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Keyboard Apps That Protect Your Privacy

Concerned about your footprint in keyboard apps? These will help you with your privacy. You can type private texts and connect to other apps within the keyboard app. No hunting for just what you need.

Uni Keyboard
PadKeys - Number Row Keyboard
QuicKeyboard - Num & Emojis
XL Keyboard
Nuten : The Math Keyboard

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Uni Keyboard
Uni Keyboard

Uni Keyboard

Thomas Blackburn

Say Hello to Uni - a custom keyboard for iPhone and iPad that makes it easy to use over 2950 characters organized into 24 Groups

Say Hello to Uni - a custom keyboard for iPhone and iPad that makes it easy to use over 2950 characters organized into 24 Groups.

Scroll through all available characters or use the group picker to display characters within a specific group.

Visit our website for more information.

PadKeys - Number Row Keyboard
PadKeys - Number Row Keyboard


Natural Designs Software, Inc.

iPad typing without tears, and now on iPhone too

iPad typing without tears, and now on iPhone too! When it comes to on-screen keyboards, bigger IS different, and PadKeys is built to take advantage of the larger screen size on tablets and modern phones. Stay with the flow when it's time to type a number or symbol or you need to move around, because the needed keys are right...

Keedogo Plus
Keedogo Plus

Keedogo Plus


Keedogo Plus is an iPad keyboard with word prediction designed for children and young students

Keedogo Plus is an iPad keyboard with word prediction designed for children and young students. The keyboard provides a simplified layout with just the essential keys so early writers can focus on developing their skills rather than being distracted by symbols and functions they don’t yet need.

Keedogo Plus offers something for everyone: Five different themes, fully configurable word prediction, and...

QuicKeyboard - Num & Emojis
QuicKeyboard - Num & Emojis


Music or Media Holding

We’ve all been waiting for the Quickeyboard, a keyboard for iPhone users that will make your typing experience much simpler

We’ve all been waiting for the Quickeyboard, a keyboard for iPhone users that will make your typing experience much simpler. You, now, have the numeric keys and the emojis on just one page and one keyboard. Go to the symbol's page with one swipe. Deactivate your least used emojis and customize text replacement features. All that with your information being...

XL Keyboard
XL Keyboard

XL Keyboard

Piet Hein van Cleef

Designed to resemble the standard keyboard with extra large keys

Designed to resemble the standard keyboard with extra large keys. Change the size of the keyboard, select any system language for spelling suggestions and autocorrect and choose the keyboard layout you like.

- Change layout: Maximized or default
- Change size
- Select emoji skin tone
- Check spelling
- Autocorrect
- Select language (choose from all installed system languages)
- Enable/disable shift state on keys
- Enable/disable...

Nuten : The Math Keyboard
Nuten : The Math Keyboard

Nuten : The Math Keyboard

Allen Katouli

Quickly create equations and share them using your favorite apps

Quickly create equations and share them using your favorite apps. It’s fun and highly educational. You can create and save your equations for later reference. From algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus to physics and chemistry, Nuten covers it all.

• Fractions, both simple and more complicated stacks, such as continued fractions
• Equations with superscript and subscript
• Geometry symbols
• Trigonometric functions
• Simple...

Canvas Keyboard
Canvas Keyboard

Canvas Keyboard

WatchApp, Inc.

Tired of typing the same thing over and over again

Tired of typing the same thing over and over again? Canvas enables you to type it once and then simply retrieve it again right from your keyboard with an instant gesture.

Canvas is the world's first gesture recognition keyboard that gives you the unique experience of typing and drawing gestures on the same interface to maximize your typing speed and efficiency.


Also Good

Apps with average score

IPA Keyboard: IPA Alphabet
IPA Keyboard: IPA Alphabet
IPA Keyboard: IPA Alphabet

IPA Keyboard: IPA Alphabet

Dawid Pietrala

A complete International Phonetic Alphabet (including all sounds and diacritics) keyboard which CAN BE USED IN OTHER APPS.

If you are a linguist, actor, presenter, public speaker or simply learn a foreign language, you often have to deal with phonetic transcription to note down the pronunciations of words and phrases.


Scribblr Keyboard
Scribblr Keyboard
Scribblr Keyboard

Scribblr Keyboard

Radio Silence

Message friends in your own handwritten font!

Scribblr combines the speed of typing with the personality of script. Create your font by drawing characters with fluid and natural strokes in the Scribblr app. Then, type some text in an app like iMessage or Facebook Messenger and use the Scribblr keyboard...

Thingthing Keyboard: Connected, Unified, Private.
Thingthing Keyboard: Connected, Unified, Private.
Thingthing Keyboard: Connected, Unified, Private.

Thingthing Keyboard: Connected, Unified, Private.

Thingthing LTD

Thingthing, what a mobile keyboard should be.
Connected, Unified, Private.

With Thingthing keyboard you can connect your Calendar, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Todoist, Facebook, Instagram, Pocket, Photos, GIFs, Location, Contacts, and more, all within the keyboard, and everything you type remains private.


Thingthing brings all your favourite services to...

Strikethrough Keyboard
Strikethrough Keyboard
Strikethrough Keyboard

Strikethrough Keyboard

Moballo, LLC

Ever wish you could type cool, crossed-out text like all your friends do? Now you can! Type crossed through text in Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much any other app or website with this awesome keyboard! Typing strikethrough text is as easy as hitting the globe icon on your keyboard! Happy...

Quick Fill Keyboard
Quick Fill Keyboard
Quick Fill Keyboard

Quick Fill Keyboard

Cathy Oun

This app helps users fill out online forms faster. The user is able to save personal information locally on his/her phone.
You are able to customize one of the keyboard keys (optional). Get creative!

Quick Fill Keyboard WILL NOT collect any of your personal information. See Privacy Policy for more details.


Echo Keyboard
Echo Keyboard
Echo Keyboard

Echo Keyboard

Pensive Ventures, Inc.

Echo Keyboard is part of Echo Suite, a set of products that will allow anyone to respond from an iOS device rapidly and accurately. With Echo Keyboard you will be able to send the right response right now!

Use Echo Keyboard to optimize your e-mail signatures. Easily attach your company logo...

Bonafeyed Keyboard
Bonafeyed Keyboard
Bonafeyed Keyboard

Bonafeyed Keyboard

Todd Carper

Bonafeyed gives you back control of your Internet privacy. The Bonafeyed app and components allow you to privatize your emails, notes, and posts.

Bonafeyed uses cryptography to provide privacy for your Internet activities. Whether you send emails, post on social media sites, or store files in the cloud, Bonafeyed privatizes...

Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard
Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard
Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard

Big Keys Low Vision Keyboard

N Thorn

Large Print Keyboard for Low Vision and Low Dexterity iPad users.

Big Keyboard has Large Print Keys, designed to assist Low Vision with High Contrast Colors.

It has 2 day modes and 2 night modes:
- Day mode is yellow/white letters on black keys.
- Night mode is black letters on yellow/white keys.

- Orange...

Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard
Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard
Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard

Copycatt - Secure Copy Paste Keyboard


Tired of typing over and over again your e-mail, WIFI key, IBAN number or your addresses? Just save them all in one place and send within a click with Copycatt Keyboard!

We will never collect your personal info. However, you may receive a warning when activating Copycatt Keyboard saying “This keyboard...

Fractions Keyboard
Fractions Keyboard
Fractions Keyboard

Fractions Keyboard

Moballo, LLC

Fractions Keyboard is a simple Apple-style keyboard app that makes typing fractions (and math in general) a breeze. Fractions Keyboard looks native and makes a clean compliment to the Apple keyboard. If you find yourself typing math, recipes, or measurements all the time on your iPhone or iPad, this is...

Mazhavil - Manglish keyboard with custom theme
Mazhavil - Manglish keyboard with custom theme
Mazhavil - Manglish keyboard with custom theme

Mazhavil - Manglish keyboard with custom theme

Reeba Sebastian

Getting bored of the ordinary colorless keyboard???

Its time to add a little COLOR and PICTURE to your life with Mazhavil.

Now you can easily change the color and background image of your keyboard and set it as the default. You can access the keyboard THROUGH OUT the device.

• Google suggestions.
• Thousands...

CopyListK shortcuts utility
CopyListK shortcuts utility
CopyListK shortcuts utility

CopyListK shortcuts utility

Vicente Malixi

If you don't like typing a lot on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and wish you had a list where you can copy and paste text easily and quickly, enter CopyListK!

A quick and easy way to store text you use a lot or might use at school or at...



Alex van der Lugt

Make typing more interesting with Morseboard (and learn something useful while doing so). Morseboard replaces the standard keyboard with a Morse code keyboard!

Whether you're a Morse veteran or a total newbie, Morseboard is the best way to improve your skills.

What users are saying:
"Amazing app! Two days ago I did not...

Crisp Email Template Keyboard
Crisp Email Template Keyboard
Crisp Email Template Keyboard

Crisp Email Template Keyboard

Ashleigh Finch

Crisp is a keyboard designed specifically for professionals to save, sync, and send their email & text templates while on the go.

Be consistent — Save your email & text templates directly to the keyboard and sync across all iOS devices so you have them wherever you are.

Respond quickly — Send...

Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard
Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard
Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard

Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard


Assign gestures to any phrase to type more efficiently and save time! Gesturely - Password Safe Gesture Keyboard is an innovative, custom keyboard app that provides a smarter way of inputting information into your mobile device.

Gesturely is the first app that is truly a gesture-only keyboard. If you find...

Shortcut Abbreviation Keyboard
Shortcut Abbreviation Keyboard
Shortcut Abbreviation Keyboard

Shortcut Abbreviation Keyboard

Yannick Rave

Shortcut Keyboard is your new Keyboard!
The app creates you a new keyboard. This keyboard is made for you with your personal shortcuts. Insert the shortcut’s text to save a lot of time. Additionally, once you have created a shortcut, the text will not change so you can be sure that...

Ditto Keyboard
Ditto Keyboard
Ditto Keyboard

Ditto Keyboard

Alex Kern

Whether it’s texting, dating, business, or just regular daily communication, we tend to repeat ourselves quite often.

With Ditto, save your most commonly used texts, phrases, and templates, and access them easily from any app!

Stop wasting time, and start saying things in a snap!

DISCLAIMER: For the app’s full features to work,...

BubbleText Keyboard: Message & Type in Bubbles
BubbleText Keyboard: Message & Type in Bubbles
BubbleText Keyboard: Message & Type in Bubbles

BubbleText Keyboard: Message & Type in Bubbles


Reviews are imperative for the success of our business and for the continued maintenance of our apps. They are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support!

Please note that we cannot respond to questions within the App Store, so please email us to let us know of any problems...

DrawBoard - Keyboard for Doodling!
DrawBoard - Keyboard for Doodling!
DrawBoard - Keyboard for Doodling!

DrawBoard - Keyboard for Doodling!

Useless Creations Pty Ltd


DrawBoard is a keyboard made for doodling!

DrawBoard lets you draw right on your keyboard, and then easily share your drawings with your friends, all without leaving whatever app you're in!

With DrawBoard, a picture says a thousand words... or nothing at all! Brighten someone's...

STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys
STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys
STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys

STROKEY-typing errorless new keyboard with 20 keys

Yongcheol Park

QWERTY buttons on smartphone are terribly tiny for our thumb tips. We can't stand a lot of typing errors anymore when using QWERTY!

STROKEY is a new-designed keyboard for smartphone and for human fingers. With only 20 keys, it works better and makes much less errors!!

STROKEY minimizes the existing keyboard problems...

Chemistry Keyboard
Chemistry Keyboard
Chemistry Keyboard

Chemistry Keyboard

Generally Helpful Software

The Chemistry Keyboard is a specialized Keyboard Extension for anyone who needs to enter chemical formulae. Ever need to input Hg²⁺+2 I⁻ on your phone and can't figure out how to get those nice superscript or subscript 2s. Or a proper arrow glyph?

Well, your wait is over.

Quickly generate

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

ℂKey - Customisable Keyboard

ℂKey - Customisable Keyboard

James Froggatt

Build your own keyboard - you choose the keys!

Great for maths & science work, fans of more obscure keyboard layouts, or just better expressing yourself.

Scroll down for an overview of the premade layouts and a detailed feature breakdown.


• Add the keyboard by navigating to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard…
• Unicode characters may not display correctly in some fonts.
• Check out the subreddit at


• Add keys to your keyboard, which can type any text of any length.
• Organise related keys into multiple pages (‘panes’).
• Includes handy editing features and plenty of options.
• Built-in unicode character picker for finding new characters to add to your keyboard.
• Editable text view for trying out your keyboard designs.


• QWERTY, Dvorak, Dvorak Left Handed
- Layouts inspired by the originals, with an original collection of symbols.
- Use a reduced number of keys to accommodate smaller screens.
• Symbols: contains some more rarely used symbols not present on the standard layouts.
• Maths: a layout designed for general maths, with digits, pi & infinity, and a wide set of operations.
• Formal Languages: an example of a more complex, specialist layout.
• Superscript & Subscript
• x/y: all unicode fractions.


• Your keys - the main content of the keyboard.
• Multiple panes, to organise related keys.
• A space key.
• Control keys: backspace, keyboard picker, dismiss, return.
• Alternate key forms.
- Hold a key to type it's alt form.
- Use the alt key to temporarily switch the forms around.
- Alternate forms could be capital letters, inverse operations, or something completely different.
• Swipe left on the pane list to give your keys more room in longer typing sessions.
- Swipe in from the left edge to bring the list back.

• Edit panes and keys in a view resembling the keyboard itself.
- Tap a key to change what it types:
+ Keys can type any number of any unicode characters, multiline text supported.
+ Optionally use a custom keycap, instead of showing the key's output.
+ Edit the alt mode version of the key by tapping with alt mode enabled.
- Hold a key to bring up the edit menu:
+ Edit [with 1 selected] - bring up a larger version of the key editor.
+ Swap [with 2 selected] - switch the positions of two keys.
+ Gather [with >1 selected] - collect the selected keys at one spot.
+ Remove alt - remove the custom alt state, making the key match its normal state in alt mode.
+ Duplicate - quickly clone a key.
+ Cut, copy, and paste - use their established meanings (the pasteboard is shared between panes).
+ Delete - deletes a key.
+ Insert - inserts a key at the spot of the current selection.
- Enter edit mode for serious changes:
+ Drag (before selecting anything) to reorder.
+ Tap keys to select/deselect them, then hold one to bring up the edit menu and perform a batch change.
- Hold the + button to add a batch of keys, by splitting text into its individual characters (or unicode scalars).
- Set the number of rows and columns in each pane by tapping the pane editor's title.
• The unicode character map allows you to add a character to a key directly, or copy one to the clipboard.
- Enter a search, or jump to a common region or known unicode codepoint.
- Hold a character to view details.
• Editable text view, for checking out how characters look at different font sizes and weight, or just testing your latest keyboard design.
- Switch through iOS keyboard types.
- Set the keyboard's return key type.
- View the keyboard in light & dark variations.
- Set text font, alignment, and size.
• Export individual panes, or your whole keyboard, for sharing or backup.
- Creates a .ckey file (uses .plist format).
- Use iOS's ‘Open In…’ feature to load the file back into the app.
• Additional options to customise the look and feel of the keyboard.

FullKeys Keyboard

FullKeys Keyboard

AutoQ3D Team

FullKeys Keyboard is a keyboard that can be customized to support 4 different layouts sizes with a numeric keyboard.

FullKeys Keyboard allows you to assign letters in any order and language into the alphanumeric layout. It also supports extended modifiers keys (Alt Down and Alt Up) to the Shift key, this allows you to add more letters or symbols assigned per key.

FullKeys Keyboard allows you to move your cursor just pressing the arrows keys and if you hold your "fn" along with arrows keys, it allows you to move word by word or delete forward.

FullKeys offers flexibility to customize your keyboard so you will be able to write easier and faster documents without the need to change to other keyboards constantly.

FullKeys Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch supports the following languages: English, Spanish.

FullKeys Keyboard does not require Internet and does not use or store private information to work.

Dyslexia Keyboard

Dyslexia Keyboard

Ghotit Ltd.

Ghotit Dyslexia Keyboard for iPad and iPhone helps people with dyslexia or dysgraphia to write, proofread and correct their English texts.

The keyboard predicts words by using Ghotit Quick Spell Word-Prediction, the technology designed for writers with typing issues and phonetic writers; this technology increases writing speed and successfully predicts intended words with instant correction of the first misspelled letters.

The keyboard corrects texts by using patented Ghotit Text Correction Engine fixing misspelled, confused words, homophones, grammar and punctuation errors made by those with dyslexia.

The main features are:

- "Talking" Word-Prediction with grammar and phonetics awareness;
- Quick-Spell Word-Prediction with instant correction for phonetic writers;
- Phonetic and context-sensitive spell checker;
- Advanced grammar and punctuation corrector;
- Effective proofreader;
- Speak as you write (speech feedback);
- Reading assistance with dual highlighting;
- Integrated dictionaries;
- US, UK, Canadian and Australian English dictionaries.

Text correction requires Internet connection. All other features are working offline.

SS Keyboard

SS Keyboard


SS Keyboard for iPhone is the keyboard dedicated to giving you better, faster and intelligent word predictions.

SS Keyboard learns to the way you input text and creates your own personalized language model.

Delivers you everything you’d expect from a world-class smart keyboard app for FREE !!!

Everything about the SS Keyboard

** Type faster with Artificial Intelligence predictions
** Correct your spell, for smarter and faster typing with Autocorrection
** Always learning your personalized slangs & phrases
** Get smarter suggestions for your thoughts while typing
** Change the keys with smaller cases
** A visual keyboard theme with different experience


1. Go to System Settings > General > Keyboard
2. Tap on ‘Keyboards‘ > Add new keyboard > Select SS from THIRD-PARTY Keyboards List
3. Click ‘SS Keyboard- SS’ > Allow Full Access
4. Go back and switch to SS Keyboard when typing from any messaging application.

Keep Texting, Keep Enjoying …

KeyCalc - Keyboard Calculator

KeyCalc - Keyboard Calculator

Suneet Tipirneni

KeyCalc allows users to make calculations in any app with the ease of a slide or touch!

Many people are frustrated with having to calculate something on their phone, but they have to keep repeatedly switching back and forth between apps to access a basic calculator. What if there was a solution to this ongoing problem. Wait there is! KeyCalc comes with a full feature four function calculator that is a keyboard. Also this app comes with a calculator widget to calculate without leaving the app you are in.

This app includes:
-Calculator Widget: To calculate in any app
-Third Party Calculator Keyboard: To calculate the answers to your text messages

If you don't know how to activate the keyboard and widget the app will tell you how.
Both the widget and keyboard are basic four-function calculators.

Themes Coming Soon...

Everboard: All-in-one keyboard

Everboard: All-in-one keyboard

WatchApp, Inc.

Everboard is a free, all-in-one keyboard that provides all your favorite apps accessible within your keyboard. No more switching between apps to share your contents.

Search and share files and folders from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Choose a language among more than 64 languages to translate your text as you type. No more switching between your conversation and Google translator app!

Text, tweet and share trending GIFs, memes and emoticons. You can create your own memes using meme generator extension right from within the keyboard!

Create and share your notes or contacts is as easy as a tap. Using Calendar extension, you can view, create, and send an invite from your calendar events right within the keyboard.

Explore and share trending YouTube videos right from your keyboard.

Yelp extension lets you find, sort and share restaurants, bars, and local businesses with your friends without leaving the conversation.

Share news and articles from "The New York Times".

Discover and share articles from your favorite blogs and news feeds.

Let Artificial Intelligence hashtag your pictures.

Connect with us and let us know what services you would like to see on Everboard.

Please note:
Your privacy is our priority. We do NOT collect your typing or sharing data. To read more about Apple's "Full Access" requirements, please visit:

Everboard is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 8 and above.

Make sure to follow Everboard for the latest updates and tips:

PE Servers - Custom Keyboard for Minecraft Pocket Edition

PE Servers - Custom Keyboard for Minecraft Pocket Edition

57Digital Ltd

Unofficial. Looking for an awesome Pocket Edition compatible keyboard? Look no further — we've got you covered! From the makers of Skin Studio and Papercraft Studio; we bring you.... the PE Servers Keyboard!

NOTE: Full/open access is only required if you want the server list to be kept up-to-date, you do NOT have to enable this if you do not want to! We never transmit your keystrokes outside of the app, even if open access is enabled.

Our custom keyboard allows you to:-

• Open the keyboard right from within Pocket Edition!
• Browse a list of hundreds of servers and have the keyboard type all the details for you — no need to switch apps or remember the hostname/ip address and port!
• Mod friendly keyboard — type commands such as /spawn, /login, /register etc with a single keystroke! It's never been easier to use server mods!
• ASCII-moji! The game doesn't support regular Emoji characters, so we've added ASCII emojis to the keyboard. Now you can :-), :-P and ;-) in just a single keystroke!
• Full ABC123 (ASCII) keyboard so you can chat to your friends or add seeds in style! The keyboard is complete with all the usual quirks you would expect from a keyboard including keycaps, numeric/alphabet, special characters, shift/caps lock and emoji (ascii).
• Full instructions available in-app.
• Keyboard can be used anywhere! Not just in-game!

-- Why do I need this? --

• No need to switch apps/websites to find a server!
• We check for server uptime and only show available servers!
• You can't copy/paste hostnames and ports in the game. So our keyboard types the full hostname/port for you without the need to remember anything.
• Typing commands in PE can be time consuming on a smaller device — just press the :-) key to access a range of built-in commands.
• The keyboard itself looks visually cohesive to the game — allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the game! It's completely private too — we DO NOT send your keystrokes to a server... the app works with/without Open Access enabled.
• Because it's just awesome. Okay?! ;-)

-- Terms --

NOT OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. This app is not officially endorsed by Minecraft/Mojang AB. This app complies with the brand guidelines set by Mojang ( Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB: Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2015 Mojang. Screenshots used in this app description/screenshots contain images of Minecraft: Pocket Edition (PE); use of such screenshots is considered Fair Use to showcase the use of this custom keyboard in a realistic setting – the primary use case of this custom keyboard is to type server addresses into the game and it therefore does not make sense to not use the PE imagery.

Highlighted Keyboard - Extra large Keyboard with next key hints

Highlighted Keyboard - Extra large Keyboard with next key hints

Huixiu Wu

Do you want a bigger keyboard? With the smart highlighted next key hints and suggestions? And full Emoji supported? Try out this Biggest keyboard in the App Store!

** Biggest Keyboard in the App Store
Keys are 37% bigger than the system keyboard. It is good for people who have big thumbs. Also people who want to preserve their vision will benefit from this keyboard.

** Highlighted next possible keys
After you type one key the keyboard will smartly highlights the possible next keys that you want to input. Also it has the suggestions that you can select from the top of the keyboard.

** Emoji translation
Translate the word that you select in the suggestion bar into Emoji characters. It is a fun way to communicate with your friends and family. It is disabled by default and you need to use the "Keyboard Setting" page to enable this feature.

** Slide to move the input cursor
Sliding from the Space key to left/right to move the current input cursor to left or right. Sliding up to move the current cursor to the beginning of the sentence and sliding down to move the current cursor to the end of the sentence. It makes your life much easier when editing text on the iPhone/iPad.

** Full Emoji keys supported
It is very convenience to input Emoji characters with this keyboard when you are using Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Wechat, Text Message, SMS, etc. Just long press on the key that has sub-menu and more Emoji characters will pop up. The Emoji characters are well categorized and you can input the Emoji and Text together in one keyboard!

** Numeric Keypad
This keyboard supports the traditional numeric keypad layout with big number keys. It is useful for entering long sequences of numbers quickly.

** Keyboard Settings
Long press on the "globe" key to pop up the sub-menu. Select the "Tool" key to launch the setting page. You can enable/disable the Highlight Next key feature. You can also enable/disable the "Emoji translation" feature.

** NO Full Access required

** How to use
1. After install you need to enable it in the "Settings" App in your iPhone/iPad.

Launch "Settings", click on "General" -> "Keyboard" -> "Keyboards" -> "Add New Keyboard" -> Select the "HighlightedKeyboard".

2. Switch the keyboard to "Highlighted Keyboard" when you are inputting.

3. Long press on one key to input the keys in the pop-up menu including 0-9 and punctuation marks. You may try to long press on keys to find the hidden sub menus.

For example, if you want to hide the keyboard, long press on the "globe" key and the sub-menu will pop up. Keep holding and move to select the "Hide" key. The keyboard will hide after you release your finger.

Please send any feedback, bug reports or feature request to: feedback.southfun at

Thanks for viewing!

QuickKey Forms - Custom Keyboard

QuickKey Forms - Custom Keyboard

LittleFin LLC

QuickKey Forms is a custom keyboard that allows you to pre-define "snippets" of text like your e-mail addresses, common phrases and more so that you can quickly sign in to apps, fill out forms, or type custom phrases.

If you've ever accidentally mistyped your e-mail address when signing up for something, or ordered something online and had to type in your address, you know how tedious it can be. QuickKey makes it easy. With a single tap, you can type in your e-mail address. Forms can be filled out easily, inserting each segment of your name and address as needed.

A note about QuickKey privacy: The QuickKey app and keyboard do not transmit anything in the app, or anything you type, off your device. The keyboard does not track anything you type. All of your personal information remains completely private.

If you have questions or problems with the app, please feel free to contact [email protected]