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Tell A Story With Pictures With These Ebooks For Kids

A pictures worth a thousand words, especially when your kids can't read yet. They'll love any one of the amazing apps from this collection of picture Ebooks. While there aren't any interactive features the photos still come to life on the gorgeous display of your iPhone or iPad.

Picture Book For Toddlers
Black Cat Robin (Picture book fairy tale)
Pango Comics

Pango Comics

Studio Pango

Dive into the MAGIC of reading

PANGO COMICS helps children from 3 years old read stories "all by themselves".

FOLLOW the story without speech bubbles or text, and LAUGH at gentle and funny twists.

Big square boxes, clean and simple layouts, and a fluid narration to get familiar with the MAGIC of reading.

Through delicious adventures, Pango stimulates your IMAGINATION!

48 easy stories to discover for FUN !

"Have some time to share?
Join your child in their reading, reverse the roles and ask them to read you a story . With each word they choose, your child GROWS!"

PANGO COMICS, the fun in READING like a GROWN-UP !


- 48 stories to READ for FUN
- More than 288 pages
- AUTONOMOUS reading
- FUNNY and FESTIVE universe
- Perfect for children 3 or older
- A simple, functional application
- Internal parental control
- No in-game purchases and no invasive advertising

Being Benny - the children's picture book

Being Benny - the children's picture book

Purple Sneakers Studio

"The art is just beautiful... The voice overs are professional and delightful... The story has a fun, readable rhythm to it that your kids will enjoy and want to read over and over." - Editor's Choice Award!

"Bottom Line: Terrific! Funny, creative and inexpensive." -

Join Benny on an adventure into an imaginary world!

Benny escapes the doldrums of a rainy day by imagining himself as a variety of different things: From rocket ships to dinosaurs, nothing is off-limits! Brightly colored, playful illustrations guide you through Benny’s adventure.

A fresh, original story with humor, depth and heart. An excellent choice for the reluctant reader.


This application features a "Read to Me, Please" option with a character voice over as well as an "I'll Read it Myself" option. With either mode, your child can simply touch a phrase to have it read aloud.

• Simple to use smooth slide from page to page
• "Ode to Benny" theme song and sound effects
• Fun, stylized text

"The story is well written... with expressive graphics that make the book a sure hit with young kids." -

"Being Benny incorporates the use of rhyme, repetition, problem solving and the development of ones self-esteem... this book can be read independently, with a parent and even at school." -

About the Author:
Dan Wetzel creates books, games, greeting cards and fine art for clients throughout the world. And his favorite color is blue.

App produced by Artgig Studio -

Also available in hardcover and paperback book format. We welcome your comments and questions.

Roxy and the Ballerina Robot

Roxy and the Ballerina Robot

Jackrabbit Publishing LLC

Roxy is a smart and energetic young girl tackling modern life with the help of her fun-loving family. Join her as she strives to meet her goal of buying her dream toy, and learns a lot about herself in the process. This high quality app contains vibrant illustrations and helpful features to aid young readers.

- 28 beautifully illustrated pages

- "Read to Me" narration in English, Spanish and French

- "Read by Myself" mode featuring "Tap to Hear" on each word. This is an excellent tool for young readers

- No in-App purchases

- Optimized for both iPad and iPhone

Picture Book For Toddlers

Picture Book For Toddlers


Picture book for toddlers is a fun and educational app for children between the ages 0-4 years. Through sight and sound there are 75 different words and items to get acquainted with. Your child will easily progress through the action by dragging on the screen. When you click on an animal, a vehicle or another item it gets animated and its special sound is played, for example a dog barking. A voice will reveal the name of the item displayed.

In Guess the Item, 4 different images are shown and a voice will ask the child to locate a certain item, for example "Where is the airplane?".
If the child taps the correct item, it gets animated and its special sound is played.

The images are divided into 7 different categories:
- Animals
- Vehicles
- Music
- Fruit
- Clothing
- Colors
- Guess The Item

The interface is well defined, interactive and excellently designed to suit small children - all in English.

Where Do Swans Sleep? picture story book app for kids

Where Do Swans Sleep? picture story book app for kids

Felix Hofmann

Where the Wild White Swans Sleep - a children's picture book
Swans are a majestic creature of the sky and pond, this we know. But what else do we really know about swans? How about where they sleep? That’s the question this app, a gorgeous story book, aims to answer.

This fairy tale of a book will have you joining Felix as he journeys through a world filled with wonder and wildness. Your journey is in search of the answer to the question this app’s title poses, and you’ll encounter a number of interesting and wonderful things along the way.

You’ll discover a world filled with swans and images that are dynamic and have a parallax effect to them. Enjoy some pleasing and soothing music as you move forward, and get involved with the story as it unfolds. There are some interactive elements to keep the young reader engaged, and the user can even design the very last page of the book with some fun tools. The illustrations are gorgeous, and the overall appeal of the app is found in the story of adventure and whimsicalness. Grab Where Do the Swans Sleep? and enjoy.

** #1 book Apps
** App of the Week -
** Kids will love this -
** gorgeous and engaging -
** The illustrations are lovely, and the perception of depth, brings life to each picture -

Nine stunningly hand-drawn scenes show you the way. Every scene is scored with original music and features spoken narration.
Navigate with natural swiping.
Tilt to see the drawings come alive with a magical sense of depth.
Every page is scored with original music.
Spoken narration + read-along text
It rains inside the app when raindrops hit the real window and the real streets are wet.
Clouds appear on your device when clouds shroud the sun.
 • ENGAGE with the STORY • 
You can design the last page of the book yourself and share it with your friends.
Just use a pen and paper with the integrated photo-function, or the digital drawing-pad at the end of the book.

Look at other people's drawings at our website and upload your artwork as well or share on Facebook :)

Who …? – Picture books for the very young. Read, look, listen!

Who …? – Picture books for the very young. Read, look, listen!

Bonnierforlagen Ab

The much praised “Who” books by Stina Wirsén are one of Sweden's biggest children's picture book successes. The book that you can read free of charge is Who Decides? It is a book about strong feelings. You yourself can read the book to your children or let them listen to it.

In the app you will have your own library with a shelf for the books that you have purchased. You can read them whenever you want.
The first book Who Decides? is on your shelf ready to read.

Underneath your shelf you will find the Who? Book Shop with eight more Who? books that you can buy and download whenever you want.

You can choose to have the stories read aloud with automatic turn of the page or use the app as an ordinary picture book where you turn the page and read the text yourself.

“What makes the Stina Wirsen books with such few words so popular is the fact that they take every feeling seriously and present them without moralizing. So simple and so sensible.“
Kattis Streberg, Södermanlands Nyheter.

“Pure genius for little ones! Could it be better than this?”
Eva Bejhed, Bohuslänningen

The app is designed and developed in co-operation with Paragallo AS.

Black Cat Robin (Picture book fairy tale)

Black Cat Robin (Picture book fairy tale)

yumearu Co.,Ltd.

Robin is modeled after Miyazaki's beloved real cat and each illustration is filled with love and magic.
Readers can't help falling in love, too. Deceptively simple, you will find yourself enchanted by the delightful world of Black Cat Robin. Recommended especially for people who love cats and black cats.

Over 100,000 downloads in Japan! Available for the first time in English!
This warm and comfy book is adored by both children and adults alike.
A black cat, named Robin, rolls everything she can get her paws on until... she finds herself in trouble!
Created by award-winning illustrator Yoshiichi Miyazaki.

We'd love to hear your feedback! It is very encouraging to us.

** Instructions **
You will need iOS4.0 or higher to use this app.

Vol.2 Vol.3 and is available at an additional cost.

Black Cat Robin series
Vol.1.Rolling Rolling
Vol.3.Poonska angry cat