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Keep Your Family On Track And On Task With These Apps

Getting your entire family on task is not easy. One kid has soccer, the other has ballet, not to mention all the tasks parents have to take care of. This group of family planner apps will help you keep track of pretty much everything your family needs. from budgets, to schedules, to chores, events, and more.

Cozi - Shared calendar & lists
FamCal: Shared Family Calendar
Calendar - Family Organizer

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Easily add appointments and events
Cozi - Shared calendar & lists

Cozi - Shared calendar & lists


For a tool to keep your family on track, this one is the complete package.

Cozi Family Organizer is a complete organizational tool for your family. Track schedules and appointments, list out family tasks, create shopping lists, and use the journal to highlight momentous times.

Your daily update, as presented by Pia
Picniic - Family Organizer


Picnic Labs Inc

The name might sound cutesy, but this is a robust, mature way to keep your family on task

With so many choices in virtual assistants, there just hasn't been one with families in mind. Picniic, the family-driven organization app, saw that void and filled it.

Add an upcoming event with ease
FamCal: Shared Family Calendar



If you're looking for better organization, you'll find it with Family Calendar

From the very beginning, this app will get you on track to be an organizational genius. It offers a calendar, shopping list, to-do lists, and memos. You can also keep track of important contacts and birthdays.

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Create calendar events with ease
Calendar - Family Organizer

If you want to get your family organized in a gorgeous interface, this is a great choice

Calendar - Family Organizer

Calendar - Family Organizer

Sevenlogics, Inc.

Family Organizer - Calendar Planner is the complete package, letting you manage your important events, to-do lists, shopping, recipes, and even photos. It's feature-rich, even incorporating a journal where family members can just jot notes to one another. Keep up with important tasks and even get the daily weather forecast...

EverCal - Family Organizer
EverCal - Family Organizer
EverCal - Family Organizer

EverCal - Family Organizer

YunaSoft Inc.

Thinking about a super-organized everyday life, there is no other option but EverCal. EverCal is an extremely handy calendar application for whole your family, which with a very easy user interface, helps you manage your daily life and keep your family life and business in the loop.
What you can...

Bievo: Planner for your family
Bievo: Planner for your family
Bievo: Planner for your family

Bievo: Planner for your family


The Family Planning, Management & Scheduling App.

Designed by our family for your family. Bievo is the Ad-Free Family Planner that allows you to share calendars, organize schedules and communicate with all family members across all your devices.

You can create and share Chore Lists, Grocery Lists, To-Do List, Contact, Medical Info...

OurHome – chores and rewards
OurHome – chores and rewards
OurHome – chores and rewards

OurHome – chores and rewards

Cape Horizon Pty. Ltd.

OurHome is a new and simple way to organize your family. Kids will be motivated to do chores and take responsibility while parents can reward them for their effort. There’s a shared grocery list and a family calendar to keep everyone coordinated. And it’s free to use with no ads...

CURAGO Family Calendar
CURAGO Family Calendar
CURAGO Family Calendar

CURAGO Family Calendar

Curago, Inc

CURAGO family calendar has perfected the way families stay connected. CURAGO is the new way to easily share schedules, events, to-do lists, and grocery lists for FREE. CURAGO’s easy to use planner allows you to enjoy a fresh perspective on family management, so you spend less energy on family logistics...

FamilyWall - Family Organizer
FamilyWall - Family Organizer
FamilyWall - Family Organizer

FamilyWall - Family Organizer

Family & Co

FamilyWall simplifies your family everyday life so you can easily catch up with your family and close friends, know where they are, send messages to one or several recipients, organize events, share shopping lists, important moments such as photos and videos or just contacts like the babysitters, doctor...

FamilyWall is a...

Skedi ~ Family Calendar
Skedi ~ Family Calendar
Skedi ~ Family Calendar

Skedi ~ Family Calendar

Rodax Software

Featured in iTunes What’s Hot In Productivity
Top Rated Family Calendar as Seen on ABC News, Wall Street Journal and more.

● Combines your family's events in the cloud, so you know everyone's schedule, anywhere, anytime. Unifies each family member's events from work, school, and home in a single app.


Mom’s Daily Planner - Family
Mom’s Daily Planner - Family
Mom’s Daily Planner - Family

Mom’s Daily Planner - Family, LLC

Easily Manage Your Calendar, Grocery List, To-Do List! Search Family Recipes & Save Big With Grocery Coupons!
◆Due Today & Overdue Folders
◆Several Repeating Options
◆Add Notes
◆Color-Coded Priorities (Low, High, Urgent)
◆Easily Cross Items Off When They Are Complete
◆Home Screen Badges Let...

Flayk – Made for your family
Flayk – Made for your family
Flayk – Made for your family

Flayk – Made for your family


Welcome to your go-to family organizer app. On top of shared family calendars and shared to-do lists, Flayk offers a handy task manager, chore tracker, and family planner. Flayk has a unique family rewards system to incentivize chores, and offers the ability to flayk (or hand off) events to other...

Who Has The Kids? Family Calendar and Organizer
Who Has The Kids? Family Calendar and Organizer
Who Has The Kids? Family Calendar and Organizer

Who Has The Kids? Family Calendar and Organizer

WHTK Corporation.

A family organizer and family calendar app, putting your children’s busy schedules - planning school, extracurriculars, nannies, pickups, and carpools - conveniently in one place.

Being a kid should be fun. Planning your kids' lives should bring joy, not headaches.

***IMPORTANT: One person is responsible for signing up, setting up their family...

Calroo - Family Organizer
Calroo - Family Organizer
Calroo - Family Organizer

Calroo - Family Organizer


Calroo is the perfect family organizer that brings families closer together. It provides one central place where you can see, plan and manage all of your family's activities. With Calroo, you always know who is doing what, and asking a family member for help is as easy as a swipe....

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Checklist Parent - Mom and Dad Family Calendar Planner and To Do Check Lists

Checklist Parent - Mom and Dad Family Calendar Planner and To Do Check Lists

Red Box Productions

Checklist Parent is dedicated to helping moms and dads get organized & find an EXTRA 3+ hours a week of Guilt FREE, Drama FREE, Stress FREE time for themselves and their families. Checklist Parent contains over 400 pre-made checklists and has helped over 75,000+ busy parents find sanity. We have a complete website dedicated to our mission:

• You get amazing FREE training & lists on our site
• Join us TODAY in the Checklist Parent Community

The Checklist Parent app (formerly Checklist Mom) contains thoughtful Pre-Made Checklists, Tasks, Calendars and Reminders synced in 1 place, so that you will "Forget Nothing, Accomplish Everything".

The FREE basic version of the Checklist Parent app includes our weekly rotation of our most popular Pre-Made checklist templates (such as Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, Travel, How To Organize and more) for you to try out the app and allows you to create your own checklists. Upgrade to PREMIUM & permanently unlock over 400 Pre-Made Lists, iCloud for syncing all your IOS devices, Family Sharing and more.

What sets the Checklist Parent apart?
We are the only list app with Pre-Made lists. We have Pre-Made checklists for almost everything a parent could want! Each of our lists took, on average, over 15 hours of research and refinement. So if you have the premium version you have over 4000 hours of PRE-DONE thinking and brainstorming, right in the palm of your hand.

Using the Checklist Parent app improves your life in 4 major ways:
1. You'll be more organized, and you'll save time by having that organization right in your hand. Lists lead to betting planning! Just browsing our checklists, saves you incredible amounts of time, thinking and writing
2. Your memory will improve, because you'll have your thoughts organized and every time you re-use a list, your mind absorbs more.
3. Your productivity goes through the roof - because you can start to see the whole picture of your day and your projects.
4. You'll stay & be more motivated, because your goals will be clear, and in your hand most of the day, so you can really implement them. It’s amazing how having your daily to do list on your phone can double your productivity and reduce your stress.

• Over 400 Pre-Made suggested to-do lists offered. Each list took 15+ hours to research & create for you. That's thinking you don't have to do = SAVES You Time!
• Edit the list, by adding or eliminating items
• Add pictures and comments so you can have better recall and teach others to do the task, MISTAKE FREE.
• Export/Import the list to our Checklist Parent server for re-use, and access by your kids, spouse, friends, or project partners.
• Use iCloud to access your lists on all your iOS devices
• Assign the list by email to someone else, or delegate the entire task.
• Create your own lists, anytime anywhere...and share them with others
• Maintain and review family calendar right on your device, and sync with your iCal calendar
• Schedule alert reminders for event dates and other important tasks
• Find hundreds of to-do lists in the following categories:
-Leisure Time
-Event Planning

-Money and Finance
-Recipes, and MORE checklists
Plus as new checklists get created, they are automatically added to your app.

See the "BIG LIST OF LISTS" for our complete up-to-date catalog of available checklists:


Our company apps have been featured on the Katie Couric Show,, USA Today, Travel Channel,, Budget Travel and more.


Need help or answers to your questions? Check the Resources Page at or Contact Us at [email protected]

Calendar All - Organize family schedule like a wall calendar, use as task manager, event planning tool, family activity planner, all in multiple calendars from one place.

Calendar All - Organize family schedule like a wall calendar, use as task manager, event planning tool, family activity planner, all in multiple calendars from one place.

Kyle Ozaltug

The name says it all.

CalendarAll is the best tool to help you keep your family schedule a priority and keep an organized home.

It can be used as your business schedule planner, special events planner or birthday reminder, all in the same spot.

This planner is the essential piece of today's busy family life. The feeling of well being and organization you will experience is liberating.

Once you use CalendarAll, you will wonder how you ever did without it. This classy designed agenda provides a great tool for daily planning.

Choose from beautifully selected color palettes to pick the appearance that matches your personality.

CalendarAll is innovative, practical and let’s face it, one of a kind!


- Manage all your calendars and every family member's - even your pets - schedule in one place

- Create as many calendars as you wish and manage all of them

- Add events with a single touch

- Designed to show each week on one page style; for perfect week at a glance view

- Each calendar is displayed as a single column and you may choose to show or hide any calendar

- You can re-order them as you wish and add, remove or rename them the way you like

- Auto-sync your Google, Yahoo or Outlook Online Calendar

- View your Facebook friends birthdays, social events on separate columns

- Sort your calendars based on your priorities

Managing multiple calendars has never been so easy.

My Family Organizer!

My Family Organizer!

App Developers, LLC

We all need help keeping our lives organized. . . .

My Family Organizer® is the BEST way to connect and organize your family!™ It will help you:

• Inspire the people you love
• Connect your extended family
• Organize family pictures and stories
• Keep track of names, dates, places
• Build on your past success

Our goal in creating this app is to build strong and successful families. Families that are well-balanced, healthy, and happy with their accomplishments.

Our mantra and the formula we use to accomplish this goal is "Remember the past, live in the present, plan for the future!" Or as President Thomas S. Monson said "The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it."

Remember the Past
Inspired by the FamilySearch booklet "My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together," the My Family Organizer© provides a simple and engaging way to capture and preserve your family pictures and stories.

Live in the Present
The My Family Organizer® gives families a common platform to collect, organize and share family treasures, an easy way to collaborate, and powerful tools to build individual success.

Plan for the Future
Our strategic plan is to provide an increasing number of features that foster and encourage goal setting, lifelong learning, steady employment, planning for retirement, daily routines, successful habits and good character.

The type of people who thrive in today's fast-changing and uncertain environment are more likely to have higher emotional quotients (EQs), not necessarily higher IQs.

FHE Planner - The LDS Family Night App

FHE Planner - The LDS Family Night App

s5r Software LLC

FHE Planner - The LDS Family Night App

Have you ever felt like you don't spend enough time planning for the most important night of the week? That's why we built the FHE Planner app.

+ Plan whenever you want, however you want. FHE Planner was built to be flexible so you can plan however you want.
+ Assign activities to family members and click a button to send a text/email reminder!
+ A growing library of content in our Idea Center, with ideas for Lessons, Games, and Desserts!
+ Submit your own content to the Idea Center!
+ References and links to other great FHE Planning tools and resources!
+ Purchasing the app gives you everything. No need to purchase anything else :)

We know you will enjoy the app! It has helped us have better FHEs and we hope it will do the same for you!

Happy planning!

Jarbas - Your Family Organizer

Jarbas - Your Family Organizer

Lisbon Labs

Jarbas is your personal family organizer that will overlook your shared family calendar, shopping lists, events and to-do lists. He will keep you from buying milk twice, alert you when something important is coming and let you message other family members.

• Shared shopping and todo lists
• Quickly cross off items or add new ones while keeping other family members updated
• Message family members if you have any doubt
• Accessible from any mobile device
• Easy and intuitive interface
• The whole family shares one account that everyone can access by simply reading a QR Code
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

Lisbon Labs is a digital studio that develops creative apps for kids. We believe in learning while having fun and some of our acclaimed apps like Bedtime Stories Collection, Math Superheroes or Little Bee's ABC do just that.