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Experiment And Play Around With Physics Simulations

These apps give you a physics sandbox to play around in. They're not traditional "games", and instead playgrounds to experiment in. This can come in the form of demolition, explosions, contraptions, and more. Each game lets you interact with a physics simulation engine.

Demolition 3D
Physics Toys
Physics Phun
Demolition 3D

Demolition 3D

Khor Chin Heong

Explore, admire, then destroy works of architectural beauty! Place bombs, guns, and rocket launchers - an entire arsenal at your disposal, including a nuclear bomb! More explosions than you have ever experienced before! The ultimate destruction sandbox!

Free content includes the first three buildings as well as four weapons and posable mannequin. The rest are available as in-app purchases. Demo mode available.

*** Supports Google Cardboard VR and similar headsets! VR Bluetooth controller supported! ***

* 24 buildings ranging from cosy houses and apartments, famous landmarks to architectural masterpieces, right up to massive opulent castles!
* Exploration - full first person mode allows you to walk, jump, and fly to explore interiors, open doors, and climb up stairs!
* Interactive objects - open doors, windows, sliding french doors, garage doors, and much more!
* Weapons - place bombs, guns, rocket launchers and unleash your entire arsenal in slow motion ‘bullet’ time. Unlimited ammo and explosions!
* Mannequin - free mannequin dummy to freely pose and abuse! With ragdoll physics!
* Realistic physics - touch and drag parts to disassemble, move or drop them!
* Virtual Reality mode - supports Google Cardboard and similar headsets for the ultimate experience! VR Bluetooth controller supported!
* Stereoscopic 3D mode - glasses free! Wiggle, parallel/cross eye and SBS modes! Compatible with most 3D viewers and TVs!
* High replay value - unlimited number of ways to destroy a building, a different experience every time!
* Supports the latest iPhone X and iPad Pro as well as older devices!

List of buildings:
* Shack, Modern House 1, Beach Tower
* Suburb House, Douglas House, Petronas Towers
* Modern House 2, Parking Garage, Marina Bay
* Restaurant, Villa Savoye, Neuschwanstein
* Osama's House, Fallingwater, Empire State
* Farnsworth House, Supermart, Eiffel Tower
* Teahouse, Mansion, White House
* Stonehenge, Lighthouse, Big Ben
* More coming soon!

List of weapons:
* Cannon
* Dynamite
* M240 machine gun
* RPG7 rocket launcher
* Mannequin
* C4 explosive
* M2 machine gun
* AT4 rocket launcher
* Nuclear bomb
* M134 Minigun
* LAU68 rocket launcher
* M82 Sniper Rifle
* M1 Tank
* More coming soon!

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YouTube Channel:

Physics Toys

Physics Toys

Mike Hill

MORE INTERACTIVE! MORE TOYS! MORE FUN! Take advantage of the limited Introductory price of FREE.

Play with classics like spinning tops, cup-and-ball, line of dominoes, domino tower, and metal ropes that can be sliced, pulled, pushed and thrown around for your enjoyment.

• Push 3d Animals on sticks to watch them bounce around
• Try out different physics fields acting on "pixels" that make up a drawing
• Control your view of planets spinning around a star
• Throw basketballs into hoops that move to challenge you
• Spin tops and bounce them off of each other. Tap to spin and swipe to move them around
• Topple dominoes in a classic domino run using swipes
• Try to get a ball into a cup to see what kind of score you can get. Amaze your friends with your patience in this classic cup-and-ball simulation
• Topple a tower of dominoes by swiping and without the usual setup time needed in real life, just tap the refresh button to stack them up in less than a second!
• Make a long rope and swipe into smaller ropes for hours of enjoyment. Swipe down for more rope and drag the red handle to move.
• Swing huge metal balls around without the danger of breaking glass or other household items

New toys will be added in the future. NO ADS.

Demolition Physics

Demolition Physics

Aliaksandr Branavets

Demolition Physics - demolition simulator in 3D with real physics.
10 types of explosions: from the fiery trail to the atomic explosion. Each explosion has its own distinctive features and different impacts on the destruction.

In addition, play with ragdoll physics. Manage a shock wave and crush walls with ragdolls.
Real 3D, real physics, real demolition.

* Realtime physics simulation
* 10 types of explosive
* Level editor
* Dynamic themes
* Different walls
* Ragdoll physics
* Time scale
* Gravity
* Easy and fast scene control

Monster Crush - Demolition

Monster Crush - Demolition

Johan Gerhard Ottens

Alien Monsters have invaded the planet. Our weapons are useless.
There is only one way of stopping them: Crush them with our skyscrapers!
Plant your bombs in the tallest buildings and watch them fall on the invaders.

Monster Crush is a physics based puzzle game that puts you in the role of a demolition expert.

************************** (9.5/10) - "Within several minutes of playing, I knew this would be one of the 5 apps I would actually go back to." (4.5/5) - "What I love about Monster Crush is that it involves a lot of strategy, and unlike other puzzle games where you just randomly place objects to see what happens." (4/5) - "The real magic of Monster Crush is in its ability to be one part strategic puzzle with an equal part of fun physics toy. Replaying levels for new solutions or better outcomes quickly becomes dangerously addictive. With so much to do and enjoy, this is a must try game."


7 cities to liberate
42 unique puzzle levels
20000+ user contributed levels

2 types of bombs:
1- The Black Bomb: Makes a nice round hole in a building but can only destroy soft materials.
2- The Cutter: Slices a piece off the building. Can cut through heavy steel.

Multiple puzzle game modes:
1- Bowling: Get a wrecking ball as far as possible.
2- Crush Monsters: Try to crush all monsters.
3- Girder Construction: Make constructions to guide the wrecking ball.
4- Demolition: Blow as much up as possible using high explosives.
5- Limbo Dancing: Get the building below a certain level.

Uses OpenFeint for online leaderboards and achievements

Monster Crush is a combination of "Tiki Towers" and "iBlast Moki".
The game uses advanced physics to simulate the destruction.
Games like "Angry Birds" and "Implode" use only stacked boxes.
Now whole buildings can collapse to the ground.
Windows will break and dust will fill the sky!

Toy Box Physics

Toy Box Physics

Rich Olson

Toy Box Physics is your own personal 3D play space.

---Search YouTube for "toyboxdemo" to see an awesome demo video!!!---

- Use 23 included blocks and toys to build anything you like
- Knock your creation over – or blow it up with explosives!
- Spell out messages with the included letter blocks and -email- them to friends!
- Make your own working virtual dominoes course
- Realistic physics engine provided by SIO2Interactive

Optional Upgrade Pack Features
- Load and save up to 5 different scenes
- Build something, save it, blow it up, reload it and then repeat!
- Knock your dominoes course over, then set it up again just by reloading!
- Autosave lets you exit the app so you can restart exactly where you were
- 11 more toys including: Spaceship, Helicopter, SUV, working Dice, Semi Truck and more!

Real Tech Support: [email protected]

Physics Phun

Physics Phun

Omar Al-Ejel

Physics Phun brings the phenomena of the real world to your pocket with motion, electricity, gas, and other physics simulations. Physics simulations help students better understand classroom content and feel more familiar with concepts that can be hard to grasp.

Physics Phun was inspired by the work of the University of Colorado Boulder's Carl Weiman and his team on the innovative PhET simulator. Physics Phun will follow in their footsteps of teaching physics in a relatable way by expanding its number of simulations and open sourcing the application code on GitHub.

Omar Al-Ejel

University of Michigan Class of 2021
International Academy Class of 2017

GitHub credit to Zemirco for his open source "LineChart" module.