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Keyboard Apps That Protect Your Privacy

Concerned about your footprint in keyboard apps? These will help you with your privacy. You can type private texts and connect to other apps within the keyboard app. No hunting for just what you need.

Thingthing Keyboard: Connected, Unified, Private.
Quick Fill Keyboard
Uni Keyboard
Bonafeyed Keyboard
Slash Keyboard

Best Apps

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Thingthing Keyboard: Connected, Unified, Private.
Thingthing Keyboard: Connected, Unified, Private.

Thingthing Keyboard

Thingthing LTD

Thingthing, what a mobile keyboard should be

Thingthing, what a mobile keyboard should be.
Connected, Unified, Private.

With Thingthing keyboard you can connect your Calendar, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Todoist, Facebook, Instagram, Pocket, Photos, GIFs, Location, Contacts, and more, all within the keyboard, and everything you type remains private.


Thingthing brings all your favourite services to your fingertips.

Just connect what you want - Calendar, Photos,...

Quick Fill Keyboard
Quick Fill Keyboard

Quick Fill Keyboard

Cathy Oun

This app helps users fill out online forms faster

This app helps users fill out online forms faster. The user is able to save personal information locally on his/her phone.
You are able to customize one of the keyboard keys (optional). Get creative!

Quick Fill Keyboard WILL NOT collect any of your personal information. See Privacy Policy for more details.

Interface and icon designed by Shelly Oun.

Uni Keyboard
Uni Keyboard

Uni Keyboard

Thomas Blackburn

Say Hello to Uni - a custom keyboard for iPhone and iPad that makes it easy to use over 2950 characters organized into 24 Groups

Say Hello to Uni - a custom keyboard for iPhone and iPad that makes it easy to use over 2950 characters organized into 24 Groups.

Scroll through all available characters or use the group picker to display characters within a specific group.

Visit our website for more information.

Bonafeyed Keyboard
Bonafeyed Keyboard

Bonafeyed Keyboard

Todd Carper

Bonafeyed gives you back control of your Internet privacy

Bonafeyed gives you back control of your Internet privacy. The Bonafeyed app and components allow you to privatize your emails, notes, and posts.

Bonafeyed uses cryptography to provide privacy for your Internet activities. Whether you send emails, post on social media sites, or store files in the cloud, Bonafeyed privatizes your content and makes sure that only you and others...

Slash and type
Slash Keyboard

Slash Keyboard

Slash Apps

Slash is a free, super-charged keyboard that makes it easy to share anything

Slash is a free, super-charged keyboard that makes it easy to share anything!

*** Recently featured by Apple in "Best New Apps" ***

“Slash is the best iPhone keyboard you can download today — and it will completely change how you message your friends” - Business Insider

“If you ever need might throw a query to Siri or Cortana. But they have...

QuicKeyboard - Num & Emojis
QuicKeyboard - Num & Emojis


Music or Media Holding

We’ve all been waiting for the Full Keyboard, a keyboard for iPhone users which will make your typing experience much simpler since you have the numeric keys and the emojis on just one page and one keyboard

We’ve all been waiting for the Full Keyboard, a keyboard for iPhone users which will make your typing experience much simpler since you have the numeric keys and the emojis on just one page and one keyboard.

Youtube link:

Full Keyboard Features:
Finally, the numeric keys are on the same page as the alphabetical keys (Finally)
Swipe the most used symbols from the numeric...

Canvas Keyboard
Canvas Keyboard

Canvas Keyboard

WatchApp, Inc.

Tired of typing the same thing over and over again

Tired of typing the same thing over and over again? Canvas enables you to type it once and then simply retrieve it again right from your keyboard with an instant gesture.

Canvas is the world's first gesture recognition keyboard that gives you the unique experience of typing and drawing gestures on the same interface to maximize your typing speed and efficiency.


Also Good

Apps with average score

XL Keyboard
XL Keyboard
XL Keyboard

XL Keyboard

Piet Hein van Cleef

Designed to resemble the standard keyboard with extra large keys. Change the size of the keyboard, select any system language for spelling suggestions and autocorrect and choose the keyboard layout you like.

- Change layout: Maximized or default
- Change size
- Select emoji skin tone
- Check spelling
- Autocorrect
- Select language (choose from...

Strikethrough Keyboard
Strikethrough Keyboard
Strikethrough Keyboard

Strikethrough Keyboard

Moballo, LLC

Ever wish you could type cool, crossed-out text like all your friends do? Now you can! Type crossed through text in Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much any other app or website with this awesome keyboard! Typing strikethrough text is as easy as hitting the globe icon on your keyboard! Happy...

Echo Keyboard
Echo Keyboard
Echo Keyboard

Echo Keyboard

Pensive Ventures, Inc.

Echo Keyboard is part of Echo Suite, a set of products that will allow anyone to respond from an iOS device rapidly and accurately. With Echo Keyboard you will be able to send the right response right now!

Use Echo Keyboard to optimize your e-mail signatures. Easily attach your company logo...

Scribblr Keyboard
Scribblr Keyboard
Scribblr Keyboard

Scribblr Keyboard

Radio Silence

Message friends in your own handwritten font!

Scribblr combines the speed of typing with the personality of script. Create your font by drawing characters with fluid and natural strokes in the Scribblr app. Then, type some text in an app like iMessage or Facebook Messenger and use the Scribblr keyboard...

STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys
STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys
STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys

STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys

Yongcheol Park

QWERTY buttons on smartphone are terribly tiny for our thumb tips. We can't stand a lot of typing errors anymore when using QWERTY!

STROKEY is a new-designed keyboard for smartphone and for human fingers. With only 20 keys, it works better and makes much less errors!!

STROKEY minimizes the existing keyboard problems...

Nuten - The Math Keyboard
Nuten - The Math Keyboard
Nuten - The Math Keyboard

Nuten - The Math Keyboard

Allen Katouli

Quickly create equations and share them using your favorite apps. It’s fun and highly educational. You can create and save your equations for later reference. From algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus to physics and chemistry, Nuten covers it all.

• Fractions, both simple and more complicated stacks, such as continued fractions

Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard
Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard
Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard

Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard

N Thorn

Big Keys is a Keyboard for Visually Impaired iPad users.

This Keyboard is designed to assist Low Vision with High Contrast Colors:
It has 2 day modes and 2 night modes:
- Day mode is yellow/white letters on black keys.
- Night mode is black letters on yellow/white keys.

- Orange on Black Invert mode...

Dyslexia Keyboard
Dyslexia Keyboard
Dyslexia Keyboard

Dyslexia Keyboard

Ghotit Ltd.

Ghotit Dyslexia Keyboard for iPad and iPhone helps people with dyslexia or dysgraphia to write, proofread and correct their English texts.

The keyboard predicts words by using Ghotit Quick Spell Word-Prediction, the technology designed for writers with typing issues and phonetic writers; this technology increases writing speed and successfully predicts intended...

Phrase Keyboard
Phrase Keyboard
Phrase Keyboard

Phrase Keyboard

SkyArts&Co., Ltd

It is a Keyboard for Fixed Phrase. It is possible to be registered the text (Fixed Phrase) you want to daily well used, will text(Fixed Phrase) input is much faster!
Because it equipped the function to replace the character in the Fixed Phrase, we will automatically replace Text such as Date,...

Fractions Keyboard
Fractions Keyboard
Fractions Keyboard

Fractions Keyboard

Moballo, LLC

Fractions Keyboard is a simple Apple-style keyboard app that makes typing fractions (and math in general) a breeze. Fractions Keyboard looks native and makes a clean compliment to the Apple keyboard. If you find yourself typing math, recipes, or measurements all the time on your iPhone or iPad, this is...

Keedogo Plus - Keyboard for education
Keedogo Plus - Keyboard for education
Keedogo Plus - Keyboard for education

Keedogo Plus - Keyboard for education


Keedogo Plus is an iPad keyboard with word prediction designed for children and young students. The keyboard provides a simplified layout with just the essential keys so early writers can focus on developing their skills rather than being distracted by symbols and functions they don’t yet need.

Keedogo Plus offers something...

Chemistry Keyboard
Chemistry Keyboard
Chemistry Keyboard

Chemistry Keyboard

Generally Helpful Software

The Chemistry Keyboard is a specialized Keyboard Extension for anyone who needs to enter chemical formulae. Ever need to input Hg²⁺+2 I⁻ on your phone and can't figure out how to get those nice superscript or subscript 2s. Or a proper arrow glyph?

Well, your wait is over.

Quickly generate

Everboard: All-in-one keyboard
Everboard: All-in-one keyboard
Everboard: All-in-one keyboard

Everboard: All-in-one keyboard

WatchApp, Inc.

Everboard is a free, all-in-one keyboard that provides all your favorite apps accessible within your keyboard. No more switching between apps to share your contents.

Search and share files and folders from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Choose a language among more than...

TesterKey - iOS testing tool
TesterKey - iOS testing tool
TesterKey - iOS testing tool

TesterKey - iOS testing tool


TesterKey is a custom keyboard for software testers and developers for testing apps and websites on mobile devices. It enables testing with more complex input than default mobile keyboards provide and also saves a lot of time when using randomised and saved input values.

* Easily switch between default iOS keyboard...

Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard
Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard
Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard

Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard


Tired of typing over and over again your e-mail, WIFI key, IBAN number or your addresses? Just save them all in one place and send within a click with Copycatt Keyboard!

We will never collect your personal info. However, you may receive a warning when activating Copycatt Keyboard saying “This keyboard...

IPA Keyboard: International Phonetic Alphabet
IPA Keyboard: International Phonetic Alphabet
IPA Keyboard: International Phonetic Alphabet

IPA Keyboard: International Phonetic Alphabet

Dawid Pietrala

A complete International Phonetic Alphabet (including all sounds and diacritics) keyboard which CAN BE USED IN OTHER APPS.

If you are a linguist, actor, presenter, public speaker or simply learn a foreign language, you often have to deal with phonetic transcription to note down the pronunciations of words and phrases.


Crisp Email Template Keyboard
Crisp Email Template Keyboard
Crisp Email Template Keyboard

Crisp Email Template Keyboard

Ashleigh Finch

Crisp is a keyboard designed specifically for professionals to save, sync, and send their email & text templates while on the go.

Be consistent — Save your email & text templates directly to the keyboard and sync across all iOS devices so you have them wherever you are.

Respond quickly — Send...

Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard
Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard
Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard

Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard


Assign gestures to any phrase to type more efficiently and save time! Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard is an innovative, custom keyboard app that provides a smarter way of inputting information into your mobile device.

Gesturely is the first app that is truly a gesture-only keyboard. If you find...

Ditto Keyboard
Ditto Keyboard
Ditto Keyboard

Ditto Keyboard

Alex Kern

Whether it’s texting, dating, business, or just regular daily communication, we tend to repeat ourselves quite often.

With Ditto, save your most commonly used texts, phrases, and templates, and access them easily from any app!

Stop wasting time, and start saying things in a snap!

DISCLAIMER: For the app’s full features to work,...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

SS Keyboard

SS Keyboard


SS Keyboard for iPhone is the keyboard dedicated to giving you better, faster and intelligent word predictions.

SS Keyboard learns to the way you input text and creates your own personalized language model.

Delivers you everything you’d expect from a world-class smart keyboard app for FREE !!!

Everything about the SS Keyboard

** Type faster with Artificial Intelligence predictions
** Correct your spell, for smarter and faster typing with Autocorrection
** Always learning your personalized slangs & phrases
** Get smarter suggestions for your thoughts while typing
** Change the keys with smaller cases
** A visual keyboard theme with different experience


1. Go to System Settings > General > Keyboard
2. Tap on ‘Keyboards‘ > Add new keyboard > Select SS from THIRD-PARTY Keyboards List
3. Click ‘SS Keyboard- SS’ > Allow Full Access
4. Go back and switch to SS Keyboard when typing from any messaging application.

Keep Texting, Keep Enjoying …

FullKeys Keyboard

FullKeys Keyboard

AutoQ3D Team

FullKeys Keyboard is a keyboard that can be customized to support 4 different layouts sizes with a numeric keyboard.

FullKeys Keyboard allows you to assign letters in any order and language into the alphanumeric layout. It also supports extended modifiers keys (Alt Down and Alt Up) to the Shift key, this allows you to add more letters or symbols assigned per key.

FullKeys Keyboard allows you to move your cursor just pressing the arrows keys and if you hold your "fn" along with arrows keys, it allows you to move word by word or delete forward.

FullKeys offers flexibility to customize your keyboard so you will be able to write easier and faster documents without the need to change to other keyboards constantly.

FullKeys Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch supports the following languages: English, Spanish.

FullKeys Keyboard does not require Internet and does not use or store private information to work.

BubbleText Keyboard: Message & Type in Bubbles

BubbleText Keyboard: Message & Type in Bubbles


Reviews are imperative for the success of our business and for the continued maintenance of our apps. They are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support!

Please note that we cannot respond to questions within the App Store, so please email us to let us know of any problems you encounter and we will do everything we can to help.

If you're happy with your BubbleText Keyboard, please leave a review and help spread the love of bubble text!

BubbleText Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is a new keyboard that enhances your old keyboard and allows you to type in text surrounded by bubbles. Show more emotion, creativity, and flair when typing on your mobile device. Be more spirited in your next text, email, or Facebook post using BubbleText Keyboard and show off the full potential of your device running the iOS 8 or iOS 9 software.

Download the keyboard that has remained in the featured section for over 14 months!

Key Features:
◦BubbleText Keyboard adds pizzazz to all of your favorite apps like iMessage, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Safari, etc.
◦It is NOT LIMITED to its own app.
◦You can use it anywhere you would use Apple's keyboard, with the exception of secure password text fields.
◦Your privacy is protected!
◦We do not require "Full Access" like many other custom keyboards, so we never have access to what you type.
◦With beautiful circular keys, your keyboard buttons truly represent the bubble font being typed.
◦Don't worry if you miss a circle while typing, each button's radius extends beyond the visible circle for better accuracy.
◦You can even type numbers in bubbles!
◦It is easy to switch between BubbleText Keyboard and Apple's keyboard, just as you would with an Emoji keyboard.
◦Customize the look and feel of your BubbleText Keyboard by selecting from over 20 different color schemes.
◦NOTE: BubbleText font will always print in black like ⓣⓗⓘⓢ. Punctuation will not be in bubbles.
◦Want to see BubbleText in color? Within the BubbleText Keyboard Application, play around with beautiful text and background color combinations.
◦Take screenshots within the app and send as image files just as you would any other screenshot.

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch must be running iOS 8 or higher and you must follow the keyboard instructions when first opening the BubbleText Keyboard Application in order for the keyboard to properly install for use in all applications. Apple requires these installation steps to be taken for all Custom Keyboards.

1. Open your device's "Settings" application.
2. Select "General."
3. Select "Keyboard."
4. Select "Keyboards."
5. Select "Add New Keyboard..."
6. Under "THIRD-PARTY KEYBOARDS," select "BubbleText Keyboard."
7. Your keyboard is now installed. Use it in any app on your mobile device.

Mazhavil - Manglish keyboard with custom theme

Mazhavil - Manglish keyboard with custom theme

Reeba Sebastian

Getting bored of the ordinary colorless keyboard???

Its time to add a little COLOR and PICTURE to your life with Mazhavil.

Now you can easily change the color and background image of your keyboard and set it as the default. You can access the keyboard THROUGH OUT the device.

• Google suggestions.
• Thousands of pre loaded Malayalam words for prediction, if offline.
• Select your favorite picture from camera roll and set it as the keyboard background.
• Select your favorite color for each parts of the keyboard.You can choose your own color for the text, background, footer, suggestion background, suggestion text and a lot more.
• You can even set a tint for your keyboard.
• Live preview while customizing.
• Select from a set of stylish colorful default themes for your keyboard with out any cost.
• Auto-capitalization will work just as you expect it.
• Tapping the keys will have the same audio feedback as the standard keyboard.
• When tapping on a key a pop up will be shown.
• Option to display the letters on the keyboard as lower case, when typing in lower case.
• Tutorial to help you with customization.

Privacy Note: We greatly value our users' privacy. The Mazhavil keyboard will not record key strokes nor send them over the Internet. The "Allow Full Access” option is only required to enable features otherwise not possible.

DrawBoard - Keyboard for Doodling!

DrawBoard - Keyboard for Doodling!

Useless Creations Pty Ltd


DrawBoard is a keyboard made for doodling!

DrawBoard lets you draw right on your keyboard, and then easily share your drawings with your friends, all without leaving whatever app you're in!

With DrawBoard, a picture says a thousand words... or nothing at all! Brighten someone's day with a doodle to make them smile! Do a quick sketch while you're waiting for a reply! Or get your point across in a colourful way! Be creative!

Once you've created a masterpiece, tap the button in the bottom right of DrawBoard to save and/or copy your drawing to the clipboard. Then simply paste your drawing into any message and viola! You're doodle is ready to put a smile on the face of your friends! Try it!

To Install DrawBoard, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > and then select DrawBoard!

DrawBoard requires you to Allow Full Access in the keyboard settings so you can save and share your images. To use all of DrawBoard's features, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > DrawBoard > and then switch on Allow Full Access.

Now get ready to draw right on your keyboard!!

DrawBoard requires iOS8.

Amharic Keyboard for iPad  and iPhone

Amharic Keyboard for iPad and iPhone


Nowadays cutting edge technology has altered our lives making it easier and more enjoyable. We all, curious about contemporary technology, look forward to witnessing more and more innovations which will meet our highest expectations. Hence, our sophisticated professionals have done all in their power to create this Amharic keyboard which is the part of that contemporary technology.
This Amharic Keyboard is utterly easy and enjoyable to use. It makes typing and communicating easy by utilizing smart error correction, next-word prediction and auto capitalization features. You can use it on your apple device regardless of time and place without any internet requirement.
The quality of the application is absolutely reliable, since is updating very frequently by the smart professionals who always keep the app on the high level.
This Amharic keyboard will grab your attention with its incredibly striking peculiarities.
• Size and place of characters and keyboard:
It is possible to change the size, place as well as the shape of characters and keyboard separately. You can minimize or maximize it anytime you wish. You are enabled as well to change the places of the characters putting anywhere you wish.
• “Words”:
In this section you are enabled to save the specific words that are used frequently in your active vocabulary.
• Emoticons:
Express yourself with emoji characters (emoticons) which will correspond to your words.
• Paragraph formatting:
You are provided with an exclusive opportunity to make your text more comprehensive filling it with alignment, line spacing, margins, bullets and numbering.
• Smart auto correction:
Intelligent spell checking for even the sloppiest typing. Its principal purpose is to correct common spelling or typing errors, saving user’s precious time. Auto correction is also optional. You can turn it off anytime you wish.
• Style:
You are granted an ideal opportunity to customize the look of the keyboard according to your taste. It is possible to change the color of your keyboard, settings as well as keyboard’s background. It has various kinds of colors which will probably raise your mood during your typing.
• Word prediction:
This feature is peculiar with its prediction of a word. It guesses and gives you the appropriate word at once before you had to write the word letter by letter.

It is worth emphasizing that our app does not require “Allow full access”, which means you are absolutely in safety and privacy.
In fine, don’t miss the opportunity and install this extraordinaire iOS app and you will never get tired of retaining it on your device continually.

TypeSnippets — The Keyboard that types for You.

TypeSnippets — The Keyboard that types for You.

Nice Mohawk

Sick of typing the same phrases over and over on your phone? You must have tapped out your email address and telephone number a thousand times. TypeSnippets does away with mistyped email addresses and repetitive tapping by giving you a keyboard filled with all the pieces of text that you type all the time.

TypeSnippets is a custom keyboard for iOS 8, so it's always just a tap away. Tap and hold the globe icon to go to TypeSnippets. All done? Tap the globe again to head back to QWERTY land.

Creating new snippets is a snap. Have a piece of text you'd like to make into a snippet quickly? Just copy the text to the clipboard and tap the “Create a New Snippet from Clipboard” button at the bottom of the keyboard's snippet list. Or if you'd rather have a few more options, just run the TypeSnippets app. We even have a list of suggested snippets, so it's easy to come up with good ideas for new ones.

TypeSnippets is a fast and accurate way to fill out forms. Just add your home address, your phone numbers—even if you have separate numbers for home, work and the office, we've got a custom icon for each one—and any other info you always use. Then speed through forms accurately completing each field in a single tap.

Try it for free — you can create up to three snippets for free, and get even more by sharing the app with friends. Want to upgrade to unlimited snippets? That's just a few bucks.

CopyListK - copy paste keyboard shortcuts List

CopyListK - copy paste keyboard shortcuts List

Vicente Malixi

If you don't like typing a lot on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and wish you had a list where you can copy and paste text easily and quickly, enter CopyListK!

A quick and easy way to store text you use a lot or might use at school or at work.

Store the most used text in the shortcut list. For the less used text, you can store in category lists.

Just one tap on the text you saved and it's instantly copied to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad's copy memory ready for pasting in other apps.

New with CopyListK for iOS 8 and above: CopyListK lets you type in your shortcuts to any app: whether it be Safari, your Notes, Calendar, Mail or whatever. Just go to your device's Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards and click on "Add New Keyboard" and pick "CopyListK". Then when you're at any app where you need to type in a shortcut, with your keyboard up you can shift to your CopyListK via the 'globe' key. Tap and hold the 'globe' key and pick 'CopyListKeyboard'. Now you can select which shortcut you want pasted and the CopyListKeyboard will type it in whereever your text cursor is at!

Very easy to use. Affordable (get it now before prices go up). And you get four apps for the price of one: it was made for both your iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad -- CopyListK for iPhone/iPod Touch, CopyListK for iPad/iPad Mini, CopyListKeyboard for iPhone/iPod Touch, CopyListKeyboard for iPad/iPad Mini.

Supports portrait and landscape view on iPad.

For pasting (not using the keyboard): you can double-click the Home button to jump between CopyListK and the app you're copying/pasting (just tap the CopyListK or your other app's icon from the most recently-run list)!

Going from CopyListK to other apps and back is now just a double-click away!

You now have a viewer for long text! You no longer have to go into Edit to view your text, just swipe right and you can read/view your saved text!

We've also added a button to manually synch your CopyList to your CopyListKeyboard if the automatic synching is not getting all your saved lists.

For more information and tutorials on how to add and use the keyboard or to backup/restore your copylist shortcuts, visit our website at:

CopyListK: Super intuitive. Super simple. Super useful.

Note: requires iOS 8.3 and above for the keyboard functionality.

FINGER Gay Keyboard for any dating app!

FINGER Gay Keyboard for any dating app!

Martin Kucera

Tap - Send - Suceed! With Finger you speed up your gay-dating a lot. The keyboard WORKS WITH ANY dating app. Finger includes hundreds of the most-used gay dating phrases and you can even add your own. No need to write the same phrases over and over again.

Date with a tap - no more typing needed.
Works with ANY dating app
Includes hundreds of gay dating phrases
Choose phrase options by tap and hold
Sorted in smart dating categories
Fully customize any phrase
Lock the keyboard with touch ID
Finger translates the phrases for you

You travel to a different country but don't speak the local language? No problem-
Impress your chat-date by answering in the local language without knowing it. Finger shows you the phrases in your language and sends them in the the locallanguage. You can even help the finger-community to add phrases and translations that are still missing.

Finger works similarly to other third-party keyboards. Simply press on the phrase you would like to send. Finger works in text conversations like Grindr, Romeo, Tinder, Snapchat, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger and any other messaging and dating app.

Please note: Finger will never collect any personal information or transmit anything you type over any network. Turning on "Allow Full Access" is an iOS requirement of third-party keyboards.

Data Security is very important for us. We only ask to access data with your prior permission that Finger needs to work at it’s full potential. View our terms and conditions and data privacy policy on and

Subscribe to Finger for 9.99€/year.

Morseboard - Morse code keyboard

Morseboard - Morse code keyboard

Alex van der Lugt

Make typing more interesting with Morseboard (and learn something useful while doing so). Morseboard replaces the standard keyboard with a Morse code keyboard!

Morseboard actually Includes not one, but two Morse keyboards:
One with seperate buttons for a short signal (•) and a long one ( – ). With this one you can write, using Morse, faster and easier than ever before. This keyboard can also be used as an Iabmic keyer.
And another one with just one button, which will let you use Morse code like on a traditional telegraph key.

Whether you're a Morse veteran or a total newbie, Morseboard is the best way to improve your skills.

What users are saying:
"Amazing app! Two days ago I did not know morse code. Now I do! This app is now my favorite app on my phone." - Eric1112578
"I -love- this keyboard. I've always wanted to learn morse code, but there was never a practical outlet. I'm slowly but surely learning. Thanks for taking the dive and building this thing! It rocks." - Wooster
"I bought this to try to learn morse code. I think it is really fun and really helped me learn." - MegSays
"Thank you so much for this... I've been waiting for somebody to produce a highly usable Morse keyboard since the release of iOS 8. You guys take the cake." - WilliamBooth

But wait! This is not all: the two keyboards come with an app that includes:
- A morse dictionary
- A diagram that will help you to learn Morse
- Tips to learn Morse quickly
- Keyboard preferences, in which you can change
- The speed (Words per Minute), for both keyboards
- The sound settings
- Iambic on/off
- Auto capitalization enable/disable
- Auto space insertion enable/disable
...and more!

Note: Some features require 'Full Access' to be enabled.
Some users seem to be concerned about their privacy, but Morseboard does *not* record anything your type (as stated in the privacy policy). This app only requires 'Full Access' to load the sound files and user preferences that are located in the main app.

With icons by