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The Best Apps for Photo Editing Effects

These apps are for adding effects to your photos after you've taken them. You can turn your shots into watercolors, oil paintings or add in some really cool geometric effects.

Tangled FX
Trigraphy: Abstract Art Editor

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Perfect watercolors


Tinrocket, LLC

Take watercoloring to a new level with this cool photo editing app

Waterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color.

Tangled FX
Tangled FX

Tangled FX

Orange Qube

FEATURED on the front page of App Store in UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand and 16 other countries

FEATURED on the front page of App Store in UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand and 16 other countries.

David Biedny, Mac|Life:
"4/5 - GREAT ... The overall effect is really quite distinctive and visually pleasing - and this is coming from someone who has seen 20 years of Photoshop filter development and other graphics wizardry"

Jennifer Allen, 148apps:
"4/5 - SIMPLE AND...

Completely transform your original photos
Trigraphy: Abstract Art Editor



Trigraphy helps you turn everyday pictures into extraordinary works of art with limitless customization, artistic filters, incredible presets, fine tuning and high resolution exports

Trigraphy helps you turn everyday pictures into extraordinary works of art with limitless customization, artistic filters, incredible presets, fine tuning and high resolution exports.

Whether you want to create custom art prints for your house, improve your ordinary photos or hone your skills as a digital artist, Trigraphy provides a suite of powerful picture editing tools to help you create stunning...

It's time to get messy


Tinrocket, LLC

Turn your photos into a hot mess, but in a good way

Gorgeous watercolor filters that really make your photos pop-out from the crowd.



Tinrocket, LLC

Transform your photos into dazzling, multicolor mosaics

Transform your photos into dazzling, multicolor mosaics.


• Create delightful mosaics from your photos
• Amazing Brews, each with their own unique look
• Intuitive dial-based controls
• Save to your phone or share via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Email
• Try it with other photo editing apps — mix-n-match!


• “Delightfully quirky” —NY Times
• 4½ out of 5 Mice:...



Code Organa

Transform your world into a live cartoon

ToonCamera is an amazing video app that turns your world into a live cartoon. Apply real-time cartoon and art effects to your camera feed, record video, snap photos, and convert existing video and photos from your albums to create instant works of art.

Swap Faces in live video...
Face Swap Live Lite

Face Swap Live Lite

Laan Labs

It's Time to LOL

With Face Swap, you can switch faces with a friend or a photo in real-time. Who would you like to be today?

ArtEffect: Art Filters Pic Effects, Photo Editor
ArtEffect: Art Filters Pic Effects, Photo Editor


Dmitry Firsov

ArtEffect - Art Filters Pic Effects and Photo Editor

ArtEffect - Art Filters Pic Effects and Photo Editor

Become new Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci or any other great artista, with the free and official app ArtEffect - Art Filters Pic Effects, Photo Editor! Thanks to modern 2016 technology and artificial intelligence, neural network will recognize the styles of great artists and puts them on your...

Also Good

Apps with average score

Impressionism Camera
Impressionism Camera
Impressionism Camera

Impressionism Camera

Shunsuke Osawa

Impressionism Now turns your photos into paintings like an Impressionism art!
Choose from different styles to change your photos.
You can also create your own picture by repeating the transformation.
You can write your autograph!

Please Note:
This application is only available in iOS 9.0 and later.

Please have a look at the screen shots...

Photo Editor Filter Art Effect
Photo Editor Filter Art Effect
Photo Editor Filter Art Effect

Photo Editor Filter Art Effect

Aman Kumar

Wanna create an artwork or a cartoon photo with Photo editor filters,effects for prisma in one minute? Photo editor filters app will make your dream come true.

App Faetures:

- Wanna be an artist? This Photo editor filters app will make it much easier now.

- Open app and take a...

Photo Sketch Effect - Pencil
Photo Sketch Effect - Pencil
Photo Sketch Effect - Pencil

Photo Sketch Effect - Pencil

Sounak Sarkar

This app helps you to create sketch of your photos. Just pick the photo from library or directly from camera and apply different sketch effects to it.

You can add 10+ filter effects and 20+ different sketch effects such as oil paint, color pencil, pencil drawing, torn page etc

Change page...



BeFunky Inc

Turn photos & videos into painterly renderings as seen in the movies Sin City & A Scanner Darkly. Effect styles range from graphic novel art & Anime to oil painting, sketch and more.

What makes Visionn different:
- Instantly preview and add effects to photos from your camera roll
- Unique effects...

Pixel Photo Effect
Pixel Photo Effect
Pixel Photo Effect

Pixel Photo Effect

Neeraj .

Pixel Photo Effect allows you to add pixel effect on your original picture .Pixel photo effect is to effects quickly transforms your favorite picture into a fashionable.
Pixel Photo effect is convert your any photo into a Pixel photo using our app effect. It Applies some magic effects on your photos...

Spektrel Art
Spektrel Art
Spektrel Art

Spektrel Art

JixiPix Software

Spektrel Art is an extravagant otherworldly display of webbed light that glistens and gleams with intersecting lines of tapered light. Applied to photos, this medium of imaginative and magical art form transcends the ordinary to extraordinary creating something wild with movement, sparkling life and divided color spaces.

Powerful adjustments allow you...

Paintkeep Painting
Paintkeep Painting
Paintkeep Painting

Paintkeep Painting

Nine Curves

Get creative turning your photo to art instantly by choosing the watercolor, sketch or abstract filters you want. For professional users, you can express your creativity easily and make great fine art by using our flexible brush feature. Paintkeep is suitable for both beginner and expert users to create unlimited...

VFX Studio - Action Photo FX
VFX Studio - Action Photo FX
VFX Studio - Action Photo FX

VFX Studio - Action Photo FX

Victor Barrere

Add stunning movie-like effects to your pictures, in minutes !
"The best photo effects app on the App Store." - AppInsiders

It's like having Hollywood studios in your pocket, you can build and share amazing action pictures with an incredible ease.

- Lightsaber fighting
- Kamehameha blasting
- Fake your car was attacked
- Fire in...



Enrique Garcia

With Metabrush you can easily turn your photos into paintings.
The result images are very artistic, as you brush with different presets and settings.

Visit the gallery at for many examples.


• 30 brush presets for artistically clone your original image.
• Layers support
• 500+ brushes bitmaps
• Support for importing...

X - Ray Effect Photo Editor
X - Ray Effect Photo Editor
X - Ray Effect Photo Editor

X - Ray Effect Photo Editor

骏 胡

◆◆◆◆◆ X-Ray Effect Photo Editor ◆◆◆◆◆

▶ Convert you any photo into an X-Ray Effect Photo using our app effect.
▶ Apply X-Ray Effect Like pencil draw black and white X-Ray Effect photo
▶ X-Ray effect Editor app applies some magic effects on your photos to make it more beautiful and realistic.
▶ Very...

Oil Shine Pro - paint effect
Oil Shine Pro - paint effect
Oil Shine Pro - paint effect

Oil Shine Pro - paint effect

Alexander Dr. Rieger

Let your photos oil shine by turning them into an oil painting.

+++++ On SALE! 50% OFF now - for limited time only

Create impressive images by oil shining your photos. The oil shine effect will make your photos look like they have been painted with a brush and oil...



Shota Nakagami

◆Congratulations! Over 260,000 downloads!◆
◆1st place in the AppStore photo category in 12 countries!◆

HarrisCamera for iPhone is a camera app that creates a “Harris Shutter Effect”
(also known as a “Tri-filter Effect”) photo on your iPhone.

"Great effect using Harris shutter technique"

"HarrisCamera is a unique photo app. It’s the...




Oilist: the Artist in your pocket.
Make Fine Art based on your pictures!

"Oilist is an artist in your phone, one that you watch sketch, paint, and craft a unique version of a photo you’ve shot." - MacStories, May 2017

"App of the week: Oilist review - Hypnotic, engaging, with a longevity...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Picas - Art Photo Filter

Picas - Art Photo Filter

SafeSpace, Inc.

Picas is a free art photo editor. It can turn every your photo into artworks! With deep neural networks and artificial intelligence, Picas offers variety of different effects, filters and styles for enhancing pictures. Picas easily allows you to share your artworks on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or simply save to albums to use where you like.

"Picas is a free photo editor that offers a bunch of free filters for pictures... and almost instantly convert that image using a variety of artistic photo filter styles." ---iPhoneLife

"This one adds to the portfolio of turn your picture into a painting. If you enjoy those, you might want to play with an extra set of filters." --PhoneArena

Picas helps you to create artworks easier than ever!
►Be an artist and create art with AI
►Exclusive deep algorithm of portrait
►More than 100 artistic effects and other styles, including current hot element Harley Quinn
►Crop photo and fine-tune the intensity of filters
►Encrypted data transfer
►No photos will be saved on server for privacy considerations
►Fast and easy to use and share

What makes Picas outstanding?
►Picas transforms photos, pictures and selfies into famous fine art paintings with the help of artificial intelligence and deep neural network algorithm.
►We’ve improved the algorithm of facial recognition which will make perfect filtered portrait and selfie. It is very helpful for users who want enhance social media presence.
►Dozens of different filters with artistic & cartoon styles and effects, including current hot element like Harley Quinn, create amazing artworks at your fingertips!
► Update new filters and effects every week, including exclusive holiday filters, like Holloween and Christmas
►Super easy and fast to use app with clean UI. Capture the world around you and turn them into fantastic works of art within 10s.
►Picas supports online photo editing now. You can create art photos on Picas' official website.

Get Picas Premium to enjoy all the privileges for lifetime:
► Unlimited create HD Images
► 10 exclusive filters per month
► Dedicated server, thunder processing speed
► No watermark
► No ads

If you think that traditional photo processing apps have not enough filters to play with, Picas will be a good choice. We will add fresh and special filters every week for you to enjoy a photo editing experience in a new way!

Share the unique and awesome artworks you created with #picasapp on the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to impress your followers and get attention worldwide!

Instagram: @picasapp
Email: [email protected]

LightWeaver – Cool photo effects

LightWeaver – Cool photo effects

Paul Ollivier

LightWeaver is a revolutionary photo effect that bombards your images with particles, finding edges and contours with different degrees of freedom and expressiveness : a refreshing take on Generative Sketching!

*** Also available on the OS X App Store for super fast image processing!!! ***

LightWeaver is brought to you by the maker of Trimaginator, 500K Downloads, winner of the Platinum Award for "Best Entertainment App", Best Mobile App Awards - Summer 2015

· Perfect for portrait pictures or faces : LightWeaver makes it easy for everyone to get an awesome social media profile picture

· Artists will explore new realms of abstract compositions

· Professional Graphic designers can use the 32bit - no background - export to mix the particle layer in a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop

So what are you waiting for? Just play around and see what you can come up with!


· Tons of particle based effects

· Particle trail color and opacity selector

· Background overlay color and opacity selector

· Particle density selector

· Zoom and Pan image

· 32bit w/out background export

· Share with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and more


If you want LightWeaver regularly improved, please help its independent development by leaving a positive rating or review!


Join @lightweaver on Facebook and Instagram


[email protected]

Pencil Sketch Photo Camera Pad

Pencil Sketch Photo Camera Pad


Do you want to make your everyday pictures shine and funny?
Pencil Sketch is a easy to use and funny app that lets you convert your photos into sketches or cartoon avatars by applying up to 100+ different image effects. None of your pictures will look ordinary again.

Main Features:
+ Now featuring 50+ different sketch effects : pencil sketch, Memory Style sketch, Blue Art Style sketch, Old Movie Style, Skateboards sketch, Face Frame sketch, Smooth sketch
+ Now featuring 50+ different cartoon effects : 3D Gorden Sculpt, Black & White sketch, Color sketch, Sharpen Filter, Black & White Photo, Reverse Color, Memory Style Photo
+ Easy-to-Use interface.

The Pencil Sketch effect can be applied to any image. Best effects are obtained by using a picture with a big head.

Photo Sketch - Pencil Drawing

Photo Sketch - Pencil Drawing

rf Zhou

Photo Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art .

* Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera.

* Press down image button to create sketch effects.

* Adjustment of drawing line width,brightness and contrast to get the best sketch effects.

* To remove a image,tap red cross in up left corner of image.

* Tap “Save” button, save completed sketch work to the device 's photo library.

* Share your created images with friends via most popular social media tool.

SketchMee 2

SketchMee 2

Studio Mee

The animated and truly original sketch filter app.

- Style browser with 160 wildly different presets.
- Animated beautiful sketch drawing, stroke by stroke.
- Use directly within the Photos app.
- Unique effects unachievable with any other app.
- Easily rearrange, add, delete or tweak presets.
- Shares core algorithms with the $40 Mac version.
- Vector quality sketches: zoom deep with a perfectly crisp view.
- Save sharp sketches up to 8 megapixels, regardless of input image size.
- Optional PDF upgrade to save vector sketches. Massively powerful for pro users!
- For iOS only.

SketchMee has reached worldwide success:

- Reached #1 paid ipad photo app in US and many other countries, at $4.99.
- App Store feature many times: "New and Noteworthy", "Staff Favorites", "What's Hot", and "Impress Your Friends".
- New York Times sums it up: "This app turns your photos into sketches of remarkable quality". (8/25-2010)
- Featured in the "iPhone Obsessed" photo manipulation book. (PeachPit Press)
- Featured in "100 most wanted apps in my iPhone". (Information Publishing Group, Korea)
- Some Mac version highlights: Front page feature in Mac App Store, rated 4/5 in MacWorld (SE), featured as "App of the Day" on TUAW. (5/20-2011)
- Best of all: used by professional artists around the world, and in art classes.

Studio Mee creates high quality software for producing art from photos.

Cartoon Photo Effects

Cartoon Photo Effects

Gabriel Yaffe

Cartoon Photo Effects for IOs features incredible cartoon photo effects effects and enhancements for your images. Transform any images into an impressive cartoon/comic and sketch photo that produce stunning results. Pick the image from your gallery or use the build-in camera feature to take a new picture and use it to apply the filters.

Cartoon Photo Effects Features Include:

* Image Effects: Apply cartoon photo effects that include: cartoon real, poster toon, lines, wooden, bricks sketch, comic, comic dots, sketch, color sketch and many more. These cartoon filters are great to produce comic book alike pictures.

* Enhance photo: Use this option to apply additional photo filters to the image. You can use it in conjunction with the effects or alone. Filters include: Color fix, saturation, sepia, noir, and more.

* Color change: Included in the filters section, swipe to find colors to blend with the image. Colors include: red, green, magenta, yellow, blown, black and more.

After finishing editing the image you will find the download button at the top right corner of the screen. Single tap it to download the image.

Additional Features for the In-App Purchase Store:

- No Ads: Remove popup ads completely by acquiring this feature
- Full size image: The app will be able to process images at its original resolution. The results will look awesome.
- Cartoon Photo Pack: An additional 20+ cartoon photo effects.



JixiPix Software

Look how easy it is to turn any photo into a jigsaw puzzle! If you’re looking to add dimension to your photo creation, PUZZiPiX will leave a lasting impression.

PUZZiPiX combines photos with perfectly fitting puzzle components for great composition and storytelling. In advertising, contexts and connotations can be in high demand for designers, so having puzzles, as a visual technique can be invaluable. PUZZiPiX turns any photograph into an eye-catching jigsaw puzzle with creative control over the final outcome.

Three Classic puzzles, a futuristic Hexagon one, and a uniquely shaped Round one. Each puzzle piece can be moved, resized and rotated. Also, includes the ability to cut shapes into the puzzle or around the edge—you choose!

Puzzle Styles
• 6 Puzzle Designs—four Classic, one Hexagon, and a Round Puzzle Style

• 3D Edges
• 3D Lighting
• Exposure
• Film Grain and Texture
• Tools to send Pieces Front or Back
• Tools to Move, Rotate and Resize one Piece or Groups of them
• Shape Library to add Shapes to the Puzzle Composition
• Button to Auto Snap puzzle pieces back together—or groups of them
• Ability to Conform Pieces to a Shape
• Settings to change the background to Transparent, Textured or Solid Color

Copper Engrave  Etchings Image

Copper Engrave Etchings Image


"Copper Engrave" is photo editor application that allows you to create an image of the Copperplate Engraving Image/Etching Illustration Effects Art from photographs and illustrations.

You can also create engraving effect movie from your videos.

In the book you read as a child, have you seen the Illustrations that represents the texture of things at a density of small black dots or black fine line?
Maybe, the illustrations might was something based on a Copperplate Engraving or Etching.
You will be able to create the Copperplate Engraving/Etching style image like that from your photographs and illustrations by Photo Editor App "Copper Engrave".

Not visible to the prints at first glance, dense representation is attractive of Copperplate engraving/Etching.
Some of Copperplate Engravings/Etchings is like a photo at all.
Copper Engraving/Etching is a technique that can be a unique representation.
But if you actually make a copperplate engraving/etching, you will need to align the tools and chemicals for it.
Is it a little difficult?

Please use "Copper Engrave" in such a case!
You will be able to create the Copperplate Engraving/Etching style image from photo stored on your smart phones or tablets by Photo Editor App "Copper Engrave"!
You can get closer to the style of painting of your choice by adjusting the thickness and compactness of the line.
You can create images such as those made ​​of mezzotint technique by using the invert function. And you can create color images by using the color function.
*If you want to save "Color Ink Image", "Color Image" or "Inverted Image", you need to purchase Add-on.

If you enjoyed by this App, I'm glad.

■Main function of App
1. Create Copperplate Engraving/Etching Effects image and video by editing photo or video and save it.

2. Change Ink Color. *Add-on is required in order to save the image that used color ink.

3. Create Mezzotint style image and video by Invert function and save it. *Add-on is required in order to save.

4. Create color image and video by color function and save it. *Add-on is required in order to save.

■How to Edit
1. Select image you want to edit from "Camera" Button.

2. When Image was displayed, Edit Image to the desired image by "Image Adjustment Slider".

3. You can create images such as those made ​​of mezzotint technique by "Invert" Button. And you can create color images by "Color" Button and "Color Ink" Button.
*If you want to save Color Image, Color Ink Image or Inverted Image, you need to purchase Add-on.

4. When you touch "Save" Button, current image will be saved in "Photos(Camera Roll)".

■About In-app Advertising
Banner Advertising is displayed in Home Screen.
Full Screen Advertising will be displayed, after you have saved the picture.
You can hide these Advertising by purchasing "Additional Function Add-on".