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MDCalc Medical Calculator
Calculate by QxMD
Medical Calculators Algorithms
Bili QuikCalc

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MDCalc Medical Calculator
MDCalc Medical Calculator

MDCalc Medical Calculator

MD Aware, LLC

Join the millions of medical professionals who use MDCalc daily to support clinical decision making at the bedside

Join the millions of medical professionals who use MDCalc daily to support clinical decision making at the bedside. Since 2005, MDCalc has been the leading medical reference for the most relevant, up-to-date and widely-used clinical calculators that support evidence-based patient care. Registration is free and takes less than 30 seconds for full, unlimited access.

MDCalc clinical decision support is created exclusively...

Calculate by QxMD
Calculate by QxMD

Calculate by QxMD


From the developer of 'Read by QxMD', 'The ECG Guide' and 'Pedi STAT' comes 'Calculate', a next-generation clinical calculator and decision support tool, freely available to the medical community

From the developer of 'Read by QxMD', 'The ECG Guide' and 'Pedi STAT' comes 'Calculate', a next-generation clinical calculator and decision support tool, freely available to the medical community.

"We recommend medical users try the free Calculate by QxMD first..."
-from iMedicalApps review "The best free Medical Calculator apps for the iPhone"

'Calculate' highlights tools which impact clinical practice either by simplifying diagnosis,...






This FREE app is a cardiovascular risk calculator that estimates the possible 10-year risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, or cardiovascular death. It includes the six regions of the Americas (Andean, Caribbean, Central, North, South, and Tropical) according to tables published in 2019 by the World Health Organization (WHO) (Lancet,...

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Medical Calculators Algorithms
Medical Calculators Algorithms
Medical Calculators Algorithms

Medical Calculators Algorithms

The Medical Algorithms Company Ltd

Explore our vast collection of medical algorithms for free, covering nearly every medical specialty. These powerful, effective, peer-review based clinical decision support tools are a must-have resource for healthcare professionals.

The full collection includes nearly 30,000 analytics, covering diagnosis, therapy, and monitoring of health conditions along with many more clinical...

Bili QuikCalc
Bili QuikCalc
Bili QuikCalc

Bili QuikCalc

W. Kent Bonney

Bili QuikCalc contains all the information you need to quickly evaluate and manage infants with jaundice in the newborn nursery. Bili QuikCalc is the fastest, clearest bilirubin calculator for viewing bilirubin risk zone interpretations, plotting bilirubin on the risk, phototherapy, and exchange transfusion nomograms, viewing bilirubin thresholds, and viewing the...

Perinatal Calculators
Perinatal Calculators
Perinatal Calculators

Perinatal Calculators

David Deschamps

Perinatal and obstetrical calculators derived from published data to help guide obstetrical providers in counseling patients. Calculators include:

-Extreme prematurity calculator for fetuses 22-25 weeks gestational age
-VBAC success calculator based on information available for counseling in the office setting
-VBAC success calculator based on factors on admission including cervical exam
-Assessment of risk...

Bishop Score Calculator
Bishop Score Calculator
Bishop Score Calculator

Bishop Score Calculator

Better Leap Media

The Bishop Score is a medical calculator designed for physicians, nurses, midwives, medical residents, students and other medical professionals.

The app can be used to assess whether an induction of labor will be needed for a pregnant woman and the likelihood that the induction will be successful. The score can...



Augusta University

smarTooth is an interactive application designed to automate space analysis and tooth proportion calculations. It is a diagnostic tool to assist the clinician (orthodontist, pediatric dentist, prosthodontist and general practitioner) in diagnosis and treatment planning, however it should not replace clinical judgment in the interpretation of the data provided.

Analyses include:



Gary Poleynard MD

HepCalc is a collection of liver related calculators, web links, resources, and editable web links and clinical notes.

◆ Unlike most calculators, entry data is preserved between different calculators limiting the need for reentry of data.
◆ Set your own favorite web links
◆ Save clinical notes, clinical "pearls" in a organized fashion

Flow Rate Converter
Flow Rate Converter
Flow Rate Converter

Flow Rate Converter

Johan van der Vyver

Flow Rate Converter was designed to determine the rate of flow in millilitres per hour if the concentration of a substance is known at a certain dose. It can however also be used to calculate dosage at a certain flow rate. The Picker is easy to use and the last...

eGFR Calculators
eGFR Calculators
eGFR Calculators

eGFR Calculators

National Kidney Foundation

From the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), this application allows medical professionals to estimate kidney function using five separate eGFR calculators:

- CKD-EPI Creatinine 2021 Equation (Preferred method)
- Revised Bedside Schwartz Formula (For ages 1-17)
- Cockcroft-Gault Formula
- CKD-EPI Cystatin C 2012 Equation
- CKD-EPI Creatinine - Cystatin C 2021 Equation

Also includes information on:




Sentral Clinical Research Services, LLC

boostEM is a medical calculator designed from the ground-up for emergency physicians. The app is designed to be the fastest tool in your pocket for clinical decision rules in the emergency room.

• Score calculators for over 60 clinical decision rules
• Rapid medication doses
• Tools including pupillometer, estimated gestational age, visual...

OmniMedix Medical Calculator
OmniMedix Medical Calculator
OmniMedix Medical Calculator

OmniMedix Medical Calculator

Omnimedic Solutions, LLC

Rated 5 stars by nurses and medics alike! Here's what people are saying:

Chelsea says: This app is perfect for anyone in the medical field! I'll definitely be using this during my nursing clinicals! Best $4.99 I've spent in a while!

Minifireguy says: "Easy app to use when on the medic. Easy...

BCSC Risk Calculator
BCSC Risk Calculator
BCSC Risk Calculator

BCSC Risk Calculator

Weiwen Lin

TThe Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC) Risk Calculator was developed and validated in 1.1 million women undergoing mammography across the United States, among whom 18,000 were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. The BCSC Risk Calculator has been externally validated in the Mayo Mammography Health Study. The BCSC Risk Calculator is...

Medical Calculators Pediatrics
Medical Calculators Pediatrics
Medical Calculators Pediatrics

Medical Calculators Pediatrics

Pediatric Oncall Private Limited

Pediatriconcall's Medical Calculators
This is an free application for all medical personal followed by the Pediatriconcall page relating to
Pediatriconcall brings to you all these medical calculators that can be used in your daily practice by doctors, medical staff, students and other personnel for free.
Calculators included are categorized as follows:
Growth Calculator:



Adam Lyko

Insulin-Rx application is a convenient insulin dose calculator intended for use by healthcare professionals who prescribe basal-bolus insulin therapy. Patient weight and total daily insulin can be efficiently entered in by using sliders instead of typing in the values. The calculator then displays insulin units/kg/day, carbohydrate-to-insulin ratio, insulin sensitivity (correction...



ScyMed, Inc

"The standard for clinical calculations and analytics in Medicine™".

MediCalc® is the best and most innovative Clinical Decision Support tool in the world, now featuring the mCalx™: a game-changer, patent-pending, Master Medical Calculator, for custom, disease- & patient-specific computations. You add equations & scores ad lib to the same panel!. The...

Drip Infusion - IV Rate Calc
Drip Infusion - IV Rate Calc
Drip Infusion - IV Rate Calc

Drip Infusion - IV Rate Calc


This app calculate the drip rate by setting the required time and volume of infusion.
The blue progress bar and flashing images, display the dropping interval.
Timer and alarm will help the management of each drip intravenous injection.

Drip rate calculation
- There is a 20 gtt/mL and 60 gtt/mL infusion set of initial...



ScyMed, Inc

Healthy Resource for Fitness, Looks & Performance™ (physical | mental | sexual).
An innovative Health Assessment & Education Tool™, featuring more than 25 health calculators, health information, web resources, Guidelines, and integrated panels for comprehensive assessments. The contents are fully referenced and its functionality broadly tested.

Developed by board-certified Physicians. Designed for...

SCD Post-PCI Risk Calculator
SCD Post-PCI Risk Calculator
SCD Post-PCI Risk Calculator

SCD Post-PCI Risk Calculator


Low Ejection Fractions (EF≤35%), Age ≥65 years, Killip Class 2 or 3 and renal insufficiency are among the risk factors that can lead to some patients being at increased risk of sudden cardiac death following revascularization. It is therefore very important to routinely screen post-PCI patients for SCD risk so...

iFetal Pro
iFetal Pro
iFetal Pro

iFetal Pro

Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc.

iFetal is a scientific calculator designed by doctors for medical professionals, and with recent modifications, it is now suitable for patients. This could be a valuable present to 1st time pregnant couples for a better pregnancy care. iFetal provides more than 55 different calculations including normal fetal measurements, standard dates...

iGrowth - Growth Assessment for Children
iGrowth - Growth Assessment for Children
iGrowth - Growth Assessment for Children

iGrowth - Growth Assessment for Children

Mario Flores

iGrowth is a revolutionary new tool for assessing children's growth.
Forget about typing data and pressing buttons and make use of swipes and gestures to quickly enter the data needed to calculate appropriate growth in children.

iGrowth serves as an easy to use calculator of the nutritional status of children. It uses...

Opioids Dosage Conversion
Opioids Dosage Conversion
Opioids Dosage Conversion

Opioids Dosage Conversion

Chris Marcellino

Opioids by Norris Vivatrat MD and Chris Marcellino MD is an opioid analgesic dosage conversion calculator for use by trained medical professionals. The application supports conversion to and from opioids commonly prescribed and used in U.S. hospitals orally, parenterally, or transdermally, including morphine, codeine, hydromorphone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, methadone, oxycodone and...



ScyMed, Inc

The NephroCalc™ App includes most formulas and equations used in the daily assessments of patients with kidney disease. It incorporates more than 100 equations and innovative MultiCalx™ Master panels for combined calculations, assuring convenience and accuracy.

Introducing the mCalx™ DARK: the unique and most innovative custom Master Medical Calculator for...



James Jaffey

This app performs the following analysis useful for both clinical trials and epidemiological studies:

Prospective Study
This app calculates the relative risk for contingency table data including a 95% confidence interval.

Retrospective Study
The app calculates an odds ratio with 95% confidence interval for both a case control study and a matched case control...



ScyMed, Inc

Body Mass Index and Body Fat Calculator.
Healthy Resource for Fitness, Looks & Performance™ (physical | mental | sexual).

Compute your own Body Weight parameters with confidentiality, reliability, and absolute privacy.
Developed by board-certified Physicians. Designed for Everyone. User-Friendly.
The national epidemic of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. has...



ScyMed, Inc

The LiverCalc™ App includes most formulas and equations used in the daily assessments of patients with liver disease, like cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver transplant, etc. This innovative calculator allows the computation of 17 liver parameters in one single panel (from 25 inputs), assuring convenience and accuracy. The equations may also be...



Washington University in St. Louis

There are few clinical decision support tools available for OBGYNs. Those that exist remain web-based and have little value beyond gestational age or Bishop score calculation. To compliment our WUSM OB GUIDE, we introduce the WUSM OB CALC, which provides instant clinical support for five common areas:
1) Determining a patient’s...

TBI Prognosis
TBI Prognosis
TBI Prognosis

TBI Prognosis


TBI prognosis is an interactive calculator to estimate mortality at 14 days and death and severe disability at six months in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The predictions are based on the average outcome in adult patients with Glasgow coma score of 14 or less, within 8 hours of...

EBMcalc Pulmonary
EBMcalc Pulmonary
EBMcalc Pulmonary

EBMcalc Pulmonary

Foundation Internet Services, LLC

EBMcalc Pulmonary

EBMcalc is the most popular and comprehensive Medical Calculator system on the web. It has been highly acclaimed, reviewed and tested over the last 20 years.

EBMcalc Pulmonary encompasses pertinent medical formulae, clinical criteria sets, decision tree tools and dose/unit converters used every day by Pulmonary specialists. Now you can...

TDF Calculator
TDF Calculator
TDF Calculator

TDF Calculator

Hiroyuki KATOH

- In practice of radiotherapy, it is very important to check the normal tissue tolerance dose.
- TDF factor defined by Orton et al. is one of the tool to estimate the normal tissue tolerance dose for radiotherapy, but one of the problem is too complex and too many parameters to...

EBMcalc Kidney
EBMcalc Kidney
EBMcalc Kidney

EBMcalc Kidney

Foundation Internet Services, LLC

EBMcalc Kidney

EBMcalc is the most popular and comprehensive Medical Calculator system on the web. It has been highly acclaimed, reviewed and tested over the last 20 years.

EBMcalc Kidney encompasses all pertinent medical equations and dose/unit converters used every day by Nephrologists. With the growing emphasis on Evidence-Based Medicine, there has...

Drip Rate Infusion Calculator
Drip Rate Infusion Calculator
Drip Rate Infusion Calculator

Drip Rate Infusion Calculator


Drip Rate Pro is a Drug Infusion calculator and IV calibration app for your IV. The app calculates Drip drop rates of IV tube with simple inputs and with sound and vibration feedback alerts.

Its a simple, easy to use app specially designed with the nurse in mind to make...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

MediMath Medical Calculator

MediMath Medical Calculator

Evan Schoenberg

MediMath puts 144 of the most important medical calculators and scoring tools on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Its fast, native interface and comprehensive results help you spend less time crunching numbers and more time caring for patients.

What makes MediMath the best?

• Streamlining. Enter values and units (US or SI), for each item in each calculator, without tapping through multiple screens and prompts. Tap Next and Previous to go between fields. Multiple-value choices pop over in-place on the iPad.
• Calculator selection: quality AND quantity.
• Multiresult. Where applicable, MediMath will give you multiple useful results. For example, risk scores also show a percent mortality result.

Other features:

• 139 calculators and scoring devices
• Categories, Search, Favorites, and Recents let you find what you want, fast
• Double-tap to add to favorites
• Additional information, including equations, helpful hints, and references, for each
• Multimedia: for example, the NIH Stroke Score includes the necessary pictures
• Always returns to where you left off

MediMath sports:
• A-a Oxygen Gradient
• Abbreviated Mental Test Score
• ABCD² Restroke Risk
• Absolute Neutrophils
• Acid-Base Interpretation
• Alvarado Score
• Anion Gap (Serum, Urine)
• Aortic Valve Area (Continuity, Gorlin)
• ATP III Cholesterol Guidelines (for in-depth coverage, see the "ATP3 Lipids" app)
• Apache II
• APGAR Score
• Arterial Oxygen Content
• Barthel's ADL Index
• Basal Energy Expenditure
• Bayesian calculators
• Bishop Score
• Blatchford UGI Bleeding Risk
• BMI for Age (Pediatric BMI)
• Body Surface Area (4 Calculators)
• Boston Heart Failure
• Burn Fluid Requirements (Parkland)
• Cardiac Output
• CHADS Score (AFib Stroke Risk)
• Charlson Comorbidity Index
• Change in Serum Sodium (IV Fluids)
• Child-Pugh
• CHIP (CT in Head Injury Patient) Rule
• Corrected CSF WBCs for RBCs, QT, Serum Calcium, Phenytoin, Serum Sodium calculators
• Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault, Measured)
• CURB-65 Pneumonia Mortality
• Dermatomes
• Duke Treadmill Score
• Fibromyalgia
• Fraction Excretion of Sodium (FeNA)
• Framingham Cardiac Risk
• GFR (MDRD, Wright, Cockcroft-Gault, Salazar-Corcoran, CPK-EPI)
• Glasgow Coma Scale
• Hepatitis Discriminant
• Ideal Body Weight
• Intracranial Hemorrhage Volume and Mortality calculator (ABC/2 method)
• Kt/V (Daugirdas formula)
• Maintenance Fluids
• Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
• MELD & PELD Scores
• NIH Stroke Scale
• Opioid Converter
• Osmolal Gap (Stool)
• Osmolality (Serum)
• Ottawa Ankle/Foot Rules
• Oxygenation Index
• Peak Flow (Predicted)
• Perioperative Cardiac Risk
• PORT (Pneumonia Severity Index)
• Pregnancy Wheel
• Ranson's Criteria (Pancreatitis Mortality)
• Reticulocyte Index
• SIRS Criteria
• Sodium Deficit
• Steroid Equivalency Converter
• Target Heart Rate
• Transtubular Potassium Gradient
• Umbilical Line Placement
• Unit conversion
• Water Deficit
• Wells' Criteria (DVT & PE)
• Winter's Formula

** AND MANY MORE! See for the complete list and more screenshots. **

Dosing calculators include drug loading and saving.

Please contact us if you have questions or calculator requests! MediMath will be updated regularly with new features and more equations.




The easiest way to use scores, medical criteria, convertions, and calculators.
- Performs searches and copies the results to the clipboard.
- Performs conversions used for certain criteria.

Criteria & Scores
- APACHE II score
- CHA2DS2-VASc score
- CHADS2 score
- CURB-65 score
- Child-Pugh score
- Glasgow Coma Scale
- Glasgow-Blatchford score
- GRACE risk score
- Mayo score
- PSI score
- Ranson criteria
- Revised Trauma Score (RTS)
- Rockall score
- SOFA score
- Sepsis Obstetrics Scoring
- TIMI risk score
- TISS-28
- Wells score for DVT
- Wells Score for PE

- Absolute neutrophil count
- Anion Gap
- Basal Energy Expenditure
- Body mass index
- Cockcroft-Gault formula
- Mean arterial pressure
- Osmolality
- Oxygen content
- Pulse pressure
- Renal failure index (RFI)
- Salazar-Corcoran equation

- Albumin
- Bilirubin
- Calcium
- Cholesterol
- Cortisol
- Creatine
- Creatinine
- Creatinine clearance
- Ethanol
- Glucose
- Length
- Oxygen
- Pressure
- Temperature
- Uric acid
- Warfarin
- Weight

comments and suggestions:



Edward Bender

EuroSCORE stands for European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation. It identifies a number of risk factors which help to predict mortality from cardiac surgery. The original EuroSCORE calculator was published in 1999, derived from an international database of patients undergoing cardiac surgery. The EuroSCORE II calculator was released for use on October 3, 2011 at the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery meeting in Lisbon.

The original calculator is used worldwide for both the measurement of risk and as a benchmark for the assessment of quality of cardiac surgical services. There are more than 1300 formal citations of the EuroSCORE in the medical literature.

The previous additive and logistic EuroSCORE versions are now inappropriately calibrated but have remained powerfully discriminatory. Nevertheless, there is evidence that discrimination may be improved further by refining and modifying some of the risk factors, such as renal dysfunction. Therefore, the new EuroSCORE II calculator was developed to optimize its useful application in contemporary practice.

The EuroSCORE II calculator is to be used as an educational tool only, and it should not be viewed as a substitute for the opinion of expert Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiologists. Clinical judgement must be used whenever rare risk factors are present. The risk model provides a set standard, and units and surgeons will perform at, above or below the standard. Best practice in quoting risk to patients is to adjust the risk calculated by EuroSCORE II to the results achieved by the unit in question. The application is meant to be used as a tool to guide discussions with patients, families, and healthcare providers regarding the potential outcomes after open heart surgery.

Optics Clinical Calculator

Optics Clinical Calculator

Evan Schoenberg

Optics Clinical Calculator is a vital tool for every general or refractive ophthalmologist, ophthalmology resident, optometrist, and optician. With Optics, you’ll have streamlined, intuitive access to calculators used daily in prescribing lenses and understanding optics.

** Featured as a Top Eye App in Review of Optometry, March, 2012! **

Results are provided instantaneously, with no additional steps required, and explanations of the formulas and their application are just a tap away, perfect for learning and review.

Don't waste your money on a program which just does 1/10 of what Optics Clinical Calculator provides you! Optics has no equal on the App Store.


• Base Curve
• Convergence
• Diopter to/from Radius (mm) Conversion
• Diopters from Focal Distance
• Intermediate and Near Vision Prescriptions from Standard Refraction
• Lens Power in Oblique Meridians
• Oblique Crossed Cylinders
• Ocular Curve
• Optical Center Decentration
• Slab-Off calculator (Induced Prism)
• Vertex Distance


• Beautiful, fast interface evolved especially for Optics from the acclaimed MediMath Medical Calculator, including unique wheel-based diopter entry

• Detailed explanations, including formulas and clinical notes, for each calculator (just tap the ‘i’) - perfect for review, cross-checking, and learning

• Optics always returns to where you left off

• Free upgrades for life, including requested additional calculators


Please let me know if there are other clinically relevant calculators you would like to see added in future free upgrades to Optics! I can’t respond to comments here in the App Store, so the best way to send a request is via email: Please also contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.



Ossus GmbH

MedCalX is a tool that enables medical professionals to easily use complicated medical formulas, scores and classifications.
20 years of experience developing this tool for mobile platforms makes MedCalX the leading medical calculator, with an unparalleled user interface and powerful features.

MedCalX is free to download and use, but you have access only to a subset of formulas.
In-app purchase lets you unlock the whole range of formulas that MedCalX has to offer; more than 300 in total!
If you have previously purchased MedCalc 3 you can even unlock for free.

Main features:
• A very large selection (more than 300) of relevant formulas, scores, scales and classifications.
• Workflows: create your own series of formulas, text, links and images
• Many different ways to share results (and data): copy to clipboard, email report, print via AirPrint, save to patient database...
• Exclusive patient management feature for saving and accessing results, as well as images and notes. Results can be exported to the desktop as CSV files and shared between your and your colleaugues iOS devices.
• Detailed information and bibliographic references for each formula.
• Support for US and SI units, with easy switching from the keypad.
• Search for entries by name, keywords and categories.
• Takes advantage of iOS 9 – you can now use Spotlight to search for formulas
• Customizable list of favorite equations, synchronized via iCloud.
• Ability to add notes to individual formulas.
• Full support for external (hardware) keyboards

Formulas, scores and classifications include, amongst others:
• Anesthesiology (ASA, Bromage, Charlson, Cormack, Dermatome, Goldman)
• Electrolytes (Corrected Ca, Corrected Na, FENa, Osmolal gap)
• Evidence-Based Medicine (NNT, Odds, Sample size, Two-way table)
• ICU (ABCD2+3, APACHE, CAM-ICU, GCS, Parkland, SAPS, many PE-criteria and trauma scores)
• Neurology (AMTS, Aphasia, Canadian rules, NIHSS, WFNS)
• Obstetrics (APGAR, Bishop, Malinas, Pregnancy Wheel)
• Pediatrics (Age, Target Height, Centor and McIsaac, PRAM, WETFAG)
• Respiratory (BODE, Epworth, GOLD, SMART-COP, Spirometry, Thoracoscore)
• Renal (Cockcroft, MDRD and more Creatinine/GFR calculators, KDIGO and RIFLE)
• ABG analyzer worth $5 in other apps
• Complete infusion management tool, great for ICU nurses
• Complicated scores (CAM-ICU, CDAI, APACHE, POSSUM, SAPS, Euroscore)

If you like MedCalX, we’d appreciate it if you took the time to give us a nice review.

Medical Calc for Apple Watch

Medical Calc for Apple Watch

Mikael Cohen

*** This app requires an Apple Watch running Watch OS 2 or Watch OS 3 ***

Discover the most complete and powerful medical calculator available for Apple Watch!

Use "Smart Search", and just ask a question! The app will find the adequate score for you!
(Smart Search is available in English and French at the moment)

At the moment, the app contains 70+ tools including:

- Body Mass Index
- Body Surface Area (Dubois formula)
- Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (CKD-EPI, MDRD & Cockroft)

- Cardiovascular scores:
- ABCD2 score
- Corrected QT
- HEART Pathway
- Wells Score (for DVT & PE probability)
- PE severity index
- Vancouver Chest Pain Rules
- Mean arterial pressure calculator
- ORBIT-AF score
- DVT probability
- Killip Class
- TIMI Risk Score (STEMI and NSTEMI)

- Emergency department tools:
- Alvarado score (appendicitis)
- Malinas score (imminent parturition)
- Blatchford score (upper GI bleedings)
- CURB-65 (community-acquired pneumonia)
- MGAP score (pre hospital triage score for trauma patients)
- Wallace rule of nines
- Parkland formula
- ABC score
- BISAP score
- MESS score
- NEXUS criteria (C-spine, chest)
- Ottawa rules (knee and ankle)
- Surgical APGAR

- Oncology tools:
- ECOG Performance Status
- Karnofsky
- Lanky-Play Performance scale
- Khorana Score
- Manchester Score
- MSKCC/Motzer score
- UCSF-CAPRA score
- UISS for localized RCC

- Pulmonology tools:
- du Bois Score
- BODE index for COPD patients
- Peak Flow estimator

- Misc clinical tools:
- Basal Energy Expenditure calculator
- Centor Score
- Corticosteroid equivalence calculator
- SCORE for osteoporosis risk determination
- CAGE questionnaire
- HRAR (risk of relapse in alcoholic patients)
- APGAR score
- SIRS, sepsis and septic shock criteria
- CKD risk in HIV+ patients
- Fractional excretion of sodium and urea

- Biology tools:
- Sodium correction for glycemia, proteinemia, and triglycerides
- Calcium correction for proteinemia and albuminemia
- Average glucose calculator
- Free water deficit in hypernatremia

- OB Wheel:
- Estimated Due Date by LMP
- Gestational age calculation

The user interface is now even quicker, easier to use, a fully optimized for Watch OS 3 users.
(WatchOS 2 users will also be able to use the old UI)

The iPhone app contains all the bibliographic references.