling is too annoying and this is super convenient" - Johnny

“I use GasNinjas all the time. Especially now with hurricane Irma prep I don't have to worry about making the lines at the gas station!! …” - Jess

“Great service. No more rushing out the door on the way to work because I need to stop for gas ... Wonderful service. Super easy to use app. Highly recommend.” - FFF&F




Discover a better way to refuel with Filld- smart fuel delivery. Filld delivers gas to your car: order day or night, for delivery at home, office, or on the go. Never stop at the gas station again.

How It Works:
• Set a Location - Select your car’s exact location on the map
• Select a Time - Choose a delivery window that works best for you
• Pop Your Gas Flap – Open your gas cap for seamless delivery

• Filld offers competitive pricing to local stations, so the price-per-gallon will vary depending on your location. You can expect Filld to be competitive with most prices in your area. There is also a small delivery fee based on the window you select, between $2.99-$8.99, with discounted fees for Fills of multiple cars at a single location.
• Our prices are sourced from the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) and updated every four hours.
• We are Weights and Measures Certified so you know that you are receiving exactly the volume you purchased.

Why Get Filld?
You lead a busy life, and have many things competing for your time. Filld takes an uncomfortable inconvenience out of your day, by fueling up your car where it’s parked, when you need it. It’s the quick, convenient solution to keep your car ready to go, without ever touching a pump. Replace trips to the gas station with a cleaner, easier order from Filld.

Quality - Filld uses only top quality, double-filtered fuel so that what we deliver is the cleanest gas for your car. Plus, while most gas stations store their fuel in years-old underground reservoirs, we empty our tanks regularly so that you get the freshest possible gas.

Safety - Filld adheres to local, state and federal regulations to ensure safe transport of our fuel. Our delivery technicians are highly trained and have commercial class C licenses, TSA clearance, and HAZMAT certification.

Download the free Filld app now.

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Join the thousands of people using Filld and loving life without the gas station:

"This is literally the greatest creation of all time. I always complain about the shutdown of full serve at the pump - but you guys took it to a whole new level!" - Filld Customer

“Getting Filld at night means that I can leave for work in the morning with a full tank. Not only does this save me time, but I know I won’t spill gas on my shoes before a big meeting.” - Filld Customer

“I’m really particular about the gas I put in my car. I feel confident using Filld because they offer the cleanest gas you can get.” - Filld Customer

“It seems like a small thing, never having to go to the gas station, but having been a Filld user for nearly a year now, I can’t imagine life without this service.” - Filld Customer

“The drivers are always so courteous and non-disruptive. I really appreciate this given how particular our neighbors are.” - Filld Customer

“We love that we never have to leave our children in the car while we pump gas.” - Filld Customer

Questions? Contact [email protected]

Booster Fuels

Booster Fuels

Booster Fuels Inc.

Get gas delivered while you work! Try Booster for high-quality, competitively priced gas, Monday through Friday. Request a delivery with the tap of a button, and get a full tank before you leave the office. Our prices often beat those at nearby gas stations. And same-day delivery is free.

Booster service is available as a free perk to corporate campuses in SF Bay and DFW. Ask your HR or Facilities team member to bring Booster to your campus!

How it works:

• Park your car in the surface lot at work
• Pin your spot in the app while inside or beside your car
• Pop open your gas tank door
• Request your Boost (a.k.a. gas delivery) and head into work
• Booster takes care of the rest; we don’t need your car keys
• Get a receipt via email when your Boost is complete

Life is better with Booster:

• Get low, competitive prices on gas, with free same-day delivery
• Easily compare our prices to those at nearby gas stations right in the app
• Get double-filtered regular or premium gas
• Request a delivery time that fits your schedule
• Skip the lines, pumps, and extra mileage
• Improve engine performance with cleaner gas that’s never stored in dirty underground tanks
• Avoid the grime and crime at gas stations
• Add more time back to your day for the things you love

What customers are saying:

“Try it once and you will be hooked. I can get things done at work and Booster takes care of my car. I fell in love with the service immediately.” - Savannah

“I am completely freed of the anxiety that comes with an empty tank. I love that I can forget about this errand altogether. The sparkling windows are an added bonus. Thank you, Booster, for the extra service.” - Meggie

“This is a great idea and I am glad I was able to take advantage of filling up with premium gas at a really great price. This service is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you!” - Amanda

“Booster was everything I hoped it would be. I got in my car after a long day at work, the tank was full, the windows clean, and I drove straight home. Perfect!” - Tony

“It’s rare that a hassle-free service comes along that makes life easier. With Booster, I parked my car, requested service, and received competitively priced fuel, clean windows, and peace of mind. Booster can count me as a regular customer.” - Joe

More about Booster Fuels:

• Booster buys gas directly from top providers to pass on the savings to you
• Our purple mini-tankers deliver gas during standard Monday-Friday work hours
• A service professional (driver) fills your tank while you’re in the office
• We email you a receipt right after we complete your delivery
• There is no fee for delivery cancellation

Gas prices vary based on market conditions.

See if Booster is available at your campus:

Questions? Contact [email protected] for a quick response.

Yoshi - Keep Moving

Yoshi - Keep Moving

Yoshi Inc

Yoshi delivers gas, oil changes, car washes, and anything else your car needs while it’s parked so you can keep moving.

Download the Yoshi app to try your first mobile gas fillup!

Yoshi visits your car every week to top off your gas tank, check your tires and check your fluids. We will also deliver oil changes, car washes and details to your car where it is parked.

Gas is priced according to AAA local averages on a daily basis. Prices are reported in the Yoshi mobile app.

Regular and premium gas is available. Yoshi only delivers Top Tier gasoline.

Membership is $20/month and includes weekly gas delivery, access to Yoshi rewards points, Yoshi tire services, Yoshi repair shop shuttle services and access to Yoshi oil changes and car washes.

The first month of membership is free!


Note: Background GPS is only used for Yoshi delivery drivers. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



WeFuel Inc.

With WeFuel, getting gas is finally something to get pumped about. Because with us, getting gas is not just filling. It’s fulfilling.

WeFuel is changing how people get gas. Instead of you going to the gas station, we are bringing your fuel to you. In small, safe, neighborhood-friendly trucks that meet your car wherever it happens to be hanging out. At home, at work, at the mall, at the movies. All controlled by a simple, intuitive app. We call it “Gas, Unstationed” (TM)

- Regular and Premium gas. Your call.
- We deliver on-demand, call us, and we are on our way.
- Pay securely with your credit card.
- Add your vehicles and favorite addresses for the highest convenience.
- Keep track of your fuel consumption and spending with our History feature.
- Our drivers and our fleet exceeds the highest safety standards.
- Our insurance coverage ensures a worry free service.

1800FuelGuy - Fuel Delivery Solution

1800FuelGuy - Fuel Delivery Solution

1 800 Fuel Guy

1800FUELGUY now offers a mobile platform to streamline the fuel ordering process. Don’t waste time searching for the right fuel delivery supplier. Request a fuel delivery anywhere in the US and 1800FUELGUY dispatches the fuel order to one of our premier network fuel suppliers.

Whether you need diesel fuel delivery to a jobsite fuel tank, construction equipment or your emergency generator 1800FUELGUY has you covered. Our team selects the fuel supplier that best fits the need of each specific delivery, negotiates the best fuel price and works with dispatch to schedule fuel deliveries that meet your demands. We provide diesel delivery, gasoline delivery, oil and lubricant delivery, grease and any other petroleum products or equipment.

Don’t have a fuel tank onsite? No problem, our network suppliers can provide loaner fuel tanks from 280 to 50,000 gallons. Our team manages all of your fuel purchases and centralizes the fuel ordering process. A perfect tool for construction superintendents, project managers, farms, medical facility managers or your marine fuel bunkering needs.

Download the app today or give us a call to discuss your fuel needs! We specialize in national fuel dispatch and fleet fueling throughout the US. Save time, save money, fuel delivery on demand.