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Increase Your Geometry Skills With These Educational Apps

Geometry is every high schooler's nightmare. It's confusing and can be down right boring if you have the wrong teacher. So why not turn that triangle upside down and look at it from a different angle. These geometry apps will help you learn geometry in a fun interactive environment that will take the stress and anxiety away from the subject.

Geometry ®
Mathemagics Geometry in a Dash
Math Geometry
Easy Square Calculator
Triangle Calculator


Arjun Gupte

Draw 3D Junior is a fun way to learn and create 3D geometry.
Simply tap and drag in space in order to create a mesh,ranging from flowers to airplanes and buildings.

Learn geometry and shapes with step by step interactive tutorials. Draw 3D Junior puts geometry in the hands of children by letting them draw in 3D space,delighting them with it's endless possibilities.

Start with simple geometry like triangles and evolve to complex 3D geometry such as pyramid, icosahedron and tetrahedron under the unique guided view mode.

Designed by the same team that created the award -winning Blox 3D family of apps, Draw 3D Junior draws on years of research to provide kids with an intuitive understanding of space,form and structure.

Applicable to all K-12 grades from elementary school onwards, this app has been designed to work without complex lesson plans and is language agnostic. Kids can share and access their creations from all around the world seamlessly, with fresh content being updated weekly.

*Unique tap and drag 3D creation
*Share and download model creations from around the world
*Geometry concepts for kids 6-12 years age group ,from simple 2D to advanced 3D
*Guided views provide more than 50 levels of Euclidean geometry
*Easy and intuitive interface
*Dozens of step-by-step videos showing construction of 3D models
*No IAPS,scores ,Ads or irritating sounds

Geometry ®

Geometry ®

YourTeacher provides a complete Geometry curriculum with a personal math teacher. Search for the exact lesson you need or simply take the course from start to finish. Every lesson features video instruction, guided practice, tests, background modules, diagnostic quizzes, worksheets, notes, and more. Track your progress with our dynamic grade report and use the chapter reviews and final exam to solidify your knowledge.

3-Day Free Trial! Cancel at any time during the first 3 days after you’ve purchased the program and you will not be charged for the purchase!

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Mathemagics Geometry in a Dash

Mathemagics Geometry in a Dash

Blue Lightning Labs

Shortcut your way to an intuitive understanding of basic and advanced geometry principals. Discover the core concepts of geometry distilled down to just the vital information you need to succeed. Practice lesson techniques for a deeper understanding and then play games until you're skills are razor sharp.

Master these concepts:
* Types of Triangles
* Triangle Internal Angles
* Triangle Inequality
* Triangle Side and Angle Relationship
* Area of a Triangle
* Area of an Equilateral Triangle
* Heron's Formula for Area of a Triangle
* Pythagorean Triples
* Circumference of a Circle
* Area of a Circle
* Central Angles and Inscribed Angles
* Arc Length
* Area of a Sector
* Mentally Multiply by π
* Area of a Square
* Length of a Squares Diagonal
* Area of a Rectangle
* Length of a Rectangles Diagonal

Prepare for the math section on the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or any other standardized test. Don't waste time with a calculator on the few tests that allow them. Use Mathemagics as a tutor to quicken up your test taking abilities.

Activate and challenge your brain to expand its ability to think efficiently and have fun at the same time. Train yourself to break problems down in to smaller more manageable pieces in order to reach solutions quicker and more accurately than anyone else.

Math Geometry

Math Geometry

Vinta Games

*** Used by many schools around the world ***

Geometry, the study of space and spatial relationships, is an important and essential branch of the mathematics curriculum at all grade levels. The ability to apply geometric concepts is a life skill used in many occupations. The study of geometry provides the student with a vehicle for enhancing logical reasoning and deductive thinking for modeling abstract problems and for helping us expand both mentally and mathematically.

“Math Geometry” is designed for children ages 5 to 12 to study the geometry. “Math Geometry” covers following topics / concepts / terms:

* 2D Shapes and their properties
* 3D Shapes and their properties
* Angles (acute, right, obtuse, straight, full, oblique, reflex, adjacent, vertical, supplementary, complementary)
* Triangles (acute, right, obtuse, oblique, equilateral, isosceles, scalene)
* Transformations (translation / slide, rotation / turn, reflection / flipping, zooming / scaling)

The app contains many funny cartoon pictures and hi quality figures, so your kids will love this app.


* choosing the number of questions (10, 15 or 20)
* different question types
* progress report (shows the last and best result per each task)
* reset statistics
* sound control


Easy Square Calculator

Easy Square Calculator

MaoWare Corporation

Square Calculator allows you to calculate side, diagonal, perimeter, and area given any value.

Built-in unit converter makes it a snap to calculate and convert from any length or area units.

Simply enter one of the parameters (i.e. side, diagonal, perimeter, or area) and the other three are instantly computed.

For example, this square calculator allows you to quickly answer questions such as: The side of a square is 5 inches. What is the area in square meters? (0.016129 m^2)

Answer square related homework problems with ease. Also great for those in the construction industry.

Triangle Calculator

Triangle Calculator

Timothy Koen

Triangle Calculator is FREE today with

This triangle solver will take three known triangle measurements and solve for the other three sides and/or angles.

Glossary of Terms
Multiple parameters solved
Solve for any side and angle combination
Shows equations used
User Manual & Tips

The calculator will also solve for the area of the triangle, the perimeter, the semi-perimeter, the radius of the circumcircle and the inscribed circle, the medians, and the heights.

Plus, unlike other triangle calculators, this calculator will show its work by detailing each of the steps it took to solve the formulas for finding the missing values.

Finally, the triangle calculator will also calculate the coordinates of the vertices, the centroid, and the circumcenter, and attempts to draw the solved triangle based on those coordinates.

Ideal for architects, carpenters, plumbers, pipe-fitters, mechanical and design engineers, builders and artists.

Additional functions include phone and maps, social media, help, notes, announcements and our blog.

This app features easy to use keypad entry and detailed results.

Keep notes on the 'Notes" page. This is useful for design. engineering, building and construction.

Social media channels allows you to share this app with your friends and family.

Get Triangle Calculator today and let the app do the math for you