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Look No Further For Podcast Player Apps With Audiobooks

Here are some great podcast player apps that incorporate playing audiobooks. Best of two worlds.

Castbox - Podcast Player
WEALTH - Entrepreneur Audiobooks Podcasts & Quotes
Castbox - Podcast Player

Castbox - Podcast Player

Guru Network Limited

The best podcast app & podcast player to find, save, download, and listen to your favorite podcasts, FM, and audiobooks.

Access over 95 million audio content including podcasts, audiobooks, FM radio, white noise, guided meditation podcasts from 27 different countries。

Download Castbox and turn your iPhone or iPad into a fully functional podcast player. You would be able to control the playback on your apple watch, switch to the next episodes using CarPlay, or meditate to the guided meditation podcasts with your Apple HomePod, Amazon Alexa.

Discover popular podcasts on various topics, including:

- TV Series podcasts: Binge Mode: Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones The Podcast, History of Westeros (Game of Thrones), Game of Thrones LIVE;
- News & Politics podcasts: CNN 10, NPR News Now, Fox News Radio Newscast, The Overcast by The Seattle Times;
- Music-related podcasts: Dissect from Cole Cuchna & Spotify Studios, Defected Radio, Capital FM;
- Games & Hobbies podcasts: Wolverine: The Lost Trail from Stitcher;
- Sports podcasts: The Ringer MLB Show, MLB Network, The Chicago Audible;
- Technology podcasts: The Overcast Podcast, This Week in Google, Google Cloud Platform Podcasts;
- Talk Shows: Sincerely, X from TED and Audible, By The Book from Stitcher, Luminary from
- Business podcast:s Youpreneur FM Podcast;
- Sleep: Sleep With Me, Guided Sleep Meditations, Sleep and Relax ASMR
- Popular shows: SiriusXM Entertainment, Waze, WazeOut Radio,

Super intuitive and easy-to-use podcast app & podcast player for iPhone with:

- Personalized podcast recommendations according to your podcast list
- A powerful search engine that allows you to find your favorite podcasts effortlessly
- Smooth streaming and downloading of podcasts, radio, FM, and audiobooks
- Smart speakers supported, including Apple HomePod, Amazon Alexa
- Fully support cross-device syncing for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/Google Devices
- Daily top podcasts list
- One-click subscription and never miss an episode for every podcast
- Sleep timer to fall asleep soundly
- Adjust playback speed during the podcast to accommodate your listening habits
- Volume Boost
- Trim Silence
- CarPlay Support
- Podcast Community
- Livecast: live audio streaming service
- Import your favorite podcasts with OPML from Google podcast, Overcast, iHeartradio, Pocket Casts, Podbean, Podcast Addict, Spotify, Stitcher, the Podcast app, Tunein, and apple podcast app!
- Join the millions experiencing better bedtime, lower stress, and less anxiety with Zen mode!

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WEALTH - Entrepreneur Audiobooks Podcasts & Quotes

WEALTH - Entrepreneur Audiobooks Podcasts & Quotes

Noah Alassaf

WEALTH is the ULTIMATE podcast, audiobook, and music app for entrepreneurs to dive into their latest content. With complete ad free listening, WEALTH allows you to listen to over 10 million songs, albums, podcasts, or audio recordings for absolutely free, no strings attached.

Not an entrepreneur? Don't worry, WEALTH utilizes over 10 millions tracks to make sure you have access to all the trending music too!

WEALTH Key Features:
- Explore by genre and playlist
- Search unlimited audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
- Use unique colors to customize your experience
- Create and Manage your Playlists
- Simple Music Player is available on all pages for convenience

Get WEALTH to help keep you on track; listen to the things that matter to you without all the ads and clicking. Navigate through our simple interface for even a second and you will see why WEALTH is for you.

WEALTH is powered by SoundCloud® API. SoundCloud trademark and logo are registered trademarks of SoundCloud Ltd. All Rights Reserved.