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Overcome Phobias And Improve Your Habits With These Awesome Dental Motivational Apps

Sadly no one loves going to the dentist. Routine checkups are good to do, but keep yourself from going through traumatizing procedures by taking good care of your teeth in between visits. Well now you can make sure to at least avoid a lot of headache by using one of these motivational Dental apps. Timers and reminders are all here to help keep you on track. There are even apps to help alleviate some of those dental phobias.

Healthy Teeth - Tooth Brushing Reminder with timer
Tooth Camp: Brushing Assistant
Tooth Camp: Brushing Assistant

Tooth Camp: Brushing Assistant

Little Blue Monkey Limited

** Brushing Your Teeth Will Never Be The Same Again **

Tooth Camp is a boot camp for your teeth - helping you stay motivated, entertained, and educated for what are probably the most boring 2 minutes of your day. 

It has audio which contains "homages" to famous movies, genuinely funny dialogue, and useful tips on oral health that all combine to make sure you don't "peak" to early.

3 unique drill instructors (Pun very much intended) lead you through your brushing regime, ensuring you stay focussed on the task at hand without boredom creeping in.

With handy configuration options (brushing duration and order) and built-in notifications it's an app that could pay for itself many times over by way of reduced dental fees.


It's all about the audio: your Drill Instructor will talk your way through brushing your teeth, and my word, you'd better listen, or he'll be VERY disappointed with you.


- Choice of 3 audio based drill instructors to motivate you through your tooth brushing experience, including tips on good oral health, and comments about your mumma.

- Countdown timer that can be set to 2, 3, 4 or, for the truly obsessive, 5 minutes

- Divide tooth brushing routine into 4 quadrants (As that's how many you have, duh).

- Choose the order you brush those quadrants, or, if you like to live on the wild side, have them randomly selected.

- Schedule reminders for when you want to brush your teeth

- Play/pause by shaking device (What you do in your own time is your business).

- Use headset remote control to play/pause/rewind (This is actually quite a good idea, especially in a bathroom full of warranty voiding water).